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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion


You have “heard” they most definitely do not trust our BOD with cash? It’s more like you’ve seen, through their actions, that they definitely do not and the people that argued the same were proven to be accurate. The $100M was never on the table. Not the full amount, not a partial amount to take advantage of the disconnect. Even if AMC "trusts’ MDMN with cash people need to understand that these cash flow opportunities are 2017. From everything I’ve “heard” AMC is fully focused on using proceeds from production to self fund aggressive exploration. They would be insane not to and, at the end of the day, it benefits everyone involved as the underlying value of the asset appreciates in value (through drilling) and the value of AMC appreciates (of which we own 30%) as they ramp production even though, IMO, we won’t be receiving a piece of it.

Lot’s of upside if our guys have somehow managed a royalty deal but I haven’t “heard” anything related to that option (unless it’s coming from Les). Remember he’s the guy who told poor shareholders that we would be getting at least $25M million upfront a week before the restructuring.

Keeping your expectations in check will allow for a greater level of patience while this plays out. Lot’s of money to be made for those who can wait for an exit.


You’re better off going with what AMC has stated and not any of the imaginations coming out of the Vancouver mill or ambiguous shareholder updates.

That’s the 389th incomplete pass out of 500. Read my post from last week on why people continue to let him be their starting QB. The psychology of a penny stock investor.


With numbers like that he should of been Released


I haven’t been keeping track but I think it’s closer to 389 incompletions out of 400…?


This is my mantra for the rest of my days in MDMN.

“The truth is good enough. There’s no reason to embellish it with fantasy or false hopes.”

Had most of us known the truth over the years we would have never invested in MDMN. Today (or once they sign over the property to a company who will actually develop it) the truth is wonderful. I’d be a buyer all day long and getting the same price or better than I averaged in over 18+ years with none of the risk or drama! :money_mouth:


The TRUTH will set you free.


Now THAT is the truth!

Fortunately, it is only the management and not the mountain that stinks in this stinky pinky.



Bids building

Looks like the 1.8 million has not been seen since last week


Wow!! I’d rather have Johnny Manziel! :grinning::joy::sweat_smile::laughing:


I asked this question the other day with no response. So I will ask again. Can anyone “confirm” that we have “boots on the ground” in Chile, and negotiations ARE happening now. This is still Medinahland and ANYTHING can happen. And yes, I am nervous like everyone else. Thanks…



No need to be nervous. Should be excited, if not outright jubilant as things are finalized and we take a giant step forward to success.


That appears to be correct. :relaxed:


Nice to see you back Mike:slight_smile:


Do you think we will get news this week?or next .


Well that didn’t last very long.:cry:


The CDCH shareholders meeting will be next Monday. How long do you think Medinah and Cerro shareholders will be left in the dark. I would hope the CDCH has some good news to pass around. I have shares in both companies.


But then it turns around and support is there again. :grinning:


This could be a one heck of a roller coaster ride coming up. :scream:


That is for darn sure.