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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄

Thanks Karl. What do you make of all the Masglas hype and how do you think we’re connected?

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We’re basically in a holding pattern until the 6.65B shares of CDCH become unrestricted accompanied by a share consolidation and a name change. MASGLAS directly owns 218,783,318 shares of MDMN. Additionally from the MDMN Q3,

Through a settlement with Leslie Price, Medinah will own an additional 1,700,000 shares of AMNP and 19,550,000 shares of CDCH which are expected to be converted to Medinah’s name in the Q4 2017.
Once converted, Medinah will own 11,650,000 shares of AMNP and 29,150,000 shares of CDCH.
The Company’s shares in AMNP and CDCH are relatively illiquid given the trading volume of each of the stocks.

As a shareholder, one of many questions I have and would like answered is what, if any, the future holds for AMNP? Are the Caren and Pangue placer property claims still intact (held by AMNP) and what value may they hold? The company went dark after Oct 2016 about the same time all things Les hit the fan. The officers were last reported to be:
Gary Goodin, CEO
Italio Volente, VP
Enrique Lopez, Treasurer, Secretary

There were148M shares in the OS as of July 2016.

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Masglas Is actually doing a lot in Chile via number of different acquisitions. We just happen to be one of then via their ownership in AHC and AMC. I believe We are largest so far in their portfolio as far as an investment, but i could be wrong!

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You state:

Masglas owns Auryn Holding Chile (AHC) company which owns Auryn mining Chile (AMC).

It was clear at one time this was true. It also appears that the principal backers of MASGLAS and AURYN are still the same. However, It looks to me as though while AURYN was formerly stated to be a subsidiary of MASGLAS this description disappeared from the MASGLAS website. All reference to AURYN as it’s premiere advanced property disappeared. AURYN became a wholly independent company separate from MASGLAS and cleared it’s debts to MASGLAS via the cash call. This was done to simplify AURYN’s books creating a path for eventual listing on the public exchanges.
… But I could be wrong! :wink:

It may well be that Cerro is a subsidiary of AURYN, but it will still be CDCH that becomes free trading once the year is up on the 6.65B restricted shares. Also, if there is a JV inked, because CDCH holds title to the claims, it will officially be inked with Cerro. At this point, there is no difference between the management of AURYN (a private company), Medinah, and Cerro. The Peruvian backers of MASGLAS are principally the same as those that formed AURYN, but I believe they are separate corporate entities.

Strategically, I don’t think AURYN wants day-trading to prevail at this time and has an unofficial freeze on the stock of CDCH and MDMN (and AMNP?). There is a complete lack of hype. Their thinking may be this “freeze” (lack of promotion) reduces the chance of any manipulation of shares trading until all the CDCH stock becomes free trading, the company’s shares are consolidated, and the company is renamed. They want a new company to be formed and are going about it in a way they can concentrate on mining.


I agree with most of what you posted, just not sure that Masglas does not still own AHC and that AHC does not own AMC. But if they are totally independent it really does not change anything for us only for Masglas. But if AHC has gone away who owns the MDMN shares that were purchase from JJ? Do these MDMN shares now belong to Masglas? Therefore I still believe AHC exists and BTW the capital call was from AHC and not Masglas, which does not mean it did not eventually end up there.

As far a the stock trading goes, it is simply a fact that once a stock gets to the of sunpenny level it usually falls off most radar screens until some major news announcements. In my opinion Mdmn does not trade much only because there is a total lack of interest from the general market especially since the company could have disappeared do to Les’ fraud.and most investors are all stuck in MDMN from higher prices. As far as CDCH goes the shares are being tightly held and out of a 7 B shares issued there are only about 190M that are free trading.


From Medinah’s Q3 for the Period Ending September 30, 2017:
Masglas Limited 218,783,318 # Of Shares Beneficially Owned 7.6%

There may still exist a direct ownership of MDMN shares by MASGLAS bought by contract from JJ as originally reported. But as you say, if they are totally independent it really does not change anything for us.

May 16, 2016 — AURYN is pleased to announce that our parent company, MASGLAS Limited, has purchased 218,763,318 shares of the common stock of Medinah Minerals, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDMN).

There are also an undetermined number of MDMN shares believed to have been purchased by individual interested parties that backed MASGLAS/AURYN. This was shortly before AURYN appeared to separate from it’s parent company MASGLAS and form an independent private company, hold an informational meeting on Saturday, October 1, 2016, in Las Vegas, and schedule an AURYN shareholder meeting for March 15, 2017 creating a cash call to current shareholders. A lot has changed over the past couple of years to salvage what was destroyed by years of what can kindly be called mismanagement and fraud.


