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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 4th Quarter General Discussion

$40k trade takes my 600k share to 300 What a f@&@ disaster.
–>>> Wtf are these people doing.
No accountability. If I ever see Les, I would kick him in the you know what.

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Lets hope the 26m shares today is connected some way to whatever hurdle we are waiting to clear.

Wishful thinking? If the share exchange is still on track, the sp of mdmn is essentially meaningless unless you are buying or selling in the meantime.

We need Les to come back and give us one last pump, at least he was good at it. Cordoba not so much. In Spanish we say basura de compania.

This could be the end folks… Don’t act surprised…The writing has always been on the wall…Sorry Wizard, but it just got worse…A lot worse…

I thought our shares were to be converted to AUMC. My theory is AURYN wants to pick up as many cheap shares as they can to lower their share cost. We won’t see the conversion until AUMC has good news in ore production results.

The conversion rate is based on Mdmn shares, not share price.

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Is anything ever going to happen. I just want something to happen.
Not sure if they can weasel out of the conversion.

I remember once when I accidentally added a zero to the share price, and everyone claimed that they would buy up all the shares at that price. Well here is your chance. A million shares for around $500.00. The ultimate average down, unless it goes down even further…

We have been told that from 0.100, 0.08, 0.06, 0.04, 0.02, and now 0.005.
I stopped at 0.06, but should have waited until next month.
What a disaster.

Tomorrow will be interesting. We have a desperate seller who was willing to take .0002 for some of his shares. My guess is he or she may not be through. Don’t think for a second that this seller is in the dark. 25 million shares is a substantial holder, if it was one person. I’ll also go out on a limb and guess that Auryn could not care less if the stock went to .0001 or even down to .0000…

There is likely no "desperate’ seller. Looks like an account liquidation event to me. Perhaps somebody died or margin call or perhaps my favorite; a brokerage firm deciding that they will no longer allow holding shares of a penny stock in your account and so they sell them for you. Either way, we have seen this many times before. The stock sometimes recovers but usually not fully.

Anyone who is/was able get in at .0002 probably will be able to flip in a few days for several X. This is really just noise since the share price has no effect on the conversion. (I should note that market cap is now even low compared to other juniors especially considering the quality of the property. Perhaps even Baldy would agree!?)

The conversion actually happening and Hochschild mining completing a successful JV at the LDM will fund Auryn’s high grade gold mining efforts which will give a much needed boost to the share price post conversion for all current shareholders.

Watch for Auryn’s next financial statement coming out in a couple weeks. Hochschild should be commencing drilling at the LDM about now if their exploration results last season were positive.(If they weren’t, we are already screwed of course but that is normal risk for this type of investment.) Seems possible that demonstrations in Santiago could delay things a bit but miners are use to this kind of abuse so I kinda of doubt it but really have no idea.

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By the way, if you are wondering what Auryn/Masglas are up to, they are busy in Lima this week:

Both Auryn/Masglas registered. David Brownrigg is listed as a speaker. In case you didn’t know, he is the CEO of Auryn now.

I would not count on it, since there is no reason to file until they are ready to close the books for good on MDMN, that is why they did not file last quarter.

Auryn is up to date on their filings currently:

Yes it certainly possible that Auryn’s upcoming filing won’t help enlighten us at all but it is the next opportunity for them to do so if they choose.

Not sure if Medinah will ever bother to report again?

Damn, I am so far behind in reading up on this doggone stock. Hochschild Mining is now part of it? I need to get caught up…lost track back in 2012 - 13.

Sorry I miss read, I thought you were referencing MDMN. My bad!

Wtf? Are we ever gonna hear the great things we were supposed to get done a decade ago? Seems like we got screwed again!


The conversion from Mdmn to AUMC has to take place Someday correct? Or can we just sit here with Mdmn shares that never convert?
Are we waiting on AUMC or Mdmn now to get this done?

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I believe they are pitching a different project. FYI. MDMN does not seem to be of much focus these days as H is dictating the pace, or lack thereof, if advancing things.

AUMC at 10-20 cents seems like a decent value, on a very rough, relative comparison basis. MDMN is impossible to value as nobody knows any of the key metrics to determine the same. As has been the case for a long time.



.0009 on the ask and nobody is touching it. 93k shares traded on aumc. Is that correct, and if so an all-time high for volume?

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