MDMN - 2016-01-25 Weekly Discussion

MDMN discussion for week beginning Jan 25, 2016

Can we please stop picking on each other and watch for good news this week coming from the recent meetings!


I am expecting(hoping?) for news today.


A new week has begun. Please let’s keep our focus on AMC and what they’re doing. We know not much is going to change with how MDMN communicates and bitching and moaning about it on here isn’t going to help you or anyone else. Let’s self-censor our gripes about management and other posters who seem to be just as tone deaf. It will make the board a better experience for all.

Special thanks to those of you who keep the site running.


Well, here’s to hoping for good news today/this week. News that will be understood/absorbed by the market and strengthen/support our share price.

Are the boys even back from Chile yet?

They are in route…


In other words, nothing today.

Because you may or may not hear from Medinah today does not mean you will not hear from Auryn.


Nice buys hitting the ask right now.

Yes…Looks like about a million shares on the ask at .017…But it did not move the ask up at all. At least not yet…That is a little disappointing…

Remember… in the left hand column
T= trade
A= ask
B= bid
so you can follow the time as changes in the bid, ask and trades occur.

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Thanks DonD…Isn’t is funny how they can move the stock price up or down on just 10k shares, and when we have a million shares bought on the ask, it does not move the bid or the ask at all…That is pinkyland for you…

Now 1.5 mill and still no sp increase. It is very strange if U ask me. There must be some very large market orders at .017 we can’t see.

310000 just went through and BMAK still showing 10k

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Then at the end of the day, they could place a small trade at the bid, and we could close flat or down for the day. Although, as we all know, painting the tape can work both ways…NEWS PLEASE…

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The news from Chile is all good. Probably see a series of news to report on all of it.

New development on Juans shares that will reported on at some point.


lol, I hope you are kidding !

Mike if the News was all good wouldn’t you start to see volume coming in heavy? News would be hard to keep under wraps don’t you think?

Looks like BMAK is active today on the Ask side showing 10k

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