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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion

LOL… you are right… Shortest Day… Longest Night…

Better times ahead with MDMN… is what I was getting at…

Thanks for the heads up…

Hey, BB. We all get turned around occasionally. Lets hope that the New Year turns MDMN, NPER for us

I got a feeling it will…

Lot of orders just got filled on MDMN…

It looks like the guy trying to buy 1,0 M shares yesterday got them today @ .035, fwiw.

It looks like the buying is once again lining up at .0135, fwiw

Karl, I know you know the following but I’ll offer it to anyone who might not:

I will guess that much of the selling is for tax loss here at the end of this year. I hope those doing so remember that the wash rule requires them to not have purchased shares 30 days before the sale and wait 31 days after the sale before they repurchase those shares if they expect to show any loss. The move from 2015 to 2016 will not hide the wash or protect them from the rule. Additionally anyone selling and looking to buy back in to replace those share they sell will loose their long term capital gains status if they had held them for over a year and the replacement shares will restart the clock as short term shares.


I’m going to buy 100k at the ask right now, just so I can have the satisfaction of knowing I was able to buy some on this drop, and at the cheapest price I’ve ever gotten. I think the lowest I’ve ever bought prior to this year was in the 04’s, and I got some at 037 earlier this year.

Merry Christmas all. Here goes 100k at .014…



Now I’m going to watch “The Big Short” so that I can feel all warm and cozy about our financial system. Have a great day, hopefully with family/friends/people you love.


And, Done. Merry Christmas.

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Thanks TR and Mele Kalikimaka to you.
, I was just about to move my 200k from .0139 to .014…I’ll wait for you, already got 100k at .0138

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Good pickup Traderich.Looks like news ---- week,probably Monday if I was a betting man. Good to see 1.2 million on the bid all above .0135.Merry Christmas to all.

Bozo Picasso sold me 10k at .014, he’s gonna have to do that 19 more times… make that 20 more times to get below .014 again

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A portion of a response to my questions directed to the Days re: CDCH. FYI

"The terms of the 500,000 preferred shares are such that one share is entitled to 1,000 votes and is convertible at a rate of 1 to 100. However, all conversions shall be effectuated at a purchase price of $.10 per share (i.e. the conversion of 1 share of preferred into 100 shares of common would cost the individual completing the conversion $10). In the event that the market price of the CDCH shares is above $.10, the conversion may be completed on a cashless basis.

As we explained at the shareholder meeting in April of 2014, the issuance of the preferred shares was a must in order for any actions taken at the meeting to be compliant with CDCH’s restrictive bylaws in place at that time. In particular, Section 2.08 thereof required that one-half of the total voting power of the outstanding shares of CDCH entitled to vote be represented at any shareholder meeting in order to constitute a quorum. Because less than 21,000,000 common shares were represented at the meeting, had the preferred shares not been issued we would not have been able to conduct or vote on any business at the meeting. We agreed to include the conversion price to provide reassurance that we weren’t issuing the preferred shares to simply convert to a super majority of eventually saleable shares, but that it would require further investment to the benefit of CDCH."


[quote=“Baldy, post:270, topic:668”]
"The terms of the 500,000 preferred shares are such that one share is entitled to 1,000 votes and is convertible at a rate of 1 to 100.
[/quote]This is exactly what I was hoping for! As absurd as the 1 to 100 entitlement sounds, the most important part to shareholders is that the Days’ votes allow a controlling interest with a 1:1000 leverage. In any voting matters the self-serving hidden 50% private ownership can be easily overridden.
Thanks for posting reply, Baldy. This is where the original confusion came from regarding how many shares were actually authorized at the meeting. This is unlikely to dilute CDCH shareholders unless PPS goes beyond 0.10, but it does give control back to align with common shareholders holding in street name that otherwise would not have a vote.


Coal again! But looking forward to a BETTER YEAR Ahead with some good news!

Thanks for the continued diligence John! Glad someone who knows the intricacies of such things is staying on top of them for those of us with pea brains!


Ditto… Merry Christmas…!!!

And Hoping all filled their stockings… with .012’s to .014’s … worth of MDMN stock…

Kids might thinks its coal!!!