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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


HR originally posted:


September 17, 2015

The Board of Directors of American Sierra Gold Corporation (the “Company”) is pleased to announce developments relative to the Company’s Caren and Pangue mineral claims located in Chile. Under the guidance of Auryn Mining Chile (“Auryn”), extensive geological work is being performed on the Alto Properties. Today Auryn announced it has added 3,400 hectares to its land package. The Company’s Caren/Pangue mineral claims now abuts property included in Auryn’s various option agreements and are being examined by Auryn’s professionals.

These properties consist of 17 mining claims of approximately 1798 hectacres situated in the District of Curacaui, Providence of Melihilla, Country of Chile.

Gary P. Goodin

President/Chief Executive Officer

American Sierra Gold Corporation

The posted claims map you found may be correct, but from what I could find in my search may not be on the outskirts of Metropolitan Santiago? I take it those are actually other claims that are mapped out in the area and not part of the city. … Correct? lol
Your arial view does appear correct and very helpful, however. A little confusing at first. What do you make of the area I highlighted below:

Could that be the area “examined” by AURYN abutting various option agreements? See mag view of area below:

There seems to be quite a bit of recent activity near the area MG marked as Pangue, also. Hoping it is part of the larger group of claims:


Pretty sad nobody on our Bod can answer these questions with an update. Thanks for your hard work easy and MG! It can be so simple by keeping shareholders up to date as to what’s happening. Bad Business Maurizio!

What I’m afraid is can Auryn really be mining producing without telling us?


Somewhere back in the Les days of yore, that area was being explored/small scale mined by another Company but I never heard who. It certainly wasn’t part of Medinah’s claim block but not sure if it is part of Auryn’s now or not.




The question is are they both going to be representing the Alto at the PDAC? Unless Auryn has other claims that we don’t know about? It doesn’t make sense two companies with different names representing the same mountain (claims).


They are both at the same booth # 3343 so You wouldassume they are together?



All in the same booth showing connection.


Note all three companies: Masglas, Auryn, Cerro are indicated and included on the maps that are shown on the Masglas page (1st link above). See upper left hand corner


My bad, didn’t notice they were at the same booth.


The three companies were not there a few days ago on the Masglas page.


The list of 100% owned projects acquired from First Quantum Minerals Chile by MASGLAS are not new.
The maps included on the MASGLAS site are definitely new and prepared for those visiting the PDAC booth.
Are the additional mining claim areas under option, being investigated, part of the 2018 field trip or what?
The legend in each map is titled MASGLAS, AURYN, Cerro DORADO.
What new developments are at hand with “property” being showcased on the maps contained within this small confined region of Chile?


And the Altos de Lipangue being included on a Masglas map with their other properties is also new, I think, or at least has not occurred for quite some time since the perceived distancing of Masglas and Auryn (and the Altos).
See the bottom yellow tag.


There definitely remains a close relationship. The Altos de Lipangue being included is new, as are the other properties not included in the original list of those acquired from First Quantum Minerals. Is Maurizio shopping for new investment backers for the additional properties shown - are these under option or newly acquired? Is Mr. Cordova showcasing Cerro/AURYN for it’s investment potential? All of the above?


Quite a few tidbits here and there I just hope they update us so we know which way they are going to go.


I would hope that they might use this conference to kick off this whole thing. HOPE!! HOPE!!


Did you notice the Princesa Caballo is indeed included on the new posted maps? As previously noted it is located about 3 km North of the ALTO on an access road running directly from the ALTO, and showing very visible activity. In one of the Chile Explore articles (pg. 6) Maurizio said “We want to buy Princesa Caballo” and it might logically be deduced he has.


I guess I hadn’t seen the reference to what is said about Dr. Sillitoe recommendations for the property. He says they need to do some vectorization of historical results? I guess it isn’t completely clear if the Princesa Caballo is owned by Auryn or Masglas. It probably is Auryn since it is so close to the Alto.


I posted a Google image of the Princesa Caballo area a couple of weeks ago, but for ease of reference of the area we’re talking about I’ll include another image.

The only reference to this claim area before today’s posted MASGLAS maps for PDAC is in the October 2017 Chile Explore article. It is in close proximity to the ADL. In the image below one can see the road connecting the ALTO to the Princesa Caballo.