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MDMN - 2016-04-25 Weekly Discussion

I believe the “Wizard” just provided advice and it wasn’t directed at me…I have no doubt that if Les sent out an email telling people you were my half sister you’d be the first to ask why you weren’t invited to our family Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll be sure to reserve a chair for you at the table. You’d be a hit with Uncle Klyde.


It was once posted on Theminingplay that s Scottrade manager has a huge short position on Medina, and was determined to put Medina out of business. Was that posting even possibly true, and could that have any bearing on the current SP problems???


Not really. If it doesn’t get resolved today, Les will likely be the custodian of those shares for a long time.

Thanks Mike…If you had to guess, would you say it was strictly price, or how many shares he wants to give up. Or perhaps a combination of both. Once again, if he says no, I assume he just thinks in the long run, he will do better by retaining the shares. It has never been clarified whether him giving up most of his shares, was really in our best interest. For all we know, Auryn may still want to buy shares on the open market. As always, who knows…

Just Juan’s pride.

Well, any time you’d like to reply substantively I’ll entertain your arguments - until then, name-calling will earn you no respect from me. Tell me, do YOU think a 10 percent interest in AMC is worth more or less than $100 Million. BE won’t answer, so maybe you can help him out.

Oh, I get it, you’re a believer in an “efficient” market where the share price ALWAYS reflects the true FMV of a stock. You’re of course entitled to your opinion. At very least, I would say that EVERY person at the negotiating table disagrees with you, as a “minimum” of $100 Million (in the first contract with Auryn) was traded for a 10% interest in AMC (more or less). That being said, we don’t know the rest of the story, but at very least we’re acknowledging that it exists.

Frankly, I would quit bitching about everything and be thankfull someone with some real money and mining expertise is involved. Take it from me, funding for mining projects is near impossible and to find a sugar daddy is worth its weight in gold.

Obviously this did not turn out as expected, most things don’t. But as I stated before, Medinah was going no where with exception of a ballooning o/s and continuation of operation claim swap.

Looking forward to the future.

A broke miner that has not been able to raise capital to mine


Someone needs a hug

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It was a good day today…Where is the love??? Anybody buy today???

I wish. The wife said no no no. haha

Listen to your wife ,they’re smarter than us. I dare say , if a number of us had listened to our wives here, we’d have been in alittle better shape than we currently find ourselves


Well said! This company was lost and revived several times after JJ almost destroyed it!

It’s only pure luck that we still have a potential chance to make any money at all, sometime in the future.

Caveat, i am a devout Catholic, but I am sure in any religion, there is a passage about “i was lost and then I was found”. Moving forward, positive thoughts.


Yes, there’s another board devoted to despair for those who would choose to lament.:wink:


Trust me, if I’d had anything whatsoever to do with it, YOU would still be on vacation form this board. I would have very carefully and objectively weighed the substantive value of your posts (2,000 different ways to say “management is incompetent”) versus all the drama you cause with your insults toward other posters, including brecciaboy, hulkster, rayfer, and others, along with your prior admission that you want a TO now no matter the damage to other shareholders. The fact that you have been wrong so often wouldn’t have helped. I mean really, just today you presented a list of accusations you said were facts - and yet not one of them is. In the end, you can engage me all you want, and if it gives you some kind of catharsis then great, but I don’t think I’m really the kind of professional you need.

As to your identity, I couldn’t care less, as I am really more focused on enjoying an intelligent discussion form the other posters. I might add that if I was satisfied that all sides of this investment were being thoroughly presented and discussed, I can promise you there would be no mrbubba for you to talk to.


with fear of waxing poetic, with a johnnie black on the rocks in my hand, a paraphase from a ginny movie, Princess Diaries,

“The only one that can make you feel inferior, is yourself”

Have a nice weekend.


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IMHO, I feel the MMs have been pulling done the price for many months. I think there is a short position on the stock and also a large amount of air shares. I think they’re trying to keep the share price down so they do not have to cover. Watching level 2 and seeing so many sells at the bid makes me believe this.


ABSOLUTELY what’s happening.


If I may I’ll answer this question with a question- is AURYN worth almost twice MUX in market cap? If you believe this to be so then I guess 10% is worth $100 Million. Don’t get me wrong, I would love this to be the case- we would be trading at 15-20c