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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 2nd Quarter General Discussion


From George :

“if you were to buy shares would you buy MDMN right now or AUMC?”

George, you basically can’t buy AUMC shares now.

The most shares traded in any day for the last 3 months is 4,933 and that was at $0.055, so $250 worth. At the higher prices ~$0.50+, usually less than 1000 shares.

I think the question(s) should be:

When the AUMC shares are received, how many people will want to get out, since there will all of a sudden be and extra 16 Million free-trading shares ?

Also, should the AUMC shares be valued at the MDMN price, (or visa versa) ?

There are very few AUMC shares that are free-trading now, so AUMC’s price might be exaggerated



The time would be now to buy. The time wasn’t when Les ans JJ were steering the ship and misleading. It wouldn’t take a whole lot to quickly double or triple your money on mdmn at. 0016.


How can the ask be lower than the bid on AUMC? Shady
Either decimal moved or I had too much fireball last night
Need it watching mdmn


Yeah for us! AUMC closed at .06, down .55 on 50 shares traded. 90% drop :rofl: A whopping $3 trade. The commission to do it cost more! :rofl: Let’s see if it makes any largest percentages losers list for the day!:rofl:


Ok, I give. Seriously, how/why do these silly little trades happen? Is it an automated trade or some strange agents sitting at their home computers in their underwear getting their rocks off? I really don’t care, but I’m curious. Anyone?



I disagree. I think it the conversion ever happens, our AUMC shares will not be worth much more than they are now. Perhaps six months after the conversion they might be, if you decide to remain invested. And considering that you can presently buy as many shares as you like for .002 or less, it seems like everyone else is also in agreement. Otherwise, you would be seeing some buying instead of next to zero volume…


I think the conversion, promotion and results will lead to multiple times higher value.

I think alot of the apprehension is due to the if/when surrounding the conversion.

Once converted, you may get some current investors fleeing at the first sight of volume but I think that would be unwise. As I stated previously, market cap and promotion will be a priority for Auryn. It makes zero sense to be public and it not be a priority. The conversion is a monumental step imo.

To my understanding a higher stock exchange is still in the plans. They are building something big here, not small potatoes.


Most of the PM miners are moving cautiously, slowly with PM prices held as low as they are. Few are advancing rapidly. If you can’t write this off as a tax loss, might as well wait and see if AUMC can move some deposits to production before deciding to hastily move on after shares are converted and free trading, IMO


If that is the case why aren’t you and everyone else gobbling up shares like crazy? Especially at these all time lows…


I bought up a bunch under. 0026


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I support a cash call if needed.


Yeah, I definitely need a support group :astonished:


Were you lucky enough to gobble up any shares today under .002 today with the high volume? I have my buy orders in at .0015. Just one good dump and it should get filled…


I just took one. Sorry, but that was a softball.


April 2019 – Shareholder Notification

Can someone please explain the first part of this release where they completed the distribution of its AUMC shares to its shareholders. Thanks…
Apr 3, 2019

AURYN Mining Corporation (OTCMARKETS: AUMC) is pleased to report the following to its shareholders:

  • AURYN Mining Chile, SpA, recently completed the distribution of its AUMC shares to its shareholders.
  • Hochschild Mining has informed us that it is starting phase 1 for 2019 during the first week of April. This phase includes an IP program.
  • We have completed the draining of the tunnels on the Fortuna project and are in the process of removing the mud and securing the tunnels to make them accessible. Once this is complete a systematic sampling of the tunnels will begin.

We will continue to inform our shareholders in a timely manner as further results are accomplished on the Fortuna, Caren, and LDM projects.


AUMC has given shares to MDMN, you haven’t seen your shares yet because MDMN has not distributed collected shares to it’s shareholders


Soon hopefully…on to the next chapter!


These guys are really taking their sweet time.