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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion


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Whiplash… now at 0.0004. That must have put a snap in your neck. :slight_smile:


How many shareholders are planning on going?
Looks like it is being held at a rather small venue.


OK OK I said the roller coaster was coming. We are on the slow climb up right now.:slight_smile:


I think we just went down the big hill…somehow the drop was not too thrilling




Buys- 309,000
Sells-1,195,210-all but a few were sold at the bid.


Sometimes I think the MMs monitor the news on this stock and this forum and EVERY time something good happens they drive the price down. Just memory and my gut.


Great BID support today as we get closer to this deal finally getting wrapped up


Is anybody buying this week??? I am thinking about it…


I picked up 164,000 today - looking to purchase another 100,000 + tomorrow.


Hit the ASK .0142 I’m tired of looking at it


Offered .0139 x 175k getting all but 11k at my price for the day. Will try my luck again tomorrow. Good trading to you!


Congratulations recent and long time shareholders alike! More to come . . .


. . . and this from AURYN’s parent company, Masglas!

Masglas.pdf (562.9 KB)

It’s two pages clipped from the most recent issue of

It speaks about Masglas’s mining software and some of their projects, including the Altos de Lipangue.

By the way, this week just happened to be Expomin 2016.

Those of you who saw the picture of Gary Goodin and some AURYN people that LP emailed to a couple of shareholders . . . that’s where they were.

“Expomin is considered the second most important expo in world mining and the most important in Latin America. Since 1990, up to the 2008 version, its area has grown 60%, involving more than 1100 suppliers which bring more than 50,000 professional visitors, establishing a wide network of technical and commercial contacts.”

Lastly, I find it quite humorous that I chose Gandalf for my avatar, Wizard for my user name, and our first producing mine is going to be named Merlin. :nerd:


Kaboom?!!! :blush:


Maybe “SHAZZAM!” To start, for the Merlin…:dizzy::sparkles:
Thanks for breaking the first reports, Wiz!


At this point I think we can be assured of the ADL being put into production and MDMN shareholders participating in a 25% equity interest from its success.

What do you think of cleaning up The Mining Play discussion forum a bit and opening it up to the public? If that’s done all the posts will be visible to search engines and anyone can read them without an account.

Make it public?

  • Yes
  • No

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Open to public but monitored
Better not let my wife get on until the price is up. Lol
Wizard, was the deal signed and notarized yesterday to your knowledge?


Yes - moderated.
Yes - according to my knowledge.


Using Bing to translate… (my bolding of print)

MASGLAS America Corp., is a Chilean company dedicated to business and services in the mining industry, focused on the acquisition, exploration, and funding projects mimeros.

Recently innovating in the field of management information and the Middle ambiental-legal management in Chile. Through the acquisition and representation of SIGAL (Ambiental-Legal management system) software, which is marketed through the company SIGAL Chile. This software was developed in Peru and is used by the large mining companies since 2006.

In the branch of mining businesses, MASGLAS is betting on growth of mineral exploration in Chile, with a different strategy and more according to the current context of the market, capitalizing directly from its founding partners, and through a policy of management of resources in a more efficient manner. MASGLAS has a multidisciplinary team of frontline professionals, with extensive experience in the mining industry, in areas such as environmental law, logistics, economic geology, mining engineer, technology information, administration and finance.

The company currently controls more than 45,000 acres of mining property in 12 projects, focusing mainly on gold, copper and molybdenum, positioned along Chile, being MASGLAS driver in all of them, and in some, its sole shareholder.

The most advanced project is located in the Santiago area, and after several years of work and effort, it has managed to consolidate a block of more than 10,000 hectares of mining, under the so-called project property Altos de Lipangue, controlled by a company of the MASGLAS, called the AURYN Mining Chile group SpA.

Lipangue high has shown huge potential for mining exploration, and in parallel the opportunity to carry out mining small-scale vein of high-grade gold content. At the same time, AURYN is contemplating an aggressive drilling program, blank a porphyry copper with geological features and similar age to other tanks of the same Strip Metalogenica as Llahuin and Andacollo.

At the same time, MASGLAS is moving forward in the exploration of 9 mining projects, recently acquired from First Quantum Minerals Chile.

As for the coming future, the company is optimistic of an improvement in the prices of raw materials from 2018, where will emerge the need to bring to market new projects economically viable resources being exploited in able time.

MASGLAS is true to its ethical principles, acting with determination and perseverance which, undoubtedly, will lead them to success.