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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 2nd Quarter General Discussion


greenfield project in Chile


Yesterday I finished reading the book “33 Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners.” In the year 2010 they spent 17 days down there in the dark, until finally a drill operated by rescuers at the surface, half a mile above them, broke through to the tunnel the 33 miners were sheltered in. They had survived on a starvation diet of canned food from a safety stash, and tainted water. By the time of the breakthrough they were down to, I think, one bite of food every three days. The only information they had was that after a week or so they could hear (actually they mostly felt the vibrations of) drills coming their way. Soon they had clean clothes and fresh water and food (and no longer had thoughts about who they might eat first), but it took another two months for the larger escape shaft to be drilled out, until at long long last they were all free again, on the surface, grateful for life. For sixty-nine days they had experienced constant temperatures of 90 degrees with 95 percent humidity. I had to laugh a bit, comparing the very vague but very noticeable similarities in their plight and the plight of the typical long-suffering MDMN investor.

— madmen


Agreed…This has been worse than waterboarding. At least the miners got saved. We are still endlessly waiting for our rescue, which at this point may never happen. We are on life support…


I’m leading a government session in mining if anyone is interested in attending. :slight_smile:

It’s just a different kind of mining. Knowledge mining.


Wizard: If you don’t mind and if you’re comfortable, I’m sure all of us would like to know, In very basic terms, what are your current thoughts and realistic expectations for this investment of ours? Thanks,


In short . . .

  • Hochschild will start drilling in the LDM in the coming months.
  • Medinah will figure out a way to allocate their AUMC shares to current MDMN shareholders

Other than that, I don’t have a lot of expectations since value will be determined by drill results.


Fair enough, thanks,


My first hope is that they do not do a stock dividend of restricted AUMC shares to MDMN shareholders. We all know what a disaster that would be for shareholders of MDMN. My second hope is that they get the restriction lifted for all shareholders of AUMC shares. My third wish is that they do a simply exchange of MDMN shares for AUMC shares in conjunction with MDMN cleaning it books and fading away into the sunset. That would include probably getting rid of shares in AMNP as well as getting Les to deliver on his settlement. I am looking forward to that day. .


A restricted stock dividend to MDMN shareholders would not meet the goal of treating ALL shareholders fairly. AURYN holds the vast majority of restricted AUMC shares. The only fully fair method I can foresee is that all shares of AUMC are unrestricted at the same time, trading is voluntarily halted (AUMC/MDMN) in order to order a NOBO list, and then the stock is distributed to individual brokerage accounts before trading resumes. Hopefully, this is what is being worked on and arranged.

This may or may not require all Medinah’s issues on the books to be cleared up, but would functionally leave Medinah essentially a shell.


No big deal here. Just the Attorney Letter in respect to current information. It is the first from this law firm and the first since Q1 of last year. Getting their ducks in a row?


MDMN does show a yield sign on the OTC with a warning message. Sure hope the conversion is close to where we never have to see that name and symbol again.


Anyone else having trouble getting on Auryn website?


Very powerful attorney, I guess, with a gmail address for his company.


Pulled some History on the new attorney


Also, address appears to be a UPS mail drop.
Where does the company find these people and why do they not do a google search before they hire them?


You, of course, are assuming that they didn’t find exactly the kind of person they were looking for.


they were looking for inexpensive.


Not trying to justify anything, but looks like the complaint didn’t specifically name her as a person subject to any remedy from the SEC. Looks like she acted as paymaster for her father who committed the violations.

She is registered to practice law in Ohio. She was only admitted as an attorney in 2007. Attorney Search.pdf (99.4 KB) Ohio supreme court doesn’t allow you to search any disciplinary proceedings against an attorney, so I can’t tell if she has ever been subject to ethical violations.

Interestingly, her registered address doesn’t match her address on the letterhead. Not unusual if an attorney moved offices, but something to note.

Now, as to why or how Auryn found an attorney only practicing for 12 years to do their SEC certification? I do not have an answer. Many attorneys use gmail, I do, but even though I am a small operation, even I have my own domain name registered. Plus she doesn’t even have a website, I do Not saying Im going to be appointed to the Supreme Court tomorrow, but this person is the best Auryn has to offer? Hmmm.


Auryn Chile Spa has some recent mining claim action in Chile. They received some sort of exploratory judgement in their favor on 7 new claim blocks that were first requested back in 2018. I don’t know if this is a routine matter or not or otherwise know the significance of this. It is located in a section of the mining journal that I’m not familiar with.

I haven’t gone through and translated it all or looked to see exactly where they are located although I suspect they are the Western side of the Alto based on the name of the province that they are located in. Perhaps these are some of the Les Price disputed mining claims? Don’t know.

Scroll down on this link to see all the information:

Here is a translation of one of the claim block notices to give you the general idea:

By constitutional judgment issued on January 28, 2019, case file No. V-55-2018 of the
Casablanca Court of Law, the exploration mining concession was declared
denominated “BUEY DE TIERRA 1”, with an area of ​​200 hectares, in favor of AURYN
MINING CHILE SpA., A Chilean company involved in the development of mining projects,
represented and requested by Mr. Maurizio Augusto Córdova Ledesma, Chilean, married,
businessman, both with domicile for these effects in Avda. San Francisco de Asís N ° 150,
Office 229, Commune of Vitacura, Santiago. The petition was filed on April 5, 2018 and
he signed up for fs. 80 row No. 54 of the Registry of Discoveries of the Conservator de Minas de Casablanca, corresponding to the year 2018. The coordinates U.T.M. from the midpoint and the vertices of the perimeter configuration of the concession are


Ask looks thin. Not many shares for sale Bid .0022 Ask .0031