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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion

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Merry Christmas season to all!

Thank you for your efforts and sharing what you’ve learned with us. Much appreciated.


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Saw Point Break today — great movie for thrill seekers like those of us who invest in highly speculative penny stocks!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!! Looking forward to a much more prosperous chart for 2016!


Saw “The Big Short” yesterday. The Movie is very well done. I’m sure Doc will enjoy it.


Michael Lewis has done a heck of a lot of good for the anti-abusive naked short selling movement. He is one bright puppy dog! No doubt an OSU Beaver fan!


Just got home from seeing it. It was extremely well done and very entertaining. I laughed a lot more than I thought I would, but I left thinking a few sad thoughts: 1. This was a movie based on the truth of how fraudulent the banking and economic system is in this country and around the world. 2. I could tell by the reactions, or lack of reactions, of the audience at certain times that the majority of people are GROSSLY uneducated about the function of something that a major aspect of their livelihood is dependent upon. 3. What does it say about society that a movie can be made that clearly explains to the American public how they have been royally F**KED by the banking system, that it has been done before, and that it is, at this very moment, being done again? If the majority of the people in this country were smart and alive there is no way that this incredibly dysfunctional, corrupt system and the people enforcing it would be tolerated.


Couldn’t have said it better…the book was a true primer on the capitalist system as it has developed in the hands of the big banks and financial institutions…notice that Plan B was one of the producers…so Pitt jumped on the rights right away. Now off to see Concussion…another travesty brought to you by the NFL…which, like Big Tobacco, knew as early as 1990 that repeated brain bashing was dementing the players but successfully covered it up and played the denial game for two decades…film at 11 as they say.

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Feeling good about the next 6 months! Looking forward to getting back to par and above.

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Last I looked the topic was all over the board. goofball. It’s gonna be fun watching pro football come unravelled in law suits.

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It was agreed a long time ago that CDCH is not off topic for this board.

It’s not off topic – but it does have it’s own topic thread. This is the MDMN Weekly Discussion. There’s a separate thread for CDCH Weekly Discussion (although we don’t update it weekly because there aren’t many posts there.) I suspect that will change once AMC starts work on the Fortuna and the Day’s start putting out announcements.

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Thanks admin. We are all sitting and waiting on the same hill.

I believe I have found proof of the existence of the “side contracts.” They are called “appendices” in the ADL contract. I reviewed Clause (Section) 1 where all the document’s contractual terminological definitions are given. I had mostly skipped over this before. As a result I had missed a couple of gold nuggets:

Section 1.4 includes “all … appendices” in the definition of the word “contract” for the ADL Option contract, implying there are appendices, none of which have been published so far.

Then confirming this, Section 1.11 says that “Commercial Production” is defined in “Appendix Three” explicitly indicating there are at least 3 appendices and number three deals with something called “Commercial Production”.

And there you go. I could not find any other explicit reference to any other Appendix. But it was a quick scan so I could have missed something.


Also, btw, Clause (Section) 23, of the ADL Contract covers how all “difficulties, differences, and disputes” regarding the contract are to be handled including appointment of an arbitrator even in the case if the parties can not agree on an arbitrator.

If you make the mild assumption that a similar section was inserted by Auryn in the July 2015 share purchase agreement with Juan et al., by reading that section of the ADL Option contract you can get a flavor of what is probably going on with that other agreement.


I was told all contracts are a matter of public information. Chile has a Transparency Law that allows for access to public records, contracts, etc.
I gained access to the portal requesting info. This is a recent reply I received. I have no idea what it means and I haven’t had the time to follow up. Most likely a total waste of time and effort.

FROM: Undersecretary of mining: MIKE XXXXX acknowledge receipt of your request for information public, date November 13, 2015, entered into the site electronic ° transparency, under the AS001T0000126 Folio portal, through which manifesto and apply for literally the following: “Requesting public records of Mining contracts notroized and recorded between Medinah Mining Chile and Auryn Mining Chile SpA.” Regarding your inquiry we can highlight that, according to the article 5 ° of Ia law N ° 20.285, sabre access to Information Pthlica, are public acts and resolutions of the organs of the Administration of the State, its foundations, the documents that serve to support or complement direct and essential, and the procedures used for your dictation, exceptions legates. It is also least Ia made with budget information published and any other information that is held of the organs of the Administration, whatever its format, date…


Nice detective work CHG. I think we can now logically assume the existence of further contractual agreements/appendices or whatever you want to call them. This is a much more reliable assumption (for me anyway) than taking someone’s word via the rumor mill.


I suppose one of the nicest things about a public listing of Auryn - is that they would have to go public with all material information.