Thanks, I stand corrected it was Masglas that purchased the JJ shares in MDMN.

stupid question Does LES still have his office set up and do they answer the phones still? Has anyone tried calling and see what the responses are? Does he answer MMC? And does anyone know the real truth if we really needed a Chilean company to run MDMN? Only asking no importance what LES does but was wondering if he is still trying to scam out there.

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CDCH will eventually be renamed and consolidated. MDMN will eventually get shares in that company and distribute them to all of us. At that point I expect MDMN will be worthless and dissolved or something akin to it. That said . . .

The domain name “” and the license for the software that runs this site expires in April. The activity here (and corresponding advertising revenue which pays for the domain and license) has been on a steady decline.

Do you all want to keep the site running or should we let it go?

  • Keep it running
  • Let it die

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Thank You again for all you have done for us when you were CEO. I feel like it should keep running until the shares are distributed to us as shareholders and then we can take that vote again or at least until they start to give us some regular updates on where we stand in all of this. All in MHO only. Thanks for the information yet again and did this information all come from above?


The restriction on cdch shares should be lifted around the middle of December this year according to concensus on this board.
It sounds like you’re suggesting we will not get those shares right away but rather will have to wait for cdch reverse split into new entity, then once that happens, those new shares will be distributed to Mdmn shareholders and will be free trading?

No reason the reverse split and name change can’t happen before the CDCH shares become unrestricted! Actually I expect it to happen before.


I think The Mining Play should be allowed to die to put us all of us out of our misery!

Perhaps a new discussion board should be created after Cerro is renamed to Auryn Mining or whatever it is called where Medinah/Cerro investors can discuss fortunes of the new company.

The long convoluted history/structure of TMP makes it not a very good tool for new investors in Auryn going forward. (Would anyone really want new potential Auryn investors to look here?)

This new site should be setup with new investors in mind.


Changing the topic a bit, until all stock is liquid it makes little sense to dissolve TMP or try to hide it’s past to new investors. Management will promote the merits of this investment when it is ready to consolidate shares under a new name and release substantial news. It remains to be seen what information CDCH (and MDMN) will release in quarterly reports to be discussed on this forum. As MG suggests, it is premature to discuss letting TMP “die” before Cerro is renamed. It will be at that time liquidity moves the stock price on presumably good news. We don’t need this board to go dark before that time. The appropriate time for a new forum will be when the new company has a new name. DD used to be the main focus and purpose of this forum. I have a question I’d like answered if anyone can come up with an answer or care to comment. Any sleuths still out there?

Does anyone here know the exact location of AMNP’s Caren and Pangue property claims? In 2014 it was stated there were 17 claims (about 1800 ha ) in these placer claims. They were situated in an area where minerals flowed down from the Alto. The company (AMNP) last filed in 2016 and indicated it had these properties before going dark. The timing of going dark was at a tumultuous time for all related parties caught up as the Les dIsaster unfolded. Is it known or believed these claims have economic value? Medinah is scheduled to own 11,650,000 shares of AMNP. Was it a strategic move for AMNP to go dark, or something else? Does AMNP (or AURYN) have control of these claims? Officers at the time of the 2016 filing were:
Gary Goodin, CEO
Italio Volente, VP
Enrique Lopez, Treasurer, Secretary

Last year Cerro announced:

We will post the complete contract with a detailed list of the properties as soon as practical.

Is it possible these claims will show up on the detailed list of properties when the list is released?


See attached. I think Caren claims are the ones marked in red. The pangue claims are the ones marked in Aqua. I assume you can pick out the main Lipangue claim block with North on the top of the page. Hope that helps.

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Where? Can they be pinpointed on this view?

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See attached for a rough idea. The aerial photo is a little left of your photo. Note the towns marked Caren and Pangue. The fact that these placer deposits are located downstream from the Alto is no coincidence and further suggests that our mountain is golden!


Heard somewhere that these placer gravels and benches were consolidated with blue clay-tough recovery despite good values. Detergent is one option in dealing with blue clay but wondering if there is a modern technology present to deal with that issue…

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I don’t know about that but if I recall correctly, a bigger issue is the giant boulders associated with these placers.

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Certainly we have had a really long stretch of boring for this investment. Things might heat up this weekend/following week with at least some drips of news coming out of the PDAC conference. I mean Auryn has a booth at the conference and the sole purpose of these booth is to promote their Company/properties so here’s hoping that Auryn actually does that for a change!