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October 1st, 2016 Informational Meeting News


After all that has gotten returned where does that put out outstanding?


Okanadian issue has a mediation scheduled for Oct 24, is very obviously a scrivner’s error that was discovered quickly so should settle without much hassle.


Appr 2.894 outstanding, preferreds not figured into that, plus we gained about 1.74 % more ownership in Auryn from those surrendered shares.


Sorry, meant to saythis goes back to at least 2010, not 10 years.


Will they mention american sierra and medinah gold fiasco?


Cabezon doesn’t Auryn Masglas own over 400 million shares of Medinah? Not 218,783,318 or is that all they have in cert form?


Yes, shareholders that had email, etc with Les that might give price manipulation evidence can forward those to a new email that will be setup soon after the meeting, so wait to check on that.

Later edit…
Email for forwarding is set up here:


Was Ian Dow there?


Don’t know, I’ll ask Kevin later.


DD, AURYN, had 150 then got another 60 from the pear farmer and probably no more


Not part of the agenda today. CDCH May getsome discussion at end of afternoon session


Thank you that puts Auryn at 210 million but not listed as a significant holder (see power point above) and Masglas at 218,783,318. So my question is why are they not listed?


Hopefully a lot of side conversations going on during lunch that we can get more answers from


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its coming after lunch when Auryn does there presentation


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Was Kleen there?


Hi gang. I was told there are some inaccuracies posted here. I will swing by later tonight and try to correct any. I appreciate you all. Thanks.


Yes he is attending


Ian Dow not here