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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion

Good Morning, Miguel. I believe the entire minerals sector is down by some 80% or more over the last couple of years. Yes, stocks like MUX and others are way down, and it appears it’s an EXCELLENT time to buy, which is what I have been doing lately with MDMN (not throwing all my dry powder into it). But, you seem to be unwittingly making my case: Given that mineral stocks are so low, why on earth would Auryn more or less equate their obligation to pay a “minimum” of $100 Million to MDMN in exchange for a 10% equity interest in and to Auryn? The fact that the minerals sector is low makes it even a BETTER case for my argument. People on this board allegedly smarter than this mere layman will argue that the $100 Million obligation enunciated in the prior Agreement was merely gratuitous, despite the fact that the parties had attorney scriveners. One hires counsel at $500-600 per hour to just throw in the kitchen sink? I don’t think so. Words do have meaning, as even the Wizard will now agree. With these observations in mind, one can make a reasonable case that the parties involved believe the ADL is something HISTORIC. Indeed, we have seen have seen a map of the nearby Chiquicimanta mine (the largest copper mine in the world) superimposed on the ADL projected mineralization - and it appears to me that the ADL is 3-4 rimes larger. If you’re more comfortable with the “cry all the way to the bank” routine, that’s fine by me (and you may end up doing a better job at preserving your own sanity - haha!) - but I choose to try to approach this (and other) investments with more of a positive outlook, taking obvious facts and trying to make sense out of them.

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hate to disrupt the impressively persistent and yet quite meaningless bickering, but something to consider, has potentially quite a bit of long term importance. Potentially it could ultimately change the way stock ownership is recorded and end the existing tension between “certs” and “in street name”:


With the Fed not raising rates (not that I was expecting them) and most likely for the rest of the year gold will perform very well and next year even better. We have a 25% of a company that is ready to start production, what does this tell you? The stock is trading at a ridiculous price we should be trading at the minimum of .07. I can’t wait to see what Auryn is valued at after the contract I think we will be pleasantly surprised.

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AMC valued at a billion bucks? I’d wager that even Doc couldn’t muster a hyperbolic scenario to support that current valuation.

Bubbles, your rambling and often incoherent posts are becoming increasingly reminiscent of a past contributor to these boards. (He) shared your blind enthusiasm for all things Medinah but managed to self-implode from an overdose of Lespeak and a deficit of common sense. To his credit, he fixed refrigerators. As a supposed CPA, you really don’t have any reasonable excuse for your wild assumptions.

There’s a possibility, after 10’s of thousands of meters drilled for AMC to ultimately attain a billion + valuation. If this wasn’t the case it wouldn’t make much sense to be invested here. However, we are trading at under 2 cents for a reason and, as a helpful hint, I wouldn’t defer to “” to explain why.


You shouldn’t denigrate the character of people who fix refrigerators - plenty of them have more humility and mental prowess than a pretender like you. Watching Jim Cramer every morning to get language queues may impress a few uninformed posters around here, but I’m not one of them.

[quote=“Baldy, post:135, topic:1213”]
There’s a possibility, after 10’s of thousands of meters drilled for AMC to ultimately attain a billion + valuation. If this wasn’t the case it wouldn’t make much sense to be invested here.

Oh, now you’re banking on “hope” to get you to the promised land? I thought “hope” wasn’t on your list of sanctioned investment decision-making theories. Didn’t you chide ME for having the audacity to “hope”? I’m no fan of Obama, but I would never invest in a company that I didn’t hope did well. Again, you’re getting very mental on me, and I just don’t have the expertise.


And who are you???

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Wiz was kind enough to accomodate my request to start a new topic for discussing other stocks, maybe a new topic called “Flame Throwers” could be started where folks can go and throw insults at each other.

Yes, I have thrown a few myself over the past months, but this is getting out of hand.


I am a 9 year investor in MDMN. I’ve been through the wringer a time or two here, listening to both the bashers and unabashed PUMPERS (you know who they are), and then the Bubbles type, pumping mercilessly using obviously incorrect assumptions and using passive aggressive language as a shield when their fictional statements are blown up by real world examples and published company statements ($50 pps, scaling $100mil, auxiliary contracts, the list goes on and on). I have learned to sniff out the BS and call it when I see it… And who are YOU?


