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MDMN - 2016-04-18 Weekly Discussion

compelling argument per usual


I think Hulkster’s opinions are more valid and sensible than yours, which are admittedly biased and jaded. Aren’t you the one who said as soon as Auryn got involved that MDMN would be the object of a TO by the Summer? Yeah, you said it was just “basic economic sense”, it didn’t make sense for Auryn to keep us around, and everybody else on the board who disagreed with you was just stupid, uninformed, or just not privy to the ways of the world, right? That didn’t work out too well.

You might ought to get off the TO train, because it ain’t happening anytime soon. I think you ought to re-read the latest news release, where management says something like we’re gonna be sitting here with our hands out receiving money for a very, very long time. Get prepared to wait - or maybe just sell and move on. After all, the “market” has valued us where we belong, right? You’re so smart maybe you ought to cut your losses and move on, as you could no doubt invest in other stocks and make your money back.


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Please explain how you see an advantage in either a RS and/or Medinah moving to a “normal exchange”.

If we are to be taken out with the TO you continue to insist is coming, how does being on another exchange cause that TO to be accomplished any differently than being where we are now?


You are INCORRECT - BE said the AGREEMENT did not provide for scalability as to the value of the 85%, despite the fact that it had the word “minimum” written in it. Get your facts right. By the way, I have a piece of property I’d like to sell YOU for a “minimum” of 200,000.00 - can I sign you up? Don’t worry, that really means it will be 200,000.00 only, no more.

QUESTION: Is an additional 10% interest in Auryn worth MORE or LESS than $100 Million? Try to think about this long and hard and come up with an intelligent answer. You might want to consult brecciaboy’s writings for your answer.


Nope. I countered Doc and other’s inference that the $100M was going to scale to $500M (I think that was the original number being tossed around)…that along with the ridiculous discussion about our “free carried interest” and the existence of the “mysterious” auxiliary agreements.

If the only thing you can knock me on is the timing of the TO (while still using MDMN’s update to reinforce your arguments) that’s pretty weak. Keep in mind that the main reason, IMO, they TO didn’t occur earlier vs. later this year/early next was because JJ wouldn’t part with his shares. I hadn’t anticipated that.

Myself, LNG, and anybody was an IQ exceeding 50 have said all along that the $100M was not going to be paid. This was while you were salivating on all of Doc’s posts about a dividend machine and upfront money to leverage a disconnect. Ironically, you question my accuracy while the guy you always try to defend has been wrong on every single topic that doesn’t concern the value of the mountain (a topic I never challenge him on because I know he trumps my knowledge on the resource). Odd that you keep challenging me given you have no identifiable knowledge of anything to speak of (outside of assigning price targets).

No need for me to sell if I think there’s an exit at 10 cents + within a 6-12 month period. That would be a great return from here. You can wait a little longer for your $50. I also have some shares of Medinah Gold that I’d be happy to part with if you’re interested for a decent price.

Is an additional 10% interest in Auryn worth $100M today? You are honestly out of your mind. The question you should be asking is what other options did MDMN have but to restructure the deal in AMC’s favor? All of AMC wouldn’t fetch more than $50-$100M today. Have you done any homework on valuations in the precious metal’s space? Reading about hyperbolic valuations on this BOD ain’t doing you any favors.


Similar to the BOD, you are only looking at moving one chess piece at a time. If you view the entire board it’s obvious as to why we would go through the machinations of uplisting. A company can’t operate with an assumption that it’s going to be bought out. As MDMN cleans house and prepares for a new exchange it becomes more attractive as a TO candidate. I’m guessing a tender occurs BEFORE the uplisting but it’s important to begin the process either way.


Does anyone know if they left for chile already?

Looks like the dividend machine is coming - you were wrong on that too, as you said there would be no dividends.

You also said Auryn would never “trust” MDMN’s BOD with any money.

You were wrong about the guy too - you should become a subscriber/member and learn that penny stocks experience short squeezes quite often and that MDMN being on their list is a good thing. Without even delving into the proprietor’s past, even little old me knew it couldn’t hurt. Yet, because management came up with the idea you just had to slam them.

