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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion


Didn’t we just get some news…??? like a day and a half ago… so I don’t understand some of the other’s comments… I agree with you… legitimate partner… developing the property… I have utmost confidence and am sitting back to watch events unfold…

I think it’s time to let this business plan run it’s course… and not worry about it… just monitor the progress… and make the appropriate decisions as necessary…


5x from here gets me even, or a slight loss. So would be a wasted 6-7 years, I have lost count. I think the best I will get is 0.20, which would be great at this point. AMC is a smart and shrewd group, from the methodical approach, and are out to get the best deal. Maybe JJ doing his best, more for him, but may spill over to us if we get lucky. Our BOD handcuffed is my thinking.


Exactly. 5X from these prices barely gets me into the black column.


Read is post again it says “get least 5x from here”


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Lean judging by these last couple days of trading it sure doesn’t look like Auryn is in a rush to jump in the market. Looks like JJ share issue hasn’t been resolved yet jmo


Chile’s copper miners still making money despite price collapse
Cecilia Jamasmie | December 29, 2015

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Chile’s copper miners still making money despite price collapse
Chuquicamata, the world’s largest open pit copper mine. (Courtesy of Codelco via Flickr)

Chile, the world’s top copper producing country, surprised investors by publishing for the first time ever detailed data related to costs for nearly its entire mining industry.

According to the recently launched “Costs Observatory,” the average cash cost per pound of copper produced in the country during the second quarter of 2015, was $1.625/lb, down from an average $1.655/lb in the same period last year.

Mining companies have benefitted from lower fuel and energy costs
The index, which gathers data on production costs for 19 mining operations across Chile, representing 91% of the country’s total copper output, also shows that mining companies have benefitted from lower fuel and energy costs, which saved 4.9 cents per pound during Q2. Additionally, lower wages for staff and contractors cut 4.