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Medinah Minerals (MDMN)- 2017 Q4 General Discussion


Nice to see some life back on this board, hope it won’t stop.


Next President of Chile should be Pinera not as I previously posted. Also he will proceed with a growth agenda!!


Tick, tick, tick…

During these delicious 65 hours between Friday’s .0029 close and Monday’s unknowable opening, anything is possible.

Yesterday I went walking in a quiet forest of towering redwoods in the hills above my hometown, Oakland, CA, and let my mind run free.

For the first time in years I allowed myself to fantasize about what I might do with an extra few thousand dollars to spend — or what if I wake up a millionaire tomorrow?

I’ll bet I’m not the only one who has thought this way.

— madmen


Not to be a party pooper, but you may want to keep you expectations in check for a bit to avoid short-term disappointment. This is a long term investment. And it is a real company, or at least it’s becoming one. It’s not the artificially-inflated Les Price scam instrument it once was. It isn’t BitCoin either. There is no overnight win here. Shareholders have to get used to using real mining data and metrics to value the company and that’s not going to be as exciting or responsive as MDMN was when it was being artificially pumped.

We didn’t learn anything more about what the mountain holds on Friday. All it was (and I don’t mean to diminish the work involved in getting to this point) was a consolidation of ownership into a single public entity. It took 12-18 months to sort out and get to this point. But there is still more work and waiting to do before the transaction finalized. The value of our investment - whether it be CDCH, MDMN or both, hasn’t changed since Friday and I’m not so sure it should, but we’ll see what the market says about that.

Shareholders can look at this consolidation as an obstacle that has been crossed, or that is in the process of being crossed. We can also look at it as Auryn delivering on its previously intended goal.

I don’t know whether MDMN will trade up to reflect the correct future ownership ratio in CDCH, or maybe CDCH trades down to MDMN’s level. Who knows? What I do know is that when the dust settles, MDMN should be selling close to the .558 ratio that has been established and publicized. Whether that is net up or net down for MDMN and CDCH will ultimately depend on the mining data we eventually get from Auryn.


Data, schmata…

I just checked the Idiots Guide to Investing and right there in black and white it says that any fool who has invested $127,000 in a penny gold mining stock over the course of six years, one month, one week, two days, and counting (shrunken down to $5,200 as of 1 pm Friday) is legally entitled to a minimum of three days of untethered delirium and (now my one remaining night of) glorious dreams…

Please hang on to that bucket of glacier-melt for another…oh, nine hours and thirty minutes or so — and then, if the situation warrants, fire away, or drink up, or dump it on your head or whatever you want…

But, man, gimme tonight, you just gotta gimme tonight!



Lol now that was funny


I agree now we look forward to Auryn developing the mountain and the data that comes out. Sometimes though once in a rare occasion a penny stock will run on speculation and not on just the fundamentals .I’m not saying MDMN or CDCH will do that but GGI has done this on pure speculation and of course just because Sprott invested money in it. GGI ran from .08 to about 5.40 within a year. So let Madmen and others here dream the dream!


No doubt Hulkster. And I hope there are many catalysts along the way that make this stock run far beyond what a normal valuation would otherwise dictate.

Over the past 18 months I’ve read many posts and e-mails where MDMN shareholders still hold onto unrealistic expectations and valuations of ADL set forth by JJ and Price of what this stock “should” be trading at. Baldy, Kevin and a few others have tried to recalibrate those expectations into more realistic scenarios along the way, but I guess it is hard to accept lower valuations and more uncertainty when shareholders have lost thousands of dollars here. Auryn needs to show data, and ideally production numbers, that demonstrate to the market and new investors what the potential of ADL is and where the stock should be trading at.


If people go back into their memory banks, which is probably a pretty difficult thing to do here, they may vaguely remember that for over a decade all of the chatter regarding a rocket ride to stratospheric price levels had nothing at all to do with the contents of the mountain and the mining of it. Yes, there always was discussion about the potential mining value of the property, but what really drove the frenzy and excitement was all the discussion of Medinah especially having the largest naked short position of any company in any market. There was a lot of discussion, some originating from our good buddy Les Price, of attempts by the company to initiate a short squeeze. I remember that in my formative Medinah years, those where I had no interest in investment but only trading the stock, I cared not one little bit about the mountain or what anyone was saying about it, other than there was some hype about its value which added to the draw of the short squeeze potential.

