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Auryn/Medinah - 2020 - 2nd Half General Discussion

The gradual lifting of the extremely strict lockdown has been postponed a couple of times but hopefully the July 28 target holds.


I just discovered that I can’t post 3 consecutive times on a forum. I’m trying to post charts on the Other Mining Stocks forum but can’t do it until someone else posts something. If an admin has the ability to remove this restriction I would appreciate it, otherwise someone is going to need to post something after each two posts I make. TIA


Gold has broken the all time high! 1923

Cordoba what’s the plan?

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And, per the article just cited by Brecciaboy, the shutdown is scheduled to be lifted tomorrow.

A few questions about the basics of the world of gold. Anybody want to take a stab at it?

  1. Is it a fair assumption that as long as the government continues to print and hand out trillions of dollars, the price of gold will continue to climb?
  2. As long as the economy continues to remain in a recession-like status/uncertainty, the price of gold will continue to climb?
  3. What would be the catalyst/reasons that would drive the price of gold down?
    Thanks, Vark
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Personally, I think the price of gold is subject to MULTIPLE factors, just about ALL of which are falling our way right now.

Here’s an article from King World News to maybe help put things in perspective.

  1. Yes, especially since the current administration is, imo, working to get rid of the fed reserve system and eventually introduce a new currency into our system that is backed by gold as was originally intended. But, aside from that, my understanding of the definition of inflation is simply that the more currency is printed, the higher the prices of everything can go because currency printing devalues the currency. Gold and the price of everything else will likely keep rising.

  2. If we lived in an honest world where governments did what they said and full transparency was the way of the world, then I’d say yes, but we don’t live in that world. We live in a world that is the polar opposite of an honest world. There has been so much manipulation of commodity prices, especially gold, silver and oil, that you really need to understand the agenda of those doing the manipulation. I guess you’ll have to wait for someone who wouldn’t be labeled “conspiracy theorist” to answer your questions :wink:

  3. Gold is commonly recognized around this Earth, and has been for thousands of years, as the foundation of money. Because governments do not like to be transparent and often engage in manipulation of people and economic events, they create and use currency to more easily play their games. So, when citizens in general lose faith in their governments and the currency they use, they revert to gold. When citizens in general are in a happy place some, probably many, will treat their gold like investments and turn it in once again for whatever new, trusted currency exists… and the game starts anew. Also, if the other outcome were to occur where, instead of things getting better after being bad, things continued to get worse, eventually everything except the essentials to life will lose all value, gold and silver included. As they say, “You can’t eat gold”. The value of anything is based entirely upon the perception of those doing the perceiving.


Thanks guys, and well said TR, especially #2. Very difficult to trust anymore.



Excerpt from the Reuters article Brecciaboy cited:

"The Chilean capital has been covered by one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world, with citizens banned from leaving their homes unless to run essential errands twice a week with a special police permit."

I guess it’s pretty tough to get business done when nobody can work, or even leave their homes.

I hope there’s no more excuses moving forward! But is this really the excuse to still not be able to put out a plan or an update to shareholders?? I doubt it! Business can be conducted in your home, office papers can be signed via docusign if needed. JMO


Test, been a couple of years since I visited the site. Catching up on the posts. Hope all are healthy and well


It seems like aumc is starting to trade on a regular basis. Any comments about that and it’s connection to mdmn and the conversion?

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Who wants that 14 million shares at .003?

More from Raul, maybe one of you guys can divine some hidden meaning here.



I have heard that the quarantine was supposed to be lifted in and around the Santiago area yesterday – did that happen? Are people going back to work?

Can we expect to hear anything concerning MDMN anytime soon?

I don’t mean to over-step by boundaries, but in today’s environment where gold prices are soaring there are LOTS of good opportunities for financing/funding. If we have an opportunity for near-term production, allow me to suggest Ely Gold Royalties (I do not currently own) – they are a gold royalty streaming company based in Nevada (USA), and I have seen them lend money for near-term production, in exchange for perhaps a 1-2% NSR. I think there are other opportunities out there too. Any thoughts?

Please advise.



Hello … that is correct, the quarantine was lifted but always with limitations, however some progress can be made from now on. I cannot speak for Auryn, hopefully in the very near future we can all get an update with respect to their operations.

In regards to Medinah, we are looking at different outcomes, but indeed when ready we will be making an update. I agreed with you that in this market with gold and copper going higher it opens the door for venture capital, will see what happens on that regards, thanks,



Thank you bubba! Same ole same ole from these guys.

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Well, I do hear your frustration, but let’s admit that it’s kind of challenging to perform when (1) securities laws forbid you from doing so, and (2) violation of quarantine is punishable by 5 (or was it 10?) years in prison.


Hey mrbubba… thank you for that. Good on ya!


Can anyone give a brief report on what if anything is happening or expected to happen? Is there any chance the share price will appreciate?

At $850 all in cost and $2,040 POG, 25k Oz generates $48.9M profit annually. :grin:

Financing won’t be a problem


Gold over 2050! I think Cordoba is waiting until gold hits 5000 before he turns dirt