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MDMN - 2016-04-04 Weekly Discussion


If you’re inclined to buy MDMN now, do not do so with the expectation of a quick flip. Do so because you believe that Auryn will monetize ADL and MDMN will stand to eventually gain from it. Anyone buying with the expectation of a quick flip now will either be lucky or disappointed IMO.

IMO, the only time you should be buying for a quick flip is speculatively due to an imminent catalyst - be it fundamental, technical or ideally both. Nobody can predict with any degree of confidence how MDMN’s price will react to either - and I’m an advocate of buying and selling according to the chart. On the other hand, going forward the fundamental guidance should be a heckuva lot more reliable coming from Auryn than it has been from Medinah.


The first resistance target is the MA50 and upper bollie. Both are at .0163. The MA100 isn’t followed all that much, but it is currently at .0162. The slower and lagging RSI is back above its 50 line. The FullSto and MACDs, that all executed a positive crossover are beginning to diverge nicely to the upside. If we see a break of the .0163, on volume, then the next most likely target would be the MA200 at .0197.

You would have made a good swing trade with a calculated entry in the .012 to low .012s like I did.


Well this still blows! cant even go to .02 on news we have been bought out. I’m glad the shit show is over and the new guys are in with serious cash to get this going. Just wish we were trading at a realistic price



And then a few minutes later


Yes it is nice to see buying at the ask for a change. The question is will it continue and break above resistance in the .023-.025 area.


This is crazy…We have alittle over 400k in volume…We gap open at .0165 and are currently at .018…Which means we are up 20% on about 7k in sales…Very fishy…Will it hold???


The wedding date is set!


And there’s the big ASK from yesterday. I don’t understand why Auryn is not buying these shares up???


Greed factor and their ability to dissolve the company


Sometimes I think some people just throw crap against the wall to see what will stick for no other reason than to maintain a negative environment around this stock, but then I have to ask, is this what is going on with your post or am I just missing something? Would you please take a moment to verify that you are either just throwing crap or explain the thinking that supports the validly of your statement? TIA


The run up did not last too long, now with 1,829,400 for sale at .155 by CDEL


Sure I have been watching for 8 years and have seen this before I am in with all I have 500k in this company after I saw JJ cry when he told many I want to makemake this into a capital company. I think it is a legitimate concern considering the float the Swedish fiasco the lack of communication and very peeve powerful people not given a crap about us with that said I believe this last press releases a very positive turn of eventit only takes a controlling interest


At this point I’m really going to take Hurricane Rick’s recent post to heart.

In order to keep my sanity I’m dropping of the day-to-day, trade-by-trade way of watching of this. The ticker doesn’t matter to me. What matters are milestones. Next one is roughly 3 weeks from now – LP and GG on a plane and closing this in Santiago. After than, AMC will lead the way and we’ll only need to watch what they’re doing on a month by month basis, imo.

The only ones who should be looking at this tic by tick are flippers trying to scalp a few points and masochists who are going to drive everyone on this forum nuts when they complain about evil MM’s and why they’re not rich yet. :smile:


And it only takes a $13.5M dividend for each share to receive a one cent dividend. With yesterdays press release, which do you believe is more likely to happen first?


So to answer Don’s question. No, you don’t seem to have a point or any substantive logic to back up your comments.


Geez you’re a slow learner :wink:


Forget about dividends, exploration companies issue shares and burn money. moo


So who exactly is the exploration company once the new deal is signed???


The ones that are trying to find minerals, we already found them. Production.