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Time to board the train before it leaves the station.


Thanks, Cabezon for changing the title.


Gold is down, Dow is in correction, Bitcoin is up, i think we will slowly see a shift from Stocks to Cryptos, in the coming weeks and perhaps months.


I don’t know if you’ll see a huge shift. People still don’t really know cryptos. It would be like telling everyone “invest in Widgets” What’s a widget? I do believe we will continue to see steady growth in crypto mining and investing. I feel 2018 will be a really good year for crypto. As the markets get larger we should see less volatile swings. Growth will most likely be less percentage-wise than 2017, but more steady, IMO.


Yes Jak, when Stock traders will have easier access to cryptos, those shifts will be more obvious, There will be more stock trading platforms or Apps that will offer them, Robinhood is one of the first.


The Crypto world is slowly getting hot again.


I am surprised the crypto board is so quiet, with so much action !


It’s quiet because the market has stabilized and is in consolidation mode. Most buzz comes from bull and bear runs. That said, I think this is very healthy for the market.


Yep, think so to.


Agreed. All of the major cryptos have consolidated their losses and have begun a more measured increase. Similarly to the regular financial markets which sustained a large pullback, stabilized, then have grown more measured. Interesting, huh? An indication cryptos are becoming more mainstream?


Looks who’s coming in the crypto world lol, i thought Bitcoin was a joke for them.


LOL! Of course, cryptos are worthless, a scam, you shouldn’t ever think of owning them!! Until we get control of the crypto exchange, then please buy them, they are great!! LOL!


I think we are out of the correction or bear trend, good times are coming back.


The US falls into a recession around every 7 years we are in the 9th and still going. In my opinion we are not out of the woods yet.


IMO, I would agree with both of you. General charting seems to show we had a correction (good), and seem to be working our way out of it; however, the instability of the global economic markets continue. China saying growth still going to be slow. Huge instability from US RE economic policy and a coherent economic policy. We could easily see another downturn or an upturn. Really hard to predict right now. Either way, I still like the influx of big names into the crypto sphere.


What are everyone’s thoughts/insights RE the rise of supposed regulations on crypto and crypto exchanges? I see a rise in regulation as both good and bad. Good in that regulation if done properly would bring legitimacy to crytpos and hopefully allow more investment in them as comfort level increases. Bad in that regulation as a whole stifles the free market and forces one to adapt to arbitrary rules, not what the market wants.


Those are my thoughts exactly. Regulation will legitimize crypto and hopefully bring new, more traditional money to the space. The flip side is the actual regulation and potential need for accredited investor status for ICOs, etc. which could limit some involvement. Overall, I think moderate regulation could be a net positive.


This is very big for the Cryptos.

G20’s FSB (financial regulation coordinator) rejects calls from countries to tighten crypto regulations, instead reccomends more cooperation

G20-Le FSB rejette les appels à une régulation des cryptomonnaies
LONDRES, 18 mars (Reuters) - Le Conseil de stabilité financière (Financial Stability Board, FSB), qui coordonne la réglementation financière…


I heard about this decision. I think the G20 decision definately points towards the future. People and businesses in general are very resistant to change. They would rather stay in a rut, even if it hurts them, because they are familiar with the rut. IMO, cryptos will continue to change the way the world community determines the value of an asset or currency. IMO you can make a change, embrace it, and remain out front leading the herd; or, you can be one of the herd, being led by someone else.


agree 100% .