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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion


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Do we get nothing on the news front for Christmas?


Scamp posted yesterday News from Auryn today. Lets see if Scamp is correct. Auryn has put news out around 11:00


Lg you are the only one that introduced AMC putting the 100 million back into the ground without MDMN getting something for it.


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Your objective wasn’t misconstrued. I didn’t say your objective was to scare people. I simply said the thought of that happening was introduced to the thread by you – a person who didn’t understand the topic.

You misunderstood what Karl was talking about as well. Karl is not confused on the topic. You two were talking about different things.

Enough…it’s not helping the matter.


Wow…what a waste of energy.


Can we just all wait until Auryn puts out news before we start speculating on what might happen


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Thanks Corn, you’ve corrected me that we do know more than “jacksh*t about anything”.

Would I have been more correct to have said we don’t know “jacksh*t about how this is going to play out”?

I suspect few have bothered to read the Option contract (nope I haven’t) because it is just an OPTION and quite possibly a huge waste of time. As others have, IMHO correctly judged, arguing over hypotheticals seems a similar waste of time, ie. pointless but eh, what else are we to do? Obviously the market is less and less buying that MDMN may or may not be changing it’s stripes one day. The share price reflects most wonder whether or whether not the option will be exercised. Over the last 24 or so hours several of the elite posters are arguing about how this will play out.

I have no idea what disclosures, if any, are allowed by either MDMN or Auryn. All I do know is no one with any creditability is making any attempt to correct the market’s perception which is always correct. The market’s not wrong.


I believe you are absolutely correct. The majority here are annoyed by you. (Anyone for a poll on the subject. At least we could establish if something is a fact or not.)


Go for it. And please include whether his source was even credible. I say NOT.


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I’m annoyed when people make assumptions. But if you can, so can I. I believe most are annoyed by BigBaboon. However admin has decided he can play here, so why not others who are IMHO, less annoying?


Setting up a poll

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OK, I understand that you’re annoying and I hope you understand that because of your all knowing and Holier-than-thou attitude , I don’t like you.


AM or PM and time zone? 11;00 is not looking good




re. slide 11 of the new presentation:

I thought Doc or MG would make more of this slide than they have to this point. I have mapped parts of the results on that slide to a GE image of the plateau that show a bit more territory. A couple of important points:

  1. Note that Auryn has done IP / geophysics on the Fortuna property. They show 4 lines right across the Fortuna vein and the results showing interesting things down to a depth of 400m north of the Fortuna mine works. Up till this presentation we did not know anything about what Auryn had done with the IP / geophysics they announced way back in Jan 2015. They may have done more than this. But at least we have this.

  2. Speaking of “North” of the Fortuna mine. Up to now it was an open question (in the Howe reports) whether the Fortuna vein really went north much beyond the Fortuna mine works / entrance. But Auryn obviously tested this out via the IP study and now they are confident it is OPEN going North (see the OPEN with yellow background). And after going north a little distance it would cross over from the Fortuna claim onto a NUOCO Mambo claim.

  3. You can also see the OPEN with the BLUE background which points right to the adits over on the NORTH side of the mountain as in the earlier image.

  4. And you can see this is a pretty big area, 1500m x 1800m. If there are enough veins to justify an open pit or maybe a couple of smaller ones, it would be pretty impressive in size.


Maybe a quality lump of coal on the news front.