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Yes BLOK is a blockchain technology managed ETF and BLCN is simply an ETF tie to an index. I preferred the ETF that is actively managed, the fees many be a little higher after two years, but I am betting the managed ETF does better than the index ETF

Good article. As we’ve both mentioned before, most normal investors, and especially the general public, have no idea of the potential uses of blockchain tech. The continued growth into everyday business and financial life will continue to grow exponentially, IMO. Being in the ground floor now would be analogous to the switch from horses to internal combustion vehicles. Risks exist, of couse, but, IMO the rewards will be very, very good.

Robinhood adds zero-fee cryptocurrency trading and tracking.

Anybody have any interest in LEGR? Another ETF that just opened up…

I am following it, so far fwiw

Cabezon, would it be possible to ad trading to the title, like, Crypto Mining & Trading. Thanks

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Another new blockchain ETF based on AI (KOIN) was just launched:

Boy the blockchain and especially Cryptos are getting pounded today. Some are now forecasting Bitcoin will come down to $5,000 before it finds support.

Great buying opps, i am use to buying opps with MDMN lol, it could go both ways, we have to wait to see a trend.

Yes it could be a buying opportunity but the news has lately been very negative on the cryptos with India not allowing them. also many are forecasting Bitcoin to come down to $5000. All I can say i took a small profit on the ETFs I was holding and now waiting to find a buying opportunity if and when I see it from a technical basis.

Everyone’s getting pounded, not just cryptos. Stocks getting hammered. Oil down. It’s what markets do. If it was easy, everyone would be market millionaires! LOL! I see the drop in cryptos as a welcome pullback. When you look at the charts, the run up last year seemed to be built on speculation. Now, with the ETF and other more market targeted investments into blockchain tech, IMO, you are seeing a more market driven pricing of the larger cryptos.

The downs in the market are why I also mine (on a smaller scale for now) for cryptos too. It acts a bit like dividends for stocks. I continue to receive a small portion of the cryptos each day, whether price is up or down. I get the relatively the same amount of the crypto. So if the price down, just means I will earn more when the prices rises.

Big difference, markets (Dow) down 2-3 % and cryptos like bitcoin down 60% so far!

Jim Wyckoff
Monday February 05, 2018 08:09

Bitcoin-U.S. dollar prices are sharply lower again in early U.S. trading Monday and dropped to another 2.5-month low. Major technical damage has been inflicted recently. Prices late last week fell below what was critical chart support at the December low. More selling pressure is likely in the near term, with the next downside target being the $5,500 area. It will take a move in prices above chart resistance at $11,000 to give the bulls some technical strength to then stabilize the market.

Markets in 2017 only up 23% for the year of 2017. BTC up over 2000% for 2017. BTC can stand to lose a few percentage. Even at current levels, still up 600% over last year.

Yes I realized that! My point is that Bitcoin is getting pounded over 60% down, while the markets are making a simple market correction from its high so far at about 3% of which the final correction may be anywhere from 10 to 15 percent when all said and done.

I would not care if the markets where flat this year and I suffered a 3 % loss, but I sure would care if I had a 60% lost in buying bitcoin at its market high.

Like I have said I am not into mining and the cryptos are way too volatile for me. I still like the blockchain technology but for the time being I am out of this market correction. not only on blockchain but also on most stocks. Looking for buying opportunities in anything that has over corrected. .

It all comes down to one’s point of reference. and my point of reference is basically the last two months,

I have been involved with the cryptos for a while and I do not actively trade them so market corrections have a significantly less effect upon me. Even with the latest downturn, I am still well into the black. I mine to offset market corrections, just like dividend paying stocks. Other than my @#$%! MDMN investment, I try to stay in dividend paying stocks long term with dividend reinvestment. If the market makes a correction, it just increases my yield and improves my dollar cost average. Similar to the recent downturn in cryptos, my continued mining has regularly added to my holdings, improving my dollar cost average. Eventually when the markets and crypto stabilize and increase, my profits in both my stocks and cryptos with be that much greater.

Everyone has their own market strategies and decisions on when to enter or leave a market. I tend to view investing through a longer term focus and tend not to worry about about short term price actions. I do believe this market correction in stocks and cryptos can be leveraged to an advantage. IMO, you have to do the chart work and determine your entry points. If you hit them right, you could get a decent return from stocks and cryptos.

I totally agree!

Cryptos making a nice recovery! I should have added more GBTC