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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 2nd Quarter General Discussion


Excellent sleuthing Mike. Let’s hope (assume) some positive and rewarding developments come from it for shareholders.


Thanks! Looking at the coordinates and the government claims map, they are basically located surrounding the LDM and the area between the LDM and the Caren.(JV area.)They appear to be associated with the Hochschild mining joint venture. Perhaps now with the approval, things will move forward more quickly?? My guess, they create these overlapping claims so that if there is a buyout, they pull the old claims once the new claims have been registered to Hoschschild so that there is no period of time when there is no owner? Might be as simple as that and perhaps also to fill in any small areas just outside of the current mining claims. See attached. The area in the center that is green is the new claims.



Those claims look large?


Thanks MG!

Nice to see a little volume today


Do we know who these claims belonged to?


The owner on those new claims is listed as Auryn Mining Chile SPA.


It makes sense that AURYN would be the one applying for exploratory rights for the mining.


AURYN Mining Chile SPA is 100% owned by AURYN Mining Corp. AUMC.


Auryn website still down.


I have not been able to get in to the website for several days.


Just checked with MC / Webhost - server is being restored now.


Auryn site back up no changes. Darn!


Interesting article on mining joint ventures:


I hope all you momma’s, grandma’s, mother’s that have accepted other’s babies a very Happy Mother’s Day and hope in the near future Medinah helps to meet your needs.


Huge spread on Aumc .05-.74


Could we be getting closer to the restriction being lifted?


Did AUMC just go down to .05 cents…if so you can 14 times your money on the spread if you want to risk it…never no it could go down to a penny like mdmn. I sure hope not


It closed at .055 on 5000 traded


There is no real trading on AUMC . Most of the .05 transactions were for less than 100 shares and many were for less 10 shares. The biggest transaction was for 1,598 shares at .055 or a total of $88.00. A few 100 share transactions at .70. So no rhythm or reason to the trading. Until there is more than 5% trading float in the stock the trading in AUMC is rather meaningless.


But pre-consolidation it was 159,800 shares ! That’s more than a lot of us originally held !

Scary, but if you use the conversion factor, 0.005688 Auryn shares per Medinah share, that’s $0.000285 price for MDMN shares !!!