Other mining stocks 2024

Here’s a “Laundry List” of stocks you may wish to consider to get back in the game with a profit!

Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Barrick Gold (GOLD) Canada $27.264B 22.19
Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM) Canada $24.365B 23.65
Franco-Nevada (FNV) Canada $20.678B 30.66
Gold Fields (GFI) South Africa $12.018B 0.00
Royal Gold (RGLD) United States $7.547B 32.73
AngloGold Ashanti (AU) South Africa $7.171B 0.00
Kinross Gold (KGC) Canada $6.655B 12.90
Alamos Gold (AGI) Canada $4.803B 24.20
Harmony Gold Mining (HMY) South Africa $3.553B 0.00
Osisko Gold Royalties (OR) Canada $2.658B 29.26
Triple Flag Precious Metals (TFPM) Canada $2.523B 33.87
Eldorado Gold (EGO) Canada $2.454B 23.51
Iamgold (IAG) Canada $1.203B 250.00
Centerra Gold (CGAU) Canada $1.172B 0.00
Dundee Precious Metals (DPMLF) Canada $1.158B 7.09
Seabridge Gold (SA) Canada $0.885B 0.00
DRDGOLD (DRD) South Africa $0.647B 0.00
Gold Reserve (GDRZF) United States $0.324B 0.00
Osisko Development (ODV) Canada $0.217B 0.00
Jaguar Mining (JAGGF) Canada $0.108B 6.18
U.S GoldMining (USGO) Canada $0.068B 0.00
[US Gold Corp (USAU)]

(US Gold Corp Profit Margin 2010-2023 | USAU | MacroTrends)|United States|$0.034B|0.00|

:point_up_2:The above list is from Macro Trends :point_up_2:
It is a simple fact that Major producers have outperformed $SPX since 2021. Do a weekly chart comparison to your favorite GDX (avg yield 1.75%) component to see. A favorite Nevada small steady producer with an 8% yield and monthly payout is Fortitude Gold. Anyone else have a favorite producer with monthly payouts?
Anyone check last year’s posts for suggested investment research?

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If your retirement funds have been enjoying the melt-up in the major sectors over the past decade this video with Chris Vermeulen will be of interest - or especially if your portfolio has not performed as expected :

Commodities based around pricing should do well in the upcoming phases of the market. The VIX is at a multi-month low:

The saying here “When the VIX is low, it’s time to go.” Means fear has left the market. Although this video is a few days old, generally the market is signaling an eventual pullback. If the market (DOW) pauses and starts to move higher, commodities will likely be pulled along higher also.

Chris explains that he likes asset classes with high volatility and rotates out of the slow moving or declining ETF asset classes. There are several graphic charting examples of how he employs this. He does not like the buy and hold strategy many investors employ. Precious Metals is the best play right now and Chris has a different approach in this part of his portfolio. When the metals and miners come to life Chris becomes more bearish on the overall market. If a recession occurs, Vermeulen thinks Nuclear Power will come back into play and covers some of the Uranium market and thinks it has long-term potential that can last for many, many years over the next 5-10 years.

An additional video, that I think will benefit many, I already posted on the Global Economy thread. The discussion is deep and makes sense to me, but also is what has me concerned:


:point_up_2:I gained a broader perspective of what to expect regarding currencies and the broader market after viewing this long discussion

And one more for your viewing pleasure over the long weekend. An interview with Michael Oliver who starts by saying he’s “not a sports fan, but the game unfolding this year is the best you’ll ever see, in the markets and beyond!”

“Gold and Silver Entering Acceleration Phase" -Michael Oliver”

Lots of charts with detailed discussion included. He has an unusual momentum based strategy for viewing and investing in markets and gives a detailed explanation of each chart.

:point_up_2:This is the one he begins his talk with, with the chart going back 75 years. In your idle time over the long weekend enjoy the videos and the accompanying discussions presented . You may find some information of value.