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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


Yes too bad MDMN is not moving up to CDCH, instead of CDCH is moving down towards MDMN


Well we have 5 more days to go before they have to release financials unless Cdch asked for an extension.


What is up with CDCH bid?


The Bronce Weste project that Masglas bought from Revelo is now named Colla Kananchiari which Masglas renamed and is on Masglas website as of 2 weeks ago or so…this was one of the new projects added


4 days and counting for those financials to come out

Today’s the 27th let’s hope those Taxes got paid. I reached out to the BOD last week and got No response go figure.



Financials are coming out this week since they are due and the property taxes have been and will continue to be paid. No need to “hope”. Auryn/Cerro have some issues but they are professionals and are literally sitting on a gold mine. Refer to Tupper’s recent posts.

Just a little surprised no buying this week on the off chance that the financials contain some good news in them. I guess they never do so no reason think these will be any different?



Thanks Mike! We shall see


Just to throw a curve ball into the discussion; I believe an extension to file taxes can be granted until Oct 15.


Hi Mike,

From an accounting point of view, both the IFRS and IASB dictate that until a full bankable feasibility study is done the accounting “value” ascribed to a mineral deposit will be based on “historical expenditures”. FROM AN ACCOUNTING POINT OF VIEW IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE CAREN MINE HAS THE 34 GPT GOLD RUN OF MINE AVERAGE THAT BOCANEGRA SAYS IT HAS OR ONE-THOUSANDTH OF THAT GRADE. THE VALUE ON THE BALANCE SHEET UNTIL THE BFS IS DONE IS DETERMINED BY “HISTORICAL EXPENDITURES”. Therefore theoretically, a “massive” exploration effort should at least drive up the balance sheet “value” of the deposit especially if the exploration efforts corroborate the bona fides of the deposit.


Interesting Read:

A Tale Of Two Neutron Stars: The Birth Of Gold



From Ihub

he judicial property tax sale yesterday saw auryn come forward and pay the taxes on some of the alto claims an let others go up for auction
the next big sale date is april 10,2018 where another large block of the alto claims goes up for judicial sale
i would expect that auryn would now provide an updated property schedule showing the reduced number of claims remaining for the sale to cerro dorado inc as promised in the dec 15, 2017 news report


Sometimes its best to leave unsubstantiated IHUB posts where they belong. In the trash. Then when factual info comes from the company about taxes paid and properties owned it does not get people going up and down with emotions they never really need to have gone with. IHUB is not a legitimate source IMHO because many posters on the site are trying to cause fear in some way so they can make money. Most people should never be in the market because they run with the latest post or take or other thing that hits from day to day.


There is a reason why I no longer read Ihub.


The user on ihub posting the messages in regards to the taxes was created: Alias Born 03/14/2018 06:24:54 PM. He has a total of 13 posts and all are related to Medinah. Maybe Les ?


I’m just putting it out there what I read. It can True or it can be trash. Ihub was calling les a scamster! Guess they weren’t wrong about that😉

Cerro let’s see those financials already


Very interesting…


On a side note. I’m really surprised Greg didn’t go after Les himself, as Les made Greg look very foolish and incompetent. I remember when Greg was first brought on board, everyone was touting his law enforcement background. Course if he took him to court, you’d be airing all that to the public. Just didn’t see him the type to roll over and take that lying down



Thanks for posting. There were some unresolved debts still on the books last quarter. These may or may not have been resolved satisfactorily by now, which may cause a delay if only partially resolved. Even if resolved, these issues may not show up until June 31 since Annual report technically only covers events through Dec 31, 2017.


Why is Gary Goodin now president and CEO?