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MDMN - 2016-05-16 Weekly Discussion


Anyone familiar with the quality of the courses and presentation on ?


Pretty sure that Medinah must be just about the only gold stock in the World that hasn’t gone up recently! :slight_smile:

Very ironic as few, if any, junior miners have a 25+% stake in a likely high quality World Class Gold/Copper Deposit near existing infrastructure. And even better, it appears that there will be basically 0% further dilution of Medinah and Auryn to get us into production on multiple mines at the Alto. In factor, for Medinah it is quite likely that share count will be going down via cancelled shares/debt or even via share buybacks.


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Thanks Mike. That is a huge relief. Can you please confirm who you have spoken to regarding resolution of the preferreds? Can you also explain how the recently announced new round of preferreds won’t be leading to further dilution? Per usual, the market isn’t as knowledgeable nor confident as you. Any confirmation on your claims of reduced shares, let alone no further dilution would be very helpful for the share price. I’m hoping these assumptions are coming from a NEW line of communication you have developed. Otherwise, no need for a response.


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Remaining invested here does not mean someone is content but rather that they understand there is nothing that can reasonably be done currently to address your concerns. It’s not call contentment, it’s called acceptance.

Could the inexplicable selling be because some who see this investment as negatively as you are simply demonstrating how they are truer to their concerns by selling here and moving into other stocks?

Of course as you see the selling you also have to acknowledge that each of those shares being sold is being purchased by someone, either new to Medinah or an ongoing shareholder, who believes Medinah is a better play to buy rather than sell.


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Just going by the previous news release which suggests they are taking on a similar route that Cerro followed. Based on Medinah’s history, it isn’t a stretch to guess that they will find shares that should not have been issued. Future production revenue should keep dilution to a minimum as well.


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First let’s address, “we have proven there are 1.345 B shares holding”.

If I recall correctly I believe many of the 1.345 B shares you are referring to were tallied using a combination of real numbers, unofficially reported numbers, and millions of assumed numbers. Those numbers were compiled primarily to determine if their was a short position and, if so, arrive at a best guess as to how large it might be.

You can take from those numbers and assume that some of the shareholders have purchased them to hold for the duration, others only until they hit their distant profit point, and some to do as they have always done and flip at every opportunity for any profit.

What you can not do with those numbers is to assume that they all are all holding until this plays out and then declare your assumption as proven.

Proven Mathematics. (to verify the correctness or validity of by mathematical demonstration or arithmetical proof.)

Of those who were added in the count to make up the 1.345 B I believe Masglas, Auryn and friends, and Medinah’s old BOD were included. I do recall a number of posters here have suggested in the past that each of them were selling. I don’t recall if you were one of those who made that suggestion. Have you ever been one of those? What ever your answer, if they are selling their not holding. Personally, I believe it is possible that the BOD “might” have sold some after the count was made but I certainly don’t know that as a fact.

To the point of the original census that was used to determine if there was a short position and if there were how large it might be, I agree that it did support a good argument that there is a large short position. But even then the term “large” is easily disputed when being defined. (stay on track here) To one shareholder it might be 200M and to another it might need to be 1 B short before it meets that persons definition of large. I will simply assume that it is large enough that if not covered before production and dividends start coming our way then it will result in an increase in share price larger than would have occurred without it.

I’ll suggest you missed my point. You stated, "some can sit here content about millions of shares continuously arriving at the ASK ". I disagree with you that shareholders are content or satisfied with the current situation. They are not. Accepting a fact does not mean you are content with it, you are just accepting the fact that you can’t do anything about it at this time. While many here understand this, we also understand and accept the fact that with time and dividends the situation will be remedied and in a positive way. As long as you can accept this as an eventual positive then your trip will not be nearly as negative as the trip some who continue to dwell on or conjure up the negative will force themselves, and some others, to endure.


I’m hoping that soon after production starts the Company comes out with an announcement something like this:

“The Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interest of the Company and its stockholders to reduce the number of authorized shares of common stock and preferred stock as described herein because, in its business judgment, the reduced number of authorized shares will still provide adequate flexibility to the Company in engaging in future transactions. The Company anticipates little need for additional capital which might require the issuance of common stock or preferred stock. This action demonstrates to the investing public that the capital structure of the Company will be contained within judicious limits.”


Gosh…The ask is getting hammered with no uptick in price…Frustrating…


Fair enough and, FWIW. I believe there would be a reduction of shares at the expense of your buddy Les amongst others if a proper audit was advanced. I have no doubt this consideration is on the table. However, while we wait, the preferreds are growing (per the financials) so assuming dilution is no longer a factor is analogous to assuming out previous BOD had a mining plan. Dangerous assumptions until we are provided empirical evidence to he contrary. IMO


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what are you talking about?

Great close for precious metals…fwiw…hopefully many people here have some other exposure to the space while we wait for this to play out. It will happen but a lot of patience will be required (even with Wiz tweeting and posting on FB).


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A month ago I had made a post that contained a chart comparing a few stocks to the Silver ETF (SIL) … I hope some of us took a look and used it to gain some exposure. For those that may not have seen it:

Many of the above companies have had very nice gains.


Have you done any computations on how this may influence our $.10/$.20 TO?


Actually, if you look at todays trades we did result in an uptick of pressure on both the bid and the ask. A few days ago there was some distance between the bid and the ask. Now the push up has closed that distance. I know it’s not as much as we might like to see but hopefully this support is the start for moving in that upward direction.


And past incompetent Management… The legacy lives on until AMC can break the trends of the past …plain and simple!! The POG may counter the share dilution, only way out other than outstanding shares.