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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion


MDMN will follow up… Auryn’s releases… with a news wire release… when they feel it strategically appropriate to do so…

We wait to see…


Auryn’s report/update now on OTC - MDMN News Page.


[quote=“Baldy, post:39, topic:704”]
As context, in Australia, where gold is trading at $1500/oz most of the projects (low capex, open pit) I’m evaluating are using .5 g/t as their cutoff.
[/quote]Todd would be quite OK with that $24/ton pay dirt!
Is 0.5 g/t an arithmetic mean for the total ore body, or. more likely, is it the average of the pay ore to be mined selectively? How much “contact waste” outlining the ore body was included on either side of vein in the bag samples reported by AURYN? Does using an arithmetic average account for >0.1g/t as a cutoff for average grade for the “build” … which likely describes the entire ore body, and not the pay ore to be mined selectively (like for a early production bulk sampling plant) ? Baldy, quite a few of the interval averages were well above the 0.5 g/t, so are you considering these early mineralization values economically important?
CHG, do we know exactly how much “over-reach” of each apparent vein “channel sample” was bagged for the data reported? The adit grab samples were noticeably higher grade than the 1600 (?) channel samples reported.

In the first sampling completed of grab samples returned up to 66.5 g/t Au, and channel samples confirmed high-grade mineralization, with 1.2 m @ 26 g/t Au, 0.27 %Cu, 0.14 %Pb, 0.25 %Zn, including 0.4 m @ 51 g/t Au.


Systematic sample at different adits levels was done and results are pending.


Should CDCH make the same press release?


Reading that paragraph again, I think they are just specifying the method they used to formulate their small intervals into the assay tables, that is, the rules they used to break a larger section into the smaller reported intervals.

0.1 g/t sort of becomes the definition of ‘anomalous’ for constructing the tables. If this is the case, then it has nothing to do with a definition of ‘economic’


But 0.1 g /t still seems too low.

Maybe they won’t stick with that number going forward. Or I suppose its possible that sentence does not mean what it seems to mean. But I don’t know what else it would mean.

CHG, thanks for clarifying. I was way off in my initial interpretation and making sense of the AURYN sampling update.

So the “grab bag channel sample” just refers to the sample width (0.3M - 2M as noted) used to tally the average length of the mineralized interval. For Merlin 1, AURYN has a total interval length of 93.7 M that was sampled, where the grade averaged higher than 0.1 g/t as shown for various segments. Merlin III had only 1.9 M sampled. Fortuna trenches FD to FG had total length of 26.65 M sampled, trenches FH to FI had total length of 28.7M sampled, and trenches FJ to FON 34.2 M had a total length sampled above cut off grades. These samples are a preliminary step in defining estimated mineral categories in conformity with generally accepted Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (“CIM”) Estimation of Mineral Resource and Reserves Best Practices Guidelines necessary for the technical report preparation in accordance with Canadian Securities Administrators’ National Instrument 43-101. There is a lot of work to be completed in Phase 1 & Phase 2 of target definition, and primary focus appears to be centered of Merlin-Fortuna this mining season. The sampling at different adit levels should be reported next, as the results are still pending. Preparation for the bulk sampling early production opportunity is moving forward in meticulous and deliberate fashion, IMO.


No…the cutoff grade they used was appropriate for surface grab samples for purposes of delineation of the mineralized structures…not for delineating a resource.


Thanks for the actual/correct clarification MG… and now lets see if any buying continues/comes in today…???

Hopefully… buyers on the sidelines… watching/waiting… for the right news… to start getting/building their positions…


Is anyone else having problems getting quotes today on OTC stocks?


Winner,winner,chicken dinner!




Seller back first 30 minutes…


i am more that just a little disappointed that our president or any key management person has not posted a Christmas or happy New Year letter to the shareholders. I believe the last season greeting we received was from Larry Reggis. I have lost complete confidence in our management to act or conduct themselves in any kind of professional manner…very sad! OH WAIT…we still have two days left maybe they are waiting to the very last minute.


2016 will be a vey profitable year for Auryn and MDMN.


I may be wrong but my recollection is that each holiday message from management has resulted in verbal contempt and ridicule over the last many years. Maybe they just decided that it would result in less negative comments if they just skipped the usual holiday message. I can almost feel the silent and restrained love they are offering. :broken_heart:


Makes sense, thanks. It’s refreshing to know there are actual explanations for most of what AURYN releases.


For anyone with a TD Ameritrade account. Does MDMN show up on the free Level II? Thank you in advance for you reply.


It took an hour or so but level 2 working fine with tda strategy desk now


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Yes, I have TD Ameritrade Account with zero balance. Use the Trade Architect platform for level 2 quotes, free.