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This discussion topic is for other mining stocks. Everyone is free to post here. If there is a particular one that “sticks” and becomes a regular discussion we’ll give it its own topic.

@mdmnholder - start us out!


Geez I sold most of my MUX for a nice gain, hoping for a pullback if gold got hammered, but no luck so far. All PM’s apparently don’t react the same to down moves in gold!

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Kevin did you do any sniffing around other miners when you were at PDAC ? Or was the focus all on MDMN?

It was all MDMN.

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I’d like to hear Rick’s thoughts on MUX now that it’s doubled since his recommendation.

And thanks to Kevin for starting this thread. I’ve been waiting for this.

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Thanks Wiz for the new board. There is a lot happening in the mining markets. I posted this before, but no sure how many people actually looked at it.

They are an aggregator of pr’s for junior mining company and put out a daily email. It is free to subscribe. Now it is not all encompassing as the companies pay to have their pr’s included, but a good source of info.

One area that has been hot and I have not followed very closely are the royalty/streaming payment providers. More companies are getting into the biz to fill the void of the banks and private placements. Even the largest mining companies are using them to reduce debt.

I also mentioned another stock on the other board, GORO, CHG has been following and I have a small position. Company is very conservative, good cash flow/profits and pays a monthly dividend.

I also like Hecla, I think the best is yet to come as they are sitting on a large underground deposit which they will get to, once the surface mine is near mine out.

From yesterday’s Junior Mining Network

Going to be looking at Uranium Stocks, in the past Uranium One was a good play, knew one of the former directors. But uranium fell out of favor. Why now?

On the royalty streaming companies, Rob McEwen is decidedly opposed too companies(those that finance this way) doing that ,as they’re selling themselves short on any future profits. Don’t get him wrong, he’s invested in a royalty streaming company, just the other side of the equation are locking themselves out of future positive developments in gold. FWIW

I tend to agree, but very few companies have a strong enough shareholder base or access to debt financing to bring projects on line. If you can finance projects in other ways, it is preferable, but not many can, hence the proliferation of streaming companies.

I had some other gold stock a while back that got absorbed into mux. I am still in the red with that but it is good to see mux coming back up.
Does anyone know anything about FFMGF?
First Mining Financing. $0.30 It is accumulating distressed mines at bargain prices to hold (bank) until minerals prices recover. It is a new Keith Neumeier project of First Quantum and First Majestic fame. They are backed with funding from Majestic. Seems like a pretty clever hedge.

Stumbled across this and really curious what anyone might know about it. Doc? @brecciaboy

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I’ve been reading up on the uranium market for a year or so now. Only recently have I started taking some small positions though. I’m mostly going to use the URA etf as I don’t have the knowledge still to really analyze individual companies well. It’s my understanding that many reactor have supply contracts that go out 5-10 years, lots of which are expiring this year so lots of new supply contracts will be written this year which should have an effect on price. It’s just insane just how out of favour the uranium sector is right now especially when you compare it to 9-10 years ago when their was a shortage of uranium.

Good presentation, but then I’m biased

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And watching the MDMN board that’s another reason why too diversify. People are WAY too wrapped up with that one stock IMO. Everyones trying to hit a homerun with one up at the plate. Frankly its not worth the stress…there’s some good PM prospects out there with real management, maybe not as exciting properties , but I’d take a well run outfit over this gong show that’s been going on for the 15 years I’ve been here. JMO


i dont know anything about this company, but look at the financing, .05%, yes convertible, but rasing $50+ million for a company with a market cap of $60 million is amazing

I actually owned that stock a few years ago, did a quick flip on it. FWIW

Hey ya’ll I’m a 3 year Canadian shareholder in MDMN and fairly young on the trading scene. I’ve been having fun and success trading swings (between $6.60 and $7.50 a share) in the gold mining PVG.TO SP as they are still 6 months/year away from huge production. Anyone have any other successful and consistent swinging CANADIAN mining stocks or ETFs to suggest? Or any other promising CANADIAN stock/ETF (maybe a double or triple CANADIAN oil ETF?) in mining or other sector? I want to keep my funds in Canada to save the headache of currency conversion. Thanks!