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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion πŸŒ„


He has been for awhile now nothing new.


Cdch website still has Mauruzio as CEO


This is Medinah filing.

Name of the Issuer: Medinah Minerals, Inc.


It seems like we just continue to set the bar lower and lower from what we expect from this company. I suppose there is absolutely nothing we can do about it anyway…


What could the delay be about?


It might be that for us to file we need CDCH to file first, funny I did not see an extension for CDCH filing.


The reason for the delay as stated is β€œNew Accountants”. See below.
Could be a lame ass excuse. My guess is they are waiting on CDCH.
CDCH did recently change their share structure on the Nevada filings.

"Reason for Delay in Posting Financial Report: State below in reasonable detail why the Annual/Quarterly Report could not be filed within the prescribed time period."
New accountants


I’m confused shouldn’t we be getting 2 financials one from Cerro and one from MDMN? I’m assuming the late one is for Medinah since goidin is named CEO. What am I missing

Mike if they are waiting for cdch then they should file an extension as well


Take deep breaths. Your confusion will go away and you will be very relaxed. LOL


Glad you find yourself funny


Absolutely. Have a great day and laugh more it will make CDCH and MDMN come to fruition sooner.


Past historical filings have always been done on the last day of the due date. Keep an eye out.
Recently change to share structure filed in Nevada.


Thank you Mike! I appreciate your response


New quarter, go to:

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