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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 2nd Quarter General Discussion


Auryn Finanicals:


Looks like they increased the shares authorized from 70 to 100 million but still at 70 million outstanding. The JV continues. They have enough money in the bank to buy a large pizza! They included a more detailed share ownership breakdown than normal. Doesn’t seem to be much else.


Who is Amparo Quijano Claro again? 23% owner…?


Wife of Maurizio, daughter of Sr. Quijano.


i find it fascinating that a Quijano is still a major owner. Wonder what the old man is doing now…


Where do you see JJQF owning anything?


Word has it that JJ and son in law were on very bad terms.


Right now you can get 2k for every million shares you own. Does anyone think that selling at this point would be the prudent thing to do? Does everyone think that we will see our investment increase in value after the conversion? If so, why? Has anyone here cut their loses besides Baldy? Not only are we all getting crushed, but you must also take into consideration what our money would have made, if we had invested elsewhere after all these years. Basically, just double what you have lost…


its all paper losses until you sell. but the day after you sell this turd will launch like a rocket ship! (jk) (?)


Lmao Aumc is up 1133.33%


It was stated by Auryn that Hochschild is starting phase 1 of the IP program 1st week of April. We are coming to the end of May. How long do these programs take?


Would like to see this answered re JJQF ownership or not


I think he’s Out! I don’t see JJ on Auryn holdings report as being an owner of any shares except his daughter who’s married to Córdoba.


Good news . . . but for the fact we haven’t received any type of update in what feels like forever, so difficult to put it into context. Still at the bottom of the hole, looking up.


Hoping/expecting once mdmn shares are converted to free trading aumc shares, that information flow will change drastically for the better.

Medinah is a shit stain on AUMC’s reputation. Its only common sense that Auryn will want its public share price (market cap) to be as high as possible as it continues to negotiate financing and JVs. The only time you welcome undervaluation of your market cap is when you are flush with cash and can execute a share buyback.

Auryn wants to be a medium/major mining company. They will promote their company properly when the time is right. It seems like forever for suffering shareholders, but they have been very methodical in building this monstrous undertaking. The priority of burying the Medinah soap opera before moving forward with promotion cannot be overstated. Doing otherwise would be questionable strategy.


Great post jimmyp! Hope this happens soon for all of us shareholders!


I agree MDMN in the rear view mirror servers AUMC’s best interests and our best interests; however, the lack of communication on even a minimalist level still forces the bad experiences we have all had in the past back to the forefront. Even for those of us who have written off MDMN as a total loss. I don’t think any shareholder would say they are not disgruntled, just a matter of degrees. Even though I do not expect anything from MDMN, would be nice not to still be treated as a mushroom.


This is not really a reply to the post-it is just that I don’t know how to post a new topic.
For those who have been here a long time, the following link is to an articleon Stockwatch. It concerns Jorge Lopehandia who used to go by the handle “lesisathief” about a hundred or so years ago. You can’t read the whole article unless you are a subscriber, unfortunately I am not. Google Jorgito though-very interesting “career”.


if you were to buy shares would you buy MDMN right now or AUMC?


I wouldn’t waste any money on any of them right now.


Pretty embarrassing to see MDMN @ .0015. Still we sit here with our AUMC shares being restricted and no news when this will be lifted.