Or some “Time Outs” could be given until we have an opportunity to read both Auryn’s and Medinah’s updates concerning the newly signed contract, once published.

We just had a poll offered suggesting this forum be opened to the public. If the contract updates are to be of the quality and content that caused new eyes to explore the web to find out more information on what should be a new future for Medinah, I don’t think I would want someone coming here for first impression’s.


There comes a time when adults should act like adults. This isn’t the place to throw mud at each other or the time.


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For the common observer, Bubba and Baldy are not speaking the same language.

I hope I do well. I hope the mountain has the goods. I hope I make a lot of money. Want to know what hope gets you in the market? It gets you crucified and taken for a ride for twenty years by people who are telling you everything is rosy, rosy, rosy.

The proper investment discipline would have been risk assessment and due diligence.

  • What are the odds of it being a really nice property on the surface but uneconomical when you try to produce it?

  • What are the odds of it becoming an environmentally protected area making permitting nearly impossible?

  • What are the odds you’re in earthquake city and your mine gets shutdown for 4 years?

  • What are the odds the country you are in has a coup and nationalizes all the mines?

  • Whose names are on the titles and are they clean?

  • Are the financials transparent?

  • What are the financial capabilities and track record of the people running the show?

  • What is my personal financial situation and how much capital can I deploy into this investment?

  • Given all the above, what type of return should I require given the risks and alternative investment opportunities?

You could add any number of questions to that list.

l won’t assume that you all were as naive as me. But I got in this with a penny stock investor mentality. It’s cheap. It sounds like they’ve got a good deal. I’m a gambler. I trust the person who told me about it. I can buy a good number of shares and make a big score quickly.

The reason stinky pinkies exist is because there are people who prey on the ones who invest according to the penny stock mentality.

I know others disagree, and I may be wrong, but this is my opinion about MDMN. Medinah was a stinky pinky from the start. JJ had a good property and unbelievable dreams and no idea how to explore and develop it. He also had little business sense. LP and ID were standard Vancouver paper pushers from that period in the markets. The three of them hooked up and MDMN became a public company. It really didn’t matter if the project was good or not. Back then you just needed property and a promoter.

I don’t think any of them knew how to build a real mining company. Thank God for the ADL being what it is. Otherwise all of us old-timers would have been sunk! Thank God for GC financially backing this and not letting it go belly-up. Thank God that LP realized that with the ADL he actually had a tiger by the tail and didn’t let JJ take the property and go home. Thank God for AMC coming along and actually doing the work and demonstrating value and rescuing MDMN from oblivion, 3B outstanding, and partner D,E,F, and G.

My $0.02 for the day. :wink: Peace.


Wish all us long time MDMN shareholders had this prescient advice years ago:


Gold up to 1265

Mux making another nice move up .15 so far

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These are the words of a person who has this situation in proper perspective. What does one expect when he buys a penny stock? Best thing to do is encourage management to continue on a positive path. Bashing will get none of us anywhere.


I couldn’t agree more. The last thing this investment needs is public access to some of the outlandish commentary on this board. Penny stock mentality translates into a stock trading in the pennies. There has been some very useful work offered on the geology side of this investment but, when it comes to valuation projections, “” market maker blame games, and reinterpretations of otherwise clear news releases coming out of AMC, any outside investor will instantly be turned off by a seemingly uninformed shareholder base.

I’d suggest we wait until after receiving a steady stream of releases from AMC before making this board “public.” It also might make sense to wait until we have a respectable BOD in place with a company that is current/accurate on it’s financials, etc. All of the above should be accomplished following the shareholder meeting.


I’m NOT a mini BE. I’m a 74 yr. old investor in MDMN you sits here and reads the BS on this forum, and try’s not to insult anyone and everyone.

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Here comes some buying…Trading over .016…Good follow up day after yesterday’s gains. Let’s just hope the MM’s do not walk it back down, although it seems like we have some decent bid support at the moment…

Brazil resources and first mining finance are both OTC stocks… So is Nesle. There are plenty of OTC stocks that choose to report accurately, regularly and reputably. I’ve seen a couple of others mentioned by @Baldy but I don’t recall the names

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Does anyone know if management is still in Chile? I know it states 23-30