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October 1st, 2016 Informational Meeting News


yes thank you keeping us in the loop could not make it


“The onion is being peeled back.” Law firm will hire independent investigators and forensic auditor.

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Gary says they have a fair amount of documents, but a LOT to still ferret out and promises they will do whatever is nec. To claw back everything and legal fees, etc. Retainer and costs to be from loans and any production til settled.


Can you ask about off shore accounts. Have they been identified etc.


Any timeline on when these shares were sold off. Are we just talking the last year or two or is it over a longer timeframe?


When can us shareholders start to see some SP appreciation??


When can the shareholders of MDMN see the executed documents between the entities? What’s the big secret? Transparency?


They will be as tranparent as legally advised. That sort of thing will be part of the investigation.

Greg is returning 1.6 million preferred shares and ALL of his Auryn Shares. I missed some of the exact figures.
Vittal is returning 1.706 million
All voluntarily.
After we recover as many shares as possible, There is no intention to ever have to issue more shares as cash flow should become available.


how did the issuances happen and who authroized/signed them? TIA


Whats the status with Nuoco and the holders?


A lot of this cannot be determined as of yet pending investigations. Current paperwork indicates this activity goes back at least 10 years. :confounded:


Can someone please ask how Gary can justify holding his position given his long and strong relationship with Les Price? This needs to be addressed along with his succession plan. Thanks in advance.


And can you please ask them to confirm that Les was the main actor in these illegal shares. Yes, we all know it, but it’s important to keep in mind that he’s still insisting on his innocence. It’s important to declare the culprit for the record. Thanks again.


Lastly, do the insiders plan on giving up their preferreds shares along with their current holdings in MDMN, CDCH, and NUOCO. If not, please ask how they avoid doing so given what has transpired. Thanks


All we know right now is Gary basically discovered all of this during the Miami meeting and is the main instigator of the SEC reporting, investigations and recovery. He said he is currently the bane of Les’s existence and what was done was despicable. Anything beyond that you may have to ask him yourself or one of you other friends here.


Thanks for the updates guys. I’m way behind the curve on whats been happening. Looks like the drama never ends with this stock.


That’s what I’m doing. My questions aren’t directed towards you as this is an open forum but I do appreciate your updates.


Can someone ask Vital what he did as CEO? And why didn’t he interact with the T/A and/or was the T/A involved


No visceral “comments” here, go to main thread, please.

Total returned at this point between Greg and Vittal is 100 million common, 1.6 million PREFERRED, and 1,706,000 Auryn shares (appr 17% increase = 1.7% more of Auryn)
All without quid pro quo.
Yes, Les has been named as primary of investigation and forgery is involved.
Transfer agency involvement TBD.

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