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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 3rd Quarter General Discussion

next week :rofl:



In case you’re not a long-timer, the joke is that Les would inevitably tell us that good news was coming (and didn’t). (Another famous word here is inevitable.)

He kept quite a few (all?) of us ‘on the line’ by dangling the worm & moving it, or if you prefer; the donkey with the stick and carrot.

LOL :joy::rofl::sob:


I have been in this nightmare for 20 years! I’m just not sure when they are converting our shares. Sounds like nobody has a clue, we are all just hoping it happens someday. LOL


The path to oblivion has been very predictable. Each party that has come to Medinah has the same value proposition: I’ll take a few ounces of flesh (equity) in Medinah in exchange for “services” offered. Whether it be JJ or Les or the scumbag Ulander’esque types, each ounce of flesh has led to a pound of flesh and unimaginable dilution.

The same goes with Auryn and Maurizio, (who I view as a respectable party with good intentions), another pound of flesh, where the deal was extremely dilutive but proponents of the deal had used the same tired excuse of this being our “only option” while the same parties took another pound of flesh.

The net result: what may turn out to be a valuable asset or even a world class deposit is no longer owned by the original CDCH and MDMN equity investors and this is why MDMN and AUMC are some of the very few precious metals stocks not up 100/200/300% over the past couple months.

Anyone who claims they are stuck in this investment needs to understand the concept of hitting the sell button, tax losses, opportunity cost, etc.


Not all “investors” have a tax deductible event to use against gains in other stocks. If IRAs hold MDMN or AUMC these are basically “stocks in the sock drawer”. Some shareholders have realized the high risk and moved shares to ROTH accounts and minimized the tax consequences. The current share values are what they are until Cordova is able to move forward in a way that treats all shareholders equitably at the same time. There definitely has been an opportunity cost to shareholders that is largely unrecoverable. What do you think gave rise to the “other stocks” threads after CDCH morphed into AUMC?

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I cited tax losses as one of three reasons to not be left holding the bag…If you invested $100k in MDMN or CDCH and “can’t sell” because it’s only worth $10k now…this isn’t sensible logic…that same capital in less risky investments, in the same sector, could be worth $30k over the past few months…but yes, if one is sitting on gains and hasn’t taking a loss (for a minimum 30 days) that’s worse than opportunity cost…IMHO

When it comes to investing, trading goals and strategies are individualized. How one chooses to trade largely depends on one’s goals and means, and timing does play an important role. One size and strategy does not fit all. There are quite a few shareholders here that have largely moved on, and put available resources elsewhere while leaving shares in MDMN and AUMC where they are.

I mention the other threads because it was evident PM mining stocks were on the move, and a few have posted on other stocks rather than beating this dead horse. Since you obviously leveraged your tax losses in CDCH and MDMN you did well. Not everyone here was of a mind or means to do so. If you haven’t visited the Other Mining Stocks thread since then, I’ll point to one post in particular from June 22 to emphasize what I have tried to convey.

You are obviously adept at navigating the markets so you probably didn’t see or care to comment on the Other Mining Stocks to my post, or anyone else’s. Time to move on.

AUMC down 57% today. Not looking any better

Well I want all you naysayers to know that Google has some more good news for us.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

medinah minerals

As-it-happens update ⋅ August 29, 2019||
|| Medinah Minerals Inc (MDMN) Chaikin Money Flow in Positive Territory

Avondale Advocate

Medinah Minerals Inc (MDMN) shares are showing bullish signs as the Chaikin Money Flow or CFI is above the zero line. A positive Chaikin Money …|

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And Les has NOT paid for the lives and finances he has destroyed !! But, he should.


To Les.
O Zeus, why is it you have given men clear ways of testing whether gold is counterfeit but, when it comes to men, the body carries no stamp of nature for distinguishing bad from good. ― Euripides


I for one have put Les in the rear view mirror along with JJ and find no valve in rehashing the past. I just hope that will soon be the case for MDMN as well.

Spring is coming in Chile and hopefully that will bring a lot of activity. From what I have been reading, we should soon see a major breakout in Gold Silver as well as Copper. I just hope we have our AUMC shares by then and we can ride the wave.


Regarding AUMC shares, the big question is why don’t we have them yet if mdmn has received them?
If this property is half as good as we’ve been led to believe, it shouldn’t take long to prove up and attract attention the way the markets are going.
If it’s not then we’ve been had but hope Howe was legit.


From what I understand AUMC legal department is trying to determines the best way to distribute the shares and wine down MDMN, in addition to lifting the restriction on the stock.


At most, it seems like that should be an hour-long conversation?


Maybe they should hire another securities attorney if this one is taking this long to get this completed. It shouldn’t take 6 months to get this done.


I mostly agree you either due a dividend which I believe would be a mistake or you do a simple exchange of shares. But I believe the real issues are how to close the books on MDMN. They may be trying to figure out a way they can keep MDMN tax losses and also get Finra approval on the distribution method. When you get Finra involved it can take time. Just hoping they come to a conclusion very soon. Also they may still be waiting for Les to tum over all his shares via the agreement.

In addition to shares in AURYN, Medinah owns 9,950,000 shares of American Sierra Golf Corp (AMNP) and
96,000 shares of Auryn Mining Corporation (AUMC). Through a settlement with Leslie Price, Medinah will
own an additional 1,700,000 of AMNP and 195,500 of AUMC which are expected to be converted to
Medinah’s name in Q2 2019.
Once converted, Medinah will own 11,650,000 shares of AMNP and 291,500 shares of AUM


A simple update telling us what the delay is would be nice.


Good luck with that. Being that most of us are down over 90% of our investment, I think it is time to mentally write this one off. I have. They have not given us any reason to think otherwise…

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Then they should come out and say that then. Where is there duty to keep us updated?
Where is the LDM IP study at that we are waiting for results?
Where is the update on the Fortuna?
Where is the update on the Larissa?
Where is the update on the share restriction?

Mining season is here Gold is up over 1500