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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion


You corrected nothing! Your math is still backwards and all wrong, It was I that corrected you and brought clarity where you brought confusion. !


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You’d think we had the last world class coal deposit in South America.


lol it says AM 11:40 am on on the past two updates


ask the guy who’s been sitting in the empty chair for twenty years


Looks like that update might come out today after all 1 million @ .0135


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I wish every one, A Very Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah, and A Prosperous New Year, filled with Health, Happiness and Joy!!

(BTW on level 2 someone is trying to buy a 1 M shares).


Good luck getting that filled with 10 minutes to go, try at the ask? :smirk:


Did anyone see a news release today?/ Neither did I. Lol!!! What a joke. Anyway everyone have a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. May Peace be with us all.


Looks like Scamp doesn’t know more than Mike cause they both got it wrong lol


Another holiday season has come. Friends and relatives gather to celebrate. One of the first questions is…So Mike. How’s that mining stock doing? Ugh……


It’s nothing “new”, information wise, but I haven’t seen anyone mention that the Auryn deck is now posted on the medinah-minerals web site!


i have been a shareholder since 1998 or before… The family is looking to having me committed. No sane person could still be expecting a capital gain… They say hospital has internet for patients. We will see. Merry Christmas



As always thanks for all of your educational efforts. What do you figure that 10 ohm (red) anomaly represents at the 5,500 meter IP section? An ancient jewelry store? It looks like the artisanal miners that mined the Fortuna Vein missed it by a couple of hundred yards.


I stopped telling family. I hope one day I can surprize them…
PS - Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
Taking a break from this site for awhile…


Thankfully so – that and a several million other ounces. :wink:


That’s the big news that was supposed to come out on Monday. A copy and paste from our esteemed leaders.

Keep up the great work team Medinah. Oh and about that lump of coal that is supposed to be in each of your stockings this year…sorry to say that we aren’t going to be able to scratch together the funds to purchase those as the PPS of MDMN is in the dumper thanks to Claro.

To all the Medinahmites out there, have a happy and safe holiday season and please don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it.


Well, obviously the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that was: The porphyry intrusive!

But since you guys didn’t say much and I am no expert on IP charts, I second guessed whether that was really at the other “cold end” of the color chart. But since you brought it up … nice!

Back then they were mining 60 g/t gold with rather primitive means, they probably didn’t have lots of interest in 200 MT of 1 g/t gold or sub 1% copper. Too much dirt to move by hand.

If it is the intrusive, it’s only 300m down which is not bad. But Auryn has so few meters required for drilling NUOCO and Fortuna, and their focus will be the high grade stuff, I doubt too many ounces will even be driven into the inferred category of a report before we’re done. And until prices recover, there isn’t a lot of incentive to dig new 300m holes to process sub 1 g/t pay dirt.

But it would be exciting. And if an intrusive really is there right in the middle of the high grade veins, they can probably figure out some type of multi-stage plan that allows them to start a pit and mine the high grade stuff on the way down and by the time they get a big pit down to that level years from now things will be in better shape for those millions of tonnes to be processed.

This probably agrees with the 5800m IP section, only 300m north, where it shows anomalous readings down to 500m depth. Then as you go south there is less strong readings which agrees with the fact that the Fortuna vein became more and more narrow as it goes south to where it was only 10cm I think at it’s southern extreme.

Sort of makes you think there could be another intrusive towards the west which powered the Merlin 1, yes?


Merry Christmas to all! Hopefully Santa brings some of you some new hobbies to take up a good portion of the time you spend here driving yourselves angry/insane/frustrated/(your adjective here)!

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