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IMO, continued growing pains. I have liked the stability and narrow trading range over the last few months. Continued corporate adoption of blockchain tech continues. Currently the SEC and other governments are on the cusp of regulations and ETF’s for crypto. IMO you are seeing some bettors/manipulators trying to swing crypto for their short term benefit. If you look at the volumes with the drop, it increased with no warning, then slowed down quickly, and the price stabilized at the lower value. This same pattern has happened the last few times we have had price swings (either up or down). I like the stability and the lack of continued high volume after the change. Until we have some real news, I expect these random price swings to continue. IMO, long term, crypto will continue to increase in usage and increase in value. You just have to ignore the periodic volatility.

Blockchain adoption continues.

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Yes, adoption and use is increasing. Although I don’t currently own any crypto currencies, this Motley Fool article caught my eye since I have a long position in IBM.

3 Top Blockchain Stocks to Watch in November
If the blockchain revolution takes shape, these companies could be prime beneficiaries.

Sean Williams, Keith Speights, And Brian Feroldi (TMFUltraLong)
Nov 19, 2018 at 7:51AM

Although cryptocurrencies have had a miserable year, the technology underlying them, known as blockchain, may have staying power. In particular, blockchain technology offers the ability to transmit money in a secure manner without the need for traditional banking networks. It also allows for the transparent and immutable storage of data. In plain English, it could allow for quicker money transfers and provide use outside the banking industry with regard to data storage. Its utility both within and outside the financial sector is what makes blockchain so intriguing.

With that being said, we asked three of our blockchain-focused contributors to name one company they’re watching in November that they believe is on the cusp of this revolution. Rising to the top of the list were payment processor Mastercard (NYSE:MA), stalwart tech giant IBM (NYSE:IBM), and investor communications provider Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR).

I agree with IBM. Had been watching them for a while. I recently took a position (intending to be long) in IBM. What pushed me to make the move was their purchase of Red Hat Linux. IBM now has one of the largest sap presence in the US. Coupled with their other service areas and blockchain tech can make them a force in the future. Depends upon if they can integrate it all.

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Doh! Explains a lot of the continued selling

JPM Coin:

Saw the article. Interesting how the one that had railed the loudest against BTC is now joining? JP’s coin a bit overblown though. It should have no effect upon crypto’s currently in existence because it will not be available to mine or to trade.

hmmm, did he really die ?

Yup. Sounds like the island without extradition treaties with anyone. Although the balls to do something like this are not in short supply, I would find it hard to relax because I would always wonder whether the stranger I see was hired to kill me. Hiring hitmen a lot less money than he stole.

I am in no ways a charting expert, but based upon the various articles I’m reading it looks like crypto may have reached its bottom and it has begun moving back upward. Just recently it moved above the 200ma. Other indicators are looking better as well.

Been slow and steady on the crypto front. As mentioned above the technical seems to be showing BTC has reached its bottom. Nothing ever guaranteed, of course. The current chart analysis seems to show a push towards $6000.

FOMO to cryptos, it’s the future.

Surprised no one is here, Gold is dead, crypto is the place to make money now, I recouped all my MDMN losses and much more.

We have passed 6K a while ago :wink:

Working on the same. The mining has been slow and steady. Just ordered a new mining machine. Should be here in a week or so. Will double the hash rate from all of my older machines combined.

I am liking the continued adoption of blockchain tech by lots of larger companies and the expansion of companies accepting crypto for payment. Recently Bed, Bath, & Beyond will now accept crypto for payment. Some financial institutions still complaining about inability to regulate, but their only upset because they can’t control it. I really like the fact governments and large banks can’t control how crypto operates and its value. IMO, it’s definitely here to stay and will continue to grow.

Hey jak, what do you know about LINK, if anything?

Not much. But doing some digging it looks to be a way to allow business to create smart contracts and connect them to the end user (buyer). Article I found has best description as “Oracles are necessary because blockchains cannot directly access data outside of their network. Oracles are defined as an ‘agent’ that finds and verifies real-world occurrences and submits this information to a blockchain to be used in smart contracts. It provides the external data that is necessary to trigger smart contracts execution when pre-defined conditions (such as perhaps a received payment or a price fluctuation) are reached.”

Blockchains are just ledgers which verify a transaction occurred. Looks like Chainlink creates a way to convert real life occurrences into verifications with blockchain. An even more indepth article is here. Doesn’t look like you can mine it directly, rewards are made when you use the service.

It does look like it can be traded. I use Coinbase and it does not show as tradeable there, but it shows it exists. You should be able to purchase or trade on an exchange, then convert to a crypto that Coinbase (or your exchange holds) then transfer to Coinbase.

It’s why, IMO, blockchain here to stay and will continue to grow exponentially.

Indeed Jak167, I believe this to.

10K Bitcoin coming soon.