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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion


MDMN discussion for week beginning 2016-04-25


Actually, I’d look for it sooner, but early Autumn will be quite alright!
A little too early for making reservations now, though.
A few more weeks we’ll know more details of this deal.
All should be happy campers when announced.
See you at the GSM (or Annual General Shareholders Meeting, if you prefer). :smile:


Easy, I have a suspicion that, at this point, no amount of nice words and good news will do the trick. Only a consequent drastic increase in share value will make shareholders happy campers.

I welcome the opportunity.


The one thing I do not understand about all the naysayers on this discussion board is that if they do not think the share price is going to increase, then why have they not yet just cut their losses and sold at the current price?


Because they are on this forum. what else have they got to do, but complain.


Hi Don,

I think the transition from being a shareholder in a company with little respect and limited financial and technical resources (Medinah) to becoming a shareholder of a shareholder (Medinah) of a company (AMC) with significant financial wherewithal and significant technical resources (AMC) will be a lot of fun.

The Medinah deal itself renders the entire mining district as being open pitable and subject to less costly bulk minining methodologies. This consolidation of the mining concessions gives the mining district a boost in its NPV. The early production opportunities leading to early cash flow becomes the frosting on the cake. ACCESS TO CASH is what it’s all about in Medinah’s particular battle. Creating the pathway to perhaps 20 to 30 years of predictable cash flow and perhaps cash dividend distributions will be noticed regardless of how long it took Medinah to finally pass the baton on to parties capable of advancing the project. I think the magnitude of the differential between the old days and the new days will be very refreshing.


Can “anyone” confirm if we have “boots on the ground” in Chile???


I’d bet when the SP is not hovering around 1.2-1.5 cents that there is less complaining around here? Could take a while though…


I am not a naysayer, but I would bet that there are probably other people like myself that can’t afford to lose what they have invested here. Not everyone is a savvy investor; like a lot on this board so we are just hoping for the best. I am down 70% and need to get back to 7 cents to break even and when and if that happens, I will decide when or not to exit.




This week is the week we sell the ADL


I had an order placed for 175,000 toward the end of trading at .0139, but no takers. I’ll give it another try tomorrow…


The MOU is subject to final negotiation and contract signing in Santiago, Chile before a Ministry of Mines Notary to fulfill Chilean law requirements. This transaction will be formalized by the parties during the week of April 23-30, 2016 in Santiago.

Subject to final negotiations? Anyone have an opinion what final negotiations could be on the table?


The non-disclosure agreement :wink:


Or perhaps as Mike Gold suggested, they are still negotiating purchasing JJ shares… Who knows???


Could there still be a price tag on the sale of the Alto???


[quote=“Uneverknow, post:12, topic:1213”]
Anyone have an opinion what final negotiations could be on the table?
[/quote]How about some upfront cash to MDMN!
At least enough to cover expenses of a shareholders meeting and pay for a Broadridge contract including online proxy voting.


In exchange for giving up the properties, I would hope they are negotiating a quarterly minimum until the royalties reach the minimum. This way we have a guarantee cash flow. moo

That’s the only way I see to have cash flow to even hold a SM.


Yes-that is happening this week. In fact, I think there is a better chance than previous times that a share deal will be concluded as the share certs in question have been returned from the the Cayman Islands(from this criminal enterprise: ) and are in Juan’s/Claro’s possession. (Auryn may also be more inclined to make a deal with a very substantial cash flow about to materialize from the Alto.) It appears the crooks that work for UBS(who Medinah met with in New York) has been shorting against Claro’s certs using various market makers thinking they were about to be sold into the market. Now, of course, the shares will be locked up for years or until Medinah is bought out leaving UBS on the hook. It would not surprise me at all if they continue to short to hold the price down until they decide it is hopeless. (Watching the recent shenanigans on Level 2 suggests as much.)

In any case, I think everyone will start to feel better next week when Medinah blows past 2 cents and the shorts start to sweat a bit.


A shareholder meeting would only run them $50,000, or $100,000 at the most it seems - I certainly hope we aspire to recurring income at a higher level than that. But, that is a nice creative way for the shorts to be faced with the fact that they are going to have to start coming up with the green-backs.

Either way, we will soon know if Auryn “trusts” management of MDMN with any cash. We have heard they most definitely would not. That makes absolutely NO economic sense (as usual), as MANY eyes are on this situation.


It will cost $35,000.