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MDMN - 2016-04-11 Weekly Discussion


Confucius said no such thing. That was Ringo Starr.


Gosh … and I thought it was Michael J. Fox!
Guess I’ve watched one too many “Back to the Future” movies. :slight_smile:

If you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you’re pissing all over today. Michael J. Fox - today deserves to be pissed on anyway. Good riddence


If we only had a DeLorean we could go back in time and undo a few stupid things done on this investment, ie. Partner 1, the Swedish Sensation… you name it!

We can only dream!


While you are changing time, just convert JJ’s ownership to shares and take away any of his ability to dilute, or negotiate for shareholders!

One valuable lesson that I’ve learned in the many investments made over 30+ years, is, your success is only as good as your weakest voting link!

We would likely be at $1.00 per share today if our BOD were actually in sinc to protect this investment!

Chapin has been the only one putting money into our investment to keep it alive!


Just take me back to 3/5/12 and bring me back after the close on 3/09/12. :slight_smile:


Are our shares in Auryn being held by Medinah-Chile or Medinah-US?
In the case of Cerro, their similar Chile subsidiary went rogue and finalized
a complete land transferr to Auryn apparently without the knowledge of the
parent US company. I’m worried that Medinah-Chile will receive all future
dividends and decide to reinvest them eliminating the Medinah-US
shareholders from receiving any dividends. Under Chilean law, does
the Medinah-Chile subsidiary even need to exist anymore as they have no property in Chile?.



Why not just sell at 19 cents…that’s what I’d undo :wink:


Hopefully we’ll be back there sometime… soon! :grin:


I thought it didn’t exist anymore. Otherwise what was the 35 million preferred that was converted to 350 million common shares given to Juan for, if it wasn’t for Medinah Chile?


Everyone who could sell at .19 did sell until they ran out of buyer’s. For all those other shareholders who keep thinking that they made a mistake not selling need to understand they could have only sold if there was someone to sell to. There was not.


The endless shares for sale at .01.-02 is just unreal! You would have bought 6 years ago to turn a profit. Question is why sell now when this deal is going to be wrapped up this week for the sale of Alto??


The 35M preferred shares / 350M common were issued to buy 49% of MMC from the Quijanos. But MMC still exists. MDMN owns all of MMC. Thus in reference to the earlier post, the situation is rather different than it was with CDCH. And neither Greg, nor Les, nor any BOD member, nor any Quijanos own any MMC so should any Auryn distributed profit end up funneling through MMC, the only way anyone gets it is through MDMN (and via the cross country taxation-obstacle-course that would exist). And if they distribute it to some shareholders they will have to distributed it to all shareholders.

It has been speculated that it would be rather more tax efficient for MDMN to own the AMC shares and collect any distributed profits directly. I am unable to judge that assertion although it wouldn’t surprise me.

Any Auyrn distributed profit that may end up in NUOCO or in CDCH follows a different path.


Because some entities have sold lots of shares they never owned. IMO, those that have can’t afford the liability of a higher pps so they trade amongst themselves controlling the bid and ask


CDCH owns 99% of CDCH Chile

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Nice block to buy at .0135. Is there going to be a new weekly link?


Oops, fell asleep early last night… New link coming up!

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