I think somewhere along the way those early fantasies of short squeezes to fifty dollars were held onto by people, and then as the years went by and the conversations migrated toward minerals, mining, and valuations, some of us may have chosen to interject our subconscious memories from those older discussions.

Maybe this is just me. I do remember clearly that when I first heard about MDMN, (from people who have long since left this forum and their investments here), I only traded it for the first three years, doing pretty well making 20 - 40% swing trading it a few rounds a year. I was only here for the short squeeze hype, and I became a major participant in that hype, having bought into it completely. A lot of people had bought into it, and I remember that it was, for years, the focus of conversation on these boards.

That time is long gone now and the conversations are where they should be, on mining and valuations. 2018 starts a whole new journey for us. We have gone from being invested in a highly speculative pink sheet short squeeze play to an early stage speculative mining play, which just happens to have the very real potential of being one of the last, if not the last, world class deposits in South America with leadership that has thus far proven to have quite benevolent intentions.

It’s been quite a miserable ride, but I’m relieved and even happy to be here. As a young kid I somehow got a saying into my head that pops up from time to time based upon experiences that life brings my way, which Medinah is certainly one… “Sometimes you gotta go through hell to get to heaven.” Well most of us have certainly experienced hell on earth as far as this investment goes, so perhaps we’re now finally ready to move on to the heaven part of it? I hope so because I’ve had enough hell for one investment! :slight_smile:


What if Question!!!

Since Les put the screws to us and created 1.5 B phantom shares and has likely hidden many of them in offshore accounts, could we legally do this???

When the Medinah shares begin to transfer into Cerro, can the known to be illegal shares be excluded from the transfer?

This could then retire the corresponding shares of the 7 B shares of Cerro and increase the value of Medinah and or Cerro?

Probably a question for BE or B.B.?


:exploding_head: That’s for sure, lol. I mean could it be any longer!


My guess is that the 95% of CDCH that Auryn owns and is restricted stock for one year will mean that MDMN will most likely exist for one more year. So Auryn Mining owns 95% of CDCH or 6,650,000,000 shares. At this point MDMN does not own any shares of CDCH directly other than those shares received in the first financial restructuring of CDCH, but MDMN is to receive 1,649,130,000 shares of Cerro via Auryn with a one-year holding period. Therefore we will own 24.799% of Auryn Mining ( 1,649,130,000 /6.650,000,000) since Auryn mining moved all its assets into CDCH for its 95% ownership… In the end we will then own 23.559% of CDCH (1,649,130,000/ 7,000,000,000), plus the shares MDMN currently owns directly of CDCH which I believe is a minor amount. BTW this is how the original news release should have been written,


crazy question and I dont really go in the short squeeze category but this is pennyland and we did have a jerkoff who scammed us so this falls under easy to sell shares they dont have. They will need to cover shares that they sold correct to get CDCH shares right?


Rainman and George,
Problem being, Les sold and distributed share’s to so many different individuals that even he could not keep count, he even sent me an e-mail asking me to send back the share’s he’d sent me for safekeeping (of course that never happened), but he did distribute share’s to some who thought they bought them legally, or have excepted them 2 nd hand in the market. At this point it is almost impossible to track most of the share’s that have been distributed and probably not worth the dollars to track down whatever is left.
Just about anyone who has bought share’s since 2012-2013 probably has some of the stolen share’s in their accounts


ok that covers LES’s shares but there has to be some market makers who gave up covering shares this should bring them to cover


News is out


Thanks GC!
I guess we all could have some bogus shares!!!


Oh, well…

That three-day pass was certainly exquisite…

But I’m on my way to report back in to the asylum now…

— madmen


Only 30k trades in cdch and 6 million in mdmn. Market must want more info to move the needle


Major price discrepencey favoring MDMN. Today!