But, I can give you credit for one thing for sure - ANY time you say something, concluding the opposite is a good way to go.

Have a nice weekend.


It sounds like you are looking for Medinah to move the chess pieces around just to accomplish your prophecy of a TO. A year ago I would have acknowledged that you could have had a very valid argument for a TO that the BOD would have endorsed and many shareholders would have agreed to. With the work that Auryn has done on the mountain, and the lack of major share accumulation by Auryn, I now believe that they have missed their opportunity to make an acceptable offer that would be endorsed by the majority of the shareholders.

Medinah’s update states, “All percentage cash flows, resulting from production on the mineral-rich Altos de Lipangue Project claims, will be disseminated to MDMN by AURYN Mining Chile SpA on a quarterly basis.”

To this statement you respond[quote=“Baldy, post:101, topic:1191”]
Anybody buying this BS is a true Medinahmite.

It appears that you may believe that once you have discussed something here, and pronounced it as true or not true, then that should put an end to the discussion. Medinah offers an official update and you say it should be disregarded. Several times you have asked one poster here who used to offer a word for word copy of Les’s answers to question that he and other posters asked of Les, to stop doing so. He did. Then later you asked the same poster to ask specific questions of Les. It had the appearance that you decided that your questions had a validity that other shareholders here lacked. Now you state, " I can only hope that the private email chain coming from Les has finally stopped circulating as well." Once again you sound as if you have decided that you would not only like to control approving what is posted here but also control what is traded back and forth privately between posters. The funny part about that is I’ll guess that you have at least one if not more posters who routinely pass on to you for your reading pleasure any of those emails, if they exist.

That statement assumes that AMC had no reason to work with Medinah to restructure a deal in both Medinah’s and AMC’s favor. Again, although you have indicated that you do know, I don’t know what is in the MOU or will ultimately be in the finished contract but I will suggest that Medinah was in possession of a legal contract that required AMC to come up with $100 million that even you said AMC did not have the $100 million to execute the option. Eventhough you stated

I think Medinah had a fairly good hand when they were holding a $100 million obligation to execute the option. While you appear to discount that $100 million, I do not, and I believe that AMC did not either. I believe AMC had 100 million reasons to restructure the deal where it could easily meet both AMC’s and Medinah’s requirements to get the deal done with positive results for both parties.

I guess we will both have to wait to see how successful they each were or, as you might say, were not.


They leave Saturday.

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So is next week, finally “next week”? Lmao

IMO by the end of the week we should have a comprehensive report of the MOU terms. We can then start on a more constructive debate.


I would think a report more in the week following that of the meetings.First week of May?

I hope your time line is correct but in the past we have had to wait a little longer on translations. Maybe Auryn can speed up the process for us this time. I’m sure we are all looking forward to reading all of the final contract terms as soon as possible.

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Either way it’s coming.

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Uneverknow…Are you confident we will get “full” disclosure upon a signed, sealed, and notarized deal? Why can’t there still be restrictions as to disclosure? This is still Medinahland…

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My only advice to you DonD, would be the same advice I would have offered 10 years ago (if I were invested here). If you’re basing your investment decisions/analysis on Medinah updates, Lesspeak, or the blindly optimistic posters on this BOD you will be sorely disappointed and off the mark. This isn’t my opinion but a fact that has been proven a hundred times over. This shouldn’t have to be pointed out to a level headed grown man like yourself but I have no doubt you’ll carry on with old habits.

The $100M was our leverage until it became apparent that AMC barely scratched the ADL, focused their attention on near-term production ops, controlled peripheral claims and then locked down Cerro/LDM. Five “chess” moved and it was checkmate. The deal was restructured because the ADL could have been mothballed. That’s a fact Jack.


A couple of weeks ago Doc posted that that there would be both an english and spanish version of the final agreement and that the Notario was going to grill MDMN and AMC on every sentence so there was no misunderstandings. FWIW


But having an English and Spanish version does not mean that there will not be any non-disclosure agreements still in place…