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Pilbara stocks are all awaiting significant mineralization reports upon which to base resource estimates. Artemis and NOVO have yet to have their 100,000 ton bulk sampling project approved for Purdy’s Reward. NOVO is also trialing ore-sorting at Beaton’s Creek and Egina. Once completed this technology may be applied to other projects.

News from Pacton Gold and DeGrey Mining is painfully slow in releasing progress on their expansive acquisitions. All have potential, but when will shareholders see something to move PPS forward to previous heights? The possible similarities of the conglomerate gold formations to South Africa’s Witwatersrand Basin is hard to ignore, but without resource estimates and the means to production any profits look to be far away. (Too reminiscent of Auryn on our main thread … painful :persevere: for those in for the long haul.)


T:IVS lets getter done


This summer will be the make or break exploration program for Inventus. The 50,000 tonne bulk sample program along with the ore sorting will give the best indication to date of the economics of the Pardo deposit. Early indications have led everyone to believe there is tremendous potential in the deposit, but seasonal exploration has been slow for shareholders and potential shareholders following it. Looking forward to the news flow to start picking up here as exploration begins.