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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 2nd Quarter General Discussion

They’re building something BIG here!


I sense the sarcasm. I think its important at the moment to separate Auryns big plans from the frustration we are all experiencing about the inevitable share conversion. Auryn has done their part to distribute the shares to Medinah.

In regards to the question, why Medinah still has not gotten our shares converted?, there must be a reason. There also must be a reason they haven’t shared that yet with us. I am just as frustrated as the next shareholder as to the time this has taken. I’m assuming its regulatory in nature or having something to do with the judgment against LP. Clearing this hurdle will be big for us.


First, they have give Les his cut, then they’ll get around to the rest of us. Sadly, I’m only half kidding.


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It’s completely regulatory. Also, it’s an allocation, not a distribution. Those two words have different legal meanings from what I’m told.


Also if they are doing things right, it is more than a distribution or allocation it will be dissolution of MDMN. In order for that to happen they need to clear the books of all assets that are non AUMC and also all liabilities and other outstanding items like the shares still owed to MDMN by Les Price. Then MDMN will disappear hopefully for good. I am hoping they will accomplish their goal by the end of Q3.

" Medinah owns 9,950,000 shares of American Sierra Golf Corp (AMNP) . ). Through a settlement with Leslie Price, Medinah will own an additional 1,700,000 of AMNP and 195,500 of AUMC which are expected to be converted to Medinah’s name in Q2 2019."


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I own shares of AMNP. Do you know happens to the shares I own in Cert form?

No I do not know what will happen with AMNP shares

I have $13,000 in Medinah and try to follow what is going on…or not. Without complete knowledge…if Les Price screwed us…why isn’t he in jail. Also…what roll does the SEC play in this debacle? We shareholders should legally be able to get straight answers and information about resolution of this situation…from the SEC or who?


Why Les hasn’t been charged with major felonies is beyond me. He filed false financial statements. Stole shares and sold them. Blows my mind and infuriates me.


Another good day to average down. I am still waiting for .0015 to purchase more shares. Maybe this week…

Even with 1.8 million on the ASK @ .0018 Nobody wants to touch this crap. Free shares anyone

Still they can’t get the shares unrestricted? An update on what’s happening would be nice since our last one was in April.


Would anyone be willing to admit that they would purchase more shares if the price goes down to .0001?

Gold is taking off
Hope we get a piece of the action here


I would purchase all of them at that price.

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and flip them at .0002 not a bad trade

I wouldn’t flip them at $0.0002. I would hold them and own over 20% of AUMC after the conversion. I still expect a return here and that would be an easy 50-100x.


Nope. I’m done. Still have my shares, not interested in putting any money into it unless and until AUMC shows me something. Right now the silence is welcome, but in some ways more disheartening because we really have no idea whats going. Until MDMN an ugly footnote in our past, and we have been waiting a long time with no info, I will not consider AUMC as having honoring what they told us they would do. Fool me once…


You would purchase them all at .0001. But you will not touch it at just under .0002, with a possible return of 50-100x. Why is that?

You cannot buy @ .0002. The current ask is .002.