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Agreed, but not immediately. Each step it increases, we see consolidation and a lessening of the trade volume. Then volume spikes and we get another step up. I think we will stay in this 8500-8900 trading range well into next week. If it;s going to make a move IMO it will be late in the week and we should get a spike above 10k then return to approx 9000-9500.

Agreed, late next week, is what I was thinking…

Looking like we may get some early action. Spike above 9k, then quick drop to 8.5k. Will see if vol starts increasing

looking like we may get a bit of a pullback. May retrench to about $6.5k. Not a bad thing. Allows those who trade to consolidate gains and sets up next run.

Bitcoin is gold 2.0 , if you want to make money, get into crypto, mining stocks are dead, i made up all my loss from MDMN in crypto, and much more to come.

Not there yet for me, but well on the way. Im not trading crypto, too volatile for me right now and I don’t have the time to monitor. Been mining for a long time and have expanded my capacity. Used profits to expand (two new machines due in August), and looking to get into a GRN1 miner nearer to October.

Not sure why I’m even bothering commenting on this, clearly too much time on my hands today, but some things are too difficult/obvious to ignore.

You set this discussion up at the top of the bitcoin bubble (literally Jan 2018) when prices were around 20k and proudly claimed:

“Goodbye everyone, i sold everything, i am going full Cryptocurrency, there i can make up for my MDMN loss and more, much faster than waiting here, i don’t know how long, i will still check you guys from time to time, good luck with the new MDMN, wish you a lot of gains.”

The recent bounce in cryptos has been impressive but you would have lost 85% on your investment from the Jan 2018 highs while you waited.

I admittedly take solace in your other claim: “gold is dead” from May of this year (a recent low for gold at $1250) as you seem to be a flawless contradictory indicator. Keep up the good work.


Bitcoin 11K, I’m saying this, because selling my MDMN for Crypto, has been the best thing I ever did, also, I didn’t keep my crypto in the bear market, I sold them at the death cross, and bought back in Mars, Now I’m well positioned for the next bull market, even with the crypto bear market, Bitcoin has outperformed about anything by a wide margin, and ATH is not that far.