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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion

MDMNHOLDER Am i reading your post correctly or am i completely off base? Are you telling me I am going to have to pay to get my shares in certificate form so that i will be able to sell them for .01? Please explain

Possible indication of an reversal, but no indication yet that the bottom is in until we have several days with closing prices @ or above .02. Plain and simple the bottom is not in until there is further confirmation in price movement, especially since I see current resistance at the 50 day SMA which is @ .016. fwiw

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race, I was only suggesting that AMC could hold a dutch auction to acquire shares within a certain price range. As I don’t believe at all in the NSS conspiracy, I would proffer that the shares would be electronically transferred between brokerages.

sorry I totally misread your post. I read it too quickly. Thanks for the clarification

Medinah Minerals, Inc. Reports Our Option Agreement Partner, AURYN Mining Chile, SpA’s, Mapping and Trenching Program Results Indicating High-Grade Gold Mineralization in the Epithermal Vein System at the Merlin and Fortuna Targets at the Altos de Lipangu

2015-12-30 10:33 PT - News Release

Las Vegas, Nevada–(Newsfile Corp. - December 30, 2015) - Medinah Mining Chile, a 100% owned subsidiary of Medinah Minerals, Inc. (OTC Pink: MDMN), today reports that AURYN Mining Chile, SpA, has produced their continuing Program Results report noting extensive Mapping and Trenching activities (see The report concerns their furtherance of exploration and development activities through Year End 2015 at the Altos de Lipangue plateau near Santiago, Chile.

Vittal Karra, Chairman/President
Medinah Minerals, Inc.

For more informati

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I’ve noticed on DonD’s level 2 a color code of red green blue and yellow. Could someone explain those to me please? I understand the rest of level 2 but not the colors.

The colors separate the price ranges… so they can be read easily without getting them mixed up…

mdeman, I received it from

Shows up as a news wire release today on OTCMarkets (bottom of the page: News and Analysis)

It was released via NewsFile Corp for some reason, unlike anything before. Shows up on Bloomberg etc., not Yahoo yet:

See here:

They have a Toronto office. I assume CHF probably chose them as the distribution service.


OK, but it was out on OTC two days ago.

Again, all I said was MDMN put out a brief news release today. OK???

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Thanks Rayjay. I appreciate the response

ADMIN: I have a suggestion with regards to setting a very basic standard of grammar usage. Certain posts are embarrassing to have posted here knowing that potential investors who are also viewing these same posts may have reservations about entering into the same investment with a poster who cannot even seem to communicate in complete sentences. This is not an attempt to offend a particular individual, but if the most basic effort cannot be made to communicate at even an elementary level, perhaps these posts should not be allowed, given that one of the purposes of this forum was to educate and inform a contemplative investor. -Thanks


How about Geoly? By your standards his posts would not be allowed. There are certain personalities here who express themselves in a non conventional way. I like it that way. Pure emotion is sometimes more constructive than Pure articulation.


Ha! My grammar sucks but the message I bring is real! You want investors coming here and reading Pom Pom post? Guys lets keep this real here. We are sitting here 2015 was our year!!! Now tomorrow 2016 with 80% of my share price gone I think it’s time to be real and some of the men on this thread really need to go back to their sources and demand clarity and wtf is really going on here.

2016 the year of no more BS. HAPPY NEE YEAR ALL! I swear I wish this was all behind me. I need the money


Doc no one is coming to this thread ask the admin yourself. There is no buzz about Mdmn. Till there is it’s just us


Geoly, I think I heard the opposite that we are growing in our readership. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I thought someone posted that we need to go to a bigger server. Regardless your posts are always welcome in my opinion!


No big deal…But is there any reason why Medinah has not put Auryn’s update onto THEIR website by now.??? HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

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to all my fellow sufferers, I mean shareholders.



Happy and Prosperous New Year to all, except if there are any shorts out there!