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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 3rd Quarter General Discussion

Don’t forget Homeland Security.:open_mouth:


Has anybody looked at google images of the property lately?

tap tap - check one two… is this thing on??

I would be prepared for the worst. We are currently getting hoodwinked once again. Auryn is proving that they could not give a rat’s azz about the shareholders. I guess at this point it does not matter. Baldy has consistently been more accurate about our situation than anyone else…


Na. The worst is behind us.


I know your intentions are good and I wish I could share your optimism. But I suspect the worst is yet to come. .0001 then possibly .0000. I have seen it more times than I care to admit. One thing we can all agree upon is, that we have almost always been wrong about practically everything. And we continue to be to this day, which is now Sept.12th 2019. And those who pointed out in the past what was unpopular but closer to the truth, were eventually exiled from this board. It has been a repugnant and seemingly endless experience we shall never forget…


I met with Maurizio a couple times this week at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek. These meetings were not related to Medinah as he is very active on multiple projects in South America. All I can say is that he is confident that things are moving forward on the project but the pace is not in his control and Hochshild can be painfully slow and cheap in advancing projects. I would also suggest that investors look to the shares of AUMC (not MDMN) for a proper reflection of the valuation of what they own. Even with the recent uptick in prices a C$35M valuation (50cents with 70 million shares) is very rich when compared to other companies that are already in production with defined resources. If one chooses to stay invested in this asset they need to have a very long investment time horizon and have a very strong “gut” feel for the upside of the resource (because there is nothing empirical). But I do believe that Maurizio still believes there is value, over time, to establish an attractive resource. Just don’t be too fixated on news flow. A nice sock drawer is the perfect place for you certs for the time being.


Ok. What’s going on with the other properties that Hochschild is not involved in?? We know they have 5 years

Did you ask MC these questions?


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I just don’t know what everyone here is expecting to happen if and when our shares are converted to AUMC. I remember when we first learned that Les had been stealing from us, and our shares outstanding were doubled to 3 million. At that time we were trading at .015. That is 10 times what we are trading at now. That was the time to get out. We are never going to 10 times our current share price. Not in this lifetime. Anyone who is still here today including myself, has only themselves to blame for being so naive and foolish…

Didn’t ask. My assumption is nothing. He has plenty of other irons in the fire.

Was there not another game in town? Why wouldn’t experienced miners be lining up for all the potential here? Hmmmm …

They line up when the potential is proven!

Another quarter almost finished. Do we hear anything from these guys on the progress from July update or do we go another quarter of silence?

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I am not trying offend anyone or in any way make anyone feel bad. I feel bad enough myself over how I screwed my self over. But I agree with Wizard and Baldy 100%. I feel the worst is over and Maurizio and current management are working for their own best interest (remember they own hundred of millions of MDMN shares) and our interest just happen to align with their interests. Lucky for us! As of now, however, your investment is lost and worthless. I feel complaining about it, stressing over it, demanding more info on it does nothing but damage your self esteem and make you feel depressed. Just let it go and forget about it. Move on to other investments, projects, etc. Keep the information stream flowing as we can get it, but let it go. If you can’t, then sell. Don’t worry about the sock drawer, lock them in a safe and bury the safe in a deep hole, then cap the hole with concrete. IMO, I do not expect to see any action with AUMC for at least 10 years. If you can’t handle this type of time frame, sell. Those of us still standing will share the info we find and wait. Period.

There are so many other constructive things you can do then worry about why hasn’t AUMC updated us. For example, I am racing in the SCCA National Time Trials at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green KY 9/26-29. Do you think I’m worried about AUMC not updating us or releasing our certs? Maurizio’s group owns hundreds of millions of MDMN shares. They get their certs at the same time we get ours. I’m not worried about it. Everyone, go, live your life! Check in every now and say hi! If you find a juicy tidbit, share it. And in time, I hope to meet the long timers in the future over a nice cigar, glass of bourbon, and a microbrew, preferably at a race track!

BTW if anyone is in the Bowling Green, KY area 9/26-9 come out to NCM and spectate, its a ton of fun. You can find me in the light blue corvette #167.


Sounds like fun, I am a corvette enthusiast so what corvette and year are you racing and what engine! One of my dream cars is a 1967 427 corvette.

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My friend and I built the car ourselves after our prior one (1981 Trans AM w LS3 swap) burned up in storage fire. Used insurance money to by friends '05 steel chassis which already had rollcage and suspension then bought a front end wreck running '10 Z06 from salvage. Sold off parts we weren’t using. Had to transfer almost all the parts from the salvage to the new frame. It took a ton of work. But its running awesome right now. So its a steel framed Z06!:laughing: We are running the stock drivetrain, LS7 (427), short ratio T56, limited slip diff. Running stock electric and sensors too so we can use the launch control and competitive mode. Hoosier R7’s. Had some issue with front brakes over heating, but was able to sort it out. Car is fast as hell right now.

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Sounds great! My current vette is a 1998 which I too bought as a salvage and restored it about 18 years ago. Nothing speacial, but fun to drive.!

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Go out and do an HPDE session (ie: track day). You can get ins to cover your vehicle and it will help you improve your driving. I’m and HDPE instructor, so I can tell you how many first time drivers really enjoy their time on the track.

wow - you really killed the conversation around here. :rofl:

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Drifter, this is the best conversation we’ve had here for MONTHS!