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Very pleased although the deal they struck to lower the royalty is fairly costly. I’m sure they are expecting to pull out a LOT of gold out of their Beta Hunt mine to make it worthwhile. Quite a number of shareholders have speculated that they had deliberately stopped looking for the high grade material associated with the Father’s Day vein due to the high royalty but shortly there will be nothing left to hold it back. One big new gold boulder and that should send this running once again if not before. Here is a nice synopsis video that came out today for those that want to get quickly up to speed on this one:

Karora Resources (formerly Royal Nickel) - Red Cloud maintains $1.30 price target, expects more exploration news now that Beta Hunt royalty has been renegotiated:


De Grey up to .72; Kairos up to .05. Pilbara, Pacton up to 1.13. Pilbara plays are hot again (thanks mainly to De Grey). Novo will have its day soon enough.


Degrey making me wish I held a little longer…

Ditto that Belmont! Could have had twice as many free shares. lol
Among the Pilbara stocks, Artemis is finally showing signs of life again.
The sector is definitely being lifted with POG up. Trend is your friend. Saw a statistic that said GDX is up 60% for the year, and GDXJ is up 70%. What’s not to like?:grin:

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Have both GDX, GDXj, EKWAX (401k), and hope to see them at ATH soon enough.
Bought most EKWAX @ 21

Still would have been better buying TSLA and AMZN in 2000…oh well.
Did do well with Apple.

“Buckle Your Seatbelts!”
Rick Rule discusses Covid-19 and it’s impact on mining and economy.
Expect dramatic volatility (20%?) that is normal for a bull market in this sector. Rule makes the point that the general investing public is underinvested in this sector – 0.5%. When gold goes too high it has fulfilled it’s insurance value. Rick also makes the point that it may be time to rotate into some of the industrial commodities 3-4 years up the road.

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