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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 4th Quarter General Discussion

By the way, if you are wondering what Auryn/Masglas are up to, they are busy in Lima this week:

Both Auryn/Masglas registered. David Brownrigg is listed as a speaker. In case you didn’t know, he is the CEO of Auryn now.

I would not count on it, since there is no reason to file until they are ready to close the books for good on MDMN, that is why they did not file last quarter.

Auryn is up to date on their filings currently:

Yes it certainly possible that Auryn’s upcoming filing won’t help enlighten us at all but it is the next opportunity for them to do so if they choose.

Not sure if Medinah will ever bother to report again?

Damn, I am so far behind in reading up on this doggone stock. Hochschild Mining is now part of it? I need to get caught up…lost track back in 2012 - 13.

Sorry I miss read, I thought you were referencing MDMN. My bad!

Wtf? Are we ever gonna hear the great things we were supposed to get done a decade ago? Seems like we got screwed again!


The conversion from Mdmn to AUMC has to take place Someday correct? Or can we just sit here with Mdmn shares that never convert?
Are we waiting on AUMC or Mdmn now to get this done?

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I believe they are pitching a different project. FYI. MDMN does not seem to be of much focus these days as H is dictating the pace, or lack thereof, if advancing things.

AUMC at 10-20 cents seems like a decent value, on a very rough, relative comparison basis. MDMN is impossible to value as nobody knows any of the key metrics to determine the same. As has been the case for a long time.



.0009 on the ask and nobody is touching it. 93k shares traded on aumc. Is that correct, and if so an all-time high for volume?

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why pay .0009 when you can get it for less tomorrow?
Never thought I’d see this in trips territory.

Looks like it. Córdoba should be ashamed of himself.

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Really enjoyed this, worth the listen IMO


Thanks, very interesting - For those who have not listened, this 30-minute lecture gives historic perspective about the current price of gold. I’ve listened to it once (about 25 minutes) but would need to listen to it a couple more times to properly understand all his points (and there are many). I wonder if Rob McEwen listened to it (add unwarranted, fleeting smile here) - haha!

Rob had it posted on FB, I grabbed it from him :wink:


Have you ever noticed that when Rob is in a conversation and makes a point he will just stop and give you this big smile/grin? Maybe he’s showing off his teeth-whitening job? I don’t know, but it’s kind of strange how he does it - maybe if I was a female I would like it better? And I think that little smiley face at the end of your last post signifies that you do indeed know what I’m talking about? Haha!

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Dos Marias still appears in the latest Hochschild presentation, pg 12 (same as before). [1]

I noticed here that their entire Greenfield exploration budget in 2019 was $10M and they intended to do drilling on 6 properties non of which are Dos Marias. [2]. No wonder they didn’t spend much in 2019 on the LDM.

We’ll have to watch upcoming presentations and announcements to see what they have planned for the 2020 budget. As mentioned a few weeks ago the higher PM prices have enabled them to improve profitability significantly and lower debt materially. So hopefully more money will flow to Greenfield exploration in the coming months.

And Auryn filed today for late Q3 filing:
So a while longer to wait I guess.





fyi - Tuesday the 19th is the new Auryn filing day … unless they file for another extension. The reason for the delay is given as “Gathering/clarifying information”

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Quarterly Financials:

Quarterly Disclosure:

Nearly zero new operational information. The Disclosure has been nicely reformatted with clear disclosure of officers and major shareholders. That’s an improvement. Still $21 in the bank.
They are accruing some semi-small amount of debt as someone is paying expenses (probably for the claims maintenance ?) for the company which becomes a loan to the company due with interest. The company owes about $40K now.

There is one statement of interest re. Hochschild:

To date Hochschild has performed various field works and a IP Geophysical survey.[1]


  1. Para 5 of the Disclosure

Wait. What? The company that we are all waiting breathlessly to convert our MDMN shares to, has $21 in the bank? Twenty one? 21.00?



Hochschild issues 2020 guidance:

Production will be down somewhat. Only $8M budgeted for all their greenfield projects.