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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q2 General Discussion


This ought to be interesting


It’s alive! It’s alive! It’s alive!!!


Alright there’s life!!


Thought you guys would get a little kick out of that :wink:

Baldy should feel pretty good about what he’s been posting lately


.0048 on the ask…No takers…I must admit it is very tempting…Ooops, look like someone beat me to it with some nice buying. Good for them.


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the three claims in canada, two against mdmn and their claims against the other parties, has only progressed whereby ori is out and a new lawyer is handing the file, and the next is for the court to set a trial date. most of this info is a matter of public record except that medinah was successful in having about 300 pages of their testimony sealed in the court and cannot be viewed by the public. i have no idea why
as to the okanadian case, all the parties tell me it is settled but i see no official announcement of that


ASK side is Loaded once again


Just checked the court docket. It does show an order sealing records, but the order occurred back on Feb 16, not recently. Most likely this order would deal with MDMN request to prevent any party from disclosing confidential info RE MDMN; and, since it’s confidential, we can only speculate as to what the order prevents disclosure. So let’s not start speculating, we will never know.

RE the attorney issue, the docket does show the Price defendants do not have the former attorney listed as representing them and, in fact, the counsel section for the Price defendants is blank. Also, it shows Price’s attorney filed what we would call a motion to withdraw as attorney for Price on May 15 and the court granted the motion on May 31. So it looks like Price’s BFF is out and he needs to get a new attorney.

Good for us, IMO, because MDMN got Price’s attorney out of the case without having to go through the time and expense of a contested hearing. Price will now have to spend some real $$ get a real attorney, if anyone will actually touch the case. As I have posted previously, MDMN has alleged some pretty strong legal arguments against Price and MDMN seems to have the docs to back up the allegations. A really good attorney would be hesitant to take the case due to the fact Price looks to lose, and would only do so for a lot of $$. If Price doesn’t want to pay a lot of $$, then he’s going to be stuck with an attorney with less experience or skills than MDMN’s firm.

Bad for us, IMO, because if we have gotten to this point, then MDMN and Price defendants may not have been working upon a settlement. Further, Price will have approx 30 days from May 31 to secure new counsel, during which time nothing will happen with the case. And, if we have not begun settlement talks, any beginning of talks could not occur until after Price gets a new attorney. Which means, IMO, any possible settlement resolution would be pushed off until at least end of summer.

Confused and annoyed for me, because if they were not working upon a settlement and only dealing with the removal of the attorney issue, why all the secrecy and lack of updates? The issue of removing the opposing counsel would not justify MDMN’s total lack of updates from either the mining or legal side. Parties don’t disclose info during settlement talks to avoid the risk of saying or doing something to cause the failure of the settlement talks. If MDMN was trying to remove the attorney, MDMN was actively working against Price anyway, so why not update us?


Was anyone attending the CDCH shareholder meeting today


Summary of Monday’s meeting on the Auryn website under notifications…


Pretty amazing news for Cerro. From almost certain death to being taken over by Auryn and Kevin while maintaining their 5 percent. Nice! Regarding Medinah, at least we were given a sign that Auryn is still alive and kicking.


New info from Auryn’s website


I think we we all owe Kevin and others one big thanks and Hallelujah!!!


I believe this new development points in the direction of Baldy’s earlier opinion that a reverse merger into CDCH might be the quickest, easiest and least expensive route for Auryn to go public.

The fact that Cerro and Medinah now share the same board members and Auryn granted the same 0% loan on the cash call to Cerro that they did to MDMN even though they aren’t significant shareholders in CDCH, I think is a clear indication of Auryn moving in the direction of reverse merging into Cerro.


Frickin’ AWESOME news for CDCH and MDMN.


Cerro’s current market cap is only $750K, though I expect that to go up today as speculators familiar with this situation can now grab CDCH shares with a certain degree of confidence as to the company’s viability.

Put whatever speculative valuation you want on Auryn, take 5% and that is roughly the valuation of Cerro’s portfolio. Right now the market is significantly undervaluing that asset because it had been in jeopardy for the last several months. Even a modest $30 million valuation on Auryn should equate to a theoretical double on CDCH’s market cap.


With today’s great news looks like Auryn wants to get moving going public. Jmo


There’s no doubt that CDCH represent the better value. The questions remains: how to value AMC? I can’t tell you how many meetings/calls I’ve had with mining co’s trading at a $25M-$50M market caps that have more advanced defined resources and are closer to production. As ****** , this does not mean they have the same upside potential as the Alto (grade, blue sky exploration, infrastructure, etc.).

The anemic volume in CDCH/MDMN reflects a lack of dry powder for the believers and a hesitation to put good money after bad for those waiting for geo confirmation.

Personally, I didn’t add to my CDCH position b/c a) the lack of liquidity and b) too many conversations with insiders prior to today’s announcement. Ultimately, everything will be consolidated into one, after which point, the volume/liquidity should improve.


Are we still keeping separate MDMN and CDCH threads? I know shareholders of both like to compare the two. Undoubtedly, Cerro currently has the better share structure representing an advantage if looking at just the pro rata equity in AURYN.


Posters tend to comment on different stocks without identifying the specific stock the comment addresses. This tends to create confusion for some other posters who don’t follow the conversation closely. I suggest that we continue to keep the stocks separate until they become one, if or when they do.