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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q2 General Discussion

Spring here, fall in Chile…

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Well sp falls in spring there pray it springs up in fall there hehehe hope I get some smiles in everyone. The post was wide open for it. I just a reader not a poster. Long here also patiently waiting for right time to get more, before the spring happens :slight_smile: god bless


It would be appreciated if Doc could comment on the presence of peacock ore and its implications for a porphry copper system at the ADL. Have other significant copper discoveries always contain such ore? For example, did Ivanhoe mining , a huge copper discovery, in the Congo. Did it have peacock ore in the preliminary exploration?

My guess is he’s already working on that.

Here is a blast from the past concerning Aurelian resources. Usually they say you need to do a lot of drilling to prove up a property well not these guys it took them 6 holes a few months(3-4) for them to skyrocket from .46 to 23.00 and I believe the stock’s all time high was around 42.00. Now I’m not saying that Medinah will do that but Auryn might have a shot depending on what they find. So again it all depends on the mountain how much money we will make with this investment.

Remember form the January update that the one truck returned close to 12 gr.

"We have spent the last two weeks advancing the adit toward the southeast keeping the vein on the east side of the adit. We have left the vein mostly unexposed so that we can define the boundaries of this section of the vein without having to extract, sort, and stockpile the mineralized sections of ore. Every several meters we have been taking samples and verifying that the vein is still on the east side of the adit. Sample results indicate the grades are higher than the test production runs which were sent to ENAMI.

The Aurelian Bonanza and Its Role in the Junior Bull Market
By Alan Leishman

June 21, 2006 • Reprints

SWITZERLAND () – Aurelian Resources is currently causing some excitement among those investors who follow the junior mining sector.

The company history is described in the introduction page on their web site:

“Aurelian Resources Inc. [TSXv:ARU] is committed to the exploration, discovery and development of gold, copper and other mineral resources in Ecuador. Since January 2001, we have focused in the Cordillera del Condor area of Ecuador after geologists and company founders, Dr. Keith M. Barron and Patrick F. N. Anderson, discovered epithermal gold mineralization in the area. This find led to the accumulation of nearly 95,000 hectares of mining concessions over a recognized gold producing trend and copper porphyry belt. We have since identified 33 gold targets and 28 copper targets in the concessions.”

This represents a large land package with lots of targets, and the initial exploration results have been nothing short of sensational.

Although Aurelian has only drilled a few holes in its drilling program in Ecuador, three of the holes are world class, the best of which was 189 metres of 24 grams/tonne (g/t) gold.

The share price has responded to the results and climbed over the last 3 months from a low of C$0.46 to C$22.70 in Toronto at the close on 20/06/06, giving a market cap of C$749 million based on 33 million shares Fully Diluted.

Aurelian may be on the radar screens of Bay Street and Howe Street, but not yet of Wall Street, although that is likely to change if the results and the share price continue their upward progression. ARU now features in the top ten of the most active Bulletin Boards on a popular Canadian website. Some of the topics being posted will now be commented on by the author.

The reader is then invited to form his own opinion on whether this story comes into the sphere of “rational exuberance,” or the other more famous Greenspan version of the phrase.

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yes Hulk, we could have this kind of excitement and I have a hunch that we will :smiley:

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[quote=“hulkster, post:5, topic:1863”]
The share price has responded to the results and climbed over the last 3 months from a low of C$0.46 to C$22.70 in Toronto at the close on 20/06/06, giving a market cap of C$749 million based on 33 million shares Fully Diluted.[/quote]

Hard to imagine that MDMN could have this kind of dramatic move as we are now 27.5% owners in another company that owns the mountain.

Just for curiosity lets extrapolate these numbers into MDMN:

.005 x 49.3 times ( 22.7/.46 ) = .247 per share

.247 x 3 billion shares = $741 million MDMN market cap

$741 million / .275 = $2.7 billion Auryn market cap


.247 x 1.5 billion shares = $370.5 million MDMN market cap

$370.5 million / .275 = $1.35 billion Auryn market cap

Zotron What have you been smoking ??? :slight_smile:

Trying to point out that there is no way we will see the same type of bounce that Aurelian Resources got!!

Penny stocks are not like blue chips, I saw penny’s worth billions with no revenues, if we get investors excited enough and if the gold price is $1500 or more, who knows where we might be, Penny’s go up on speculation not revenues or share outstanding vs market cap.

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That would be the equivalent of MDMN trading at 5.4 cents.

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This might be the most warped investment logic I’ve ever come across.


Warped or not, Penny’s are Penny’s, they are different.

Seriously it’s time for an update really dragging way to long now.

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Indeed,we need one.

So let me understand because I was not a genius in math. If Auryn is trading at 23.00/share mdmn’ s value would be st .057?

I still like Cerro Casale Project as a potential a comparison, since it does have a little more validity here especially since it is in Chile, it is also undeveloped, and Barrick paid $475M for an additional 25% it bought of Cerro Casale Project to bring its ownership to 75%, Of course this did happen in March 2010, but they are now saying they are about five years from going into production with a new 50/50 JV with Gold Corp. Granted things have changed considerably from 2010, but what gets my interest up here is the fact what is happening now with this new 50/50 deal with Gold Corp as a result of them buying 25% of Cerro Casale from Barrick as part of the 50/50 deal and buying out the remaining 25% of Cerro Casale from Kinross.for about $260 M cash as a separate deal . Just a little food for thought.

This is what you get when hope and dollar signs fill the void of vigilance. A characteristic that penny stocks and their manipilators thrive on.


Price per shares is irrelevant. Market cap (price + outstanding shares) is the only metric to use if we’re talking about “relative valuations.”

$750M CAD market cap = $562M USD market cap.

Auryn with a $562M market cap = $157 market cap for MDMN (28%)

$157M / 3 Billion Shares= 5.3 cents a shares (using rounded numbers).

I can’t speak to your math skills but if you are using price per share to determine if a stock is expensive or cheap you are at a steep disadvantage


Baldy, is $562M value reasonable for Auryn? if yes, at what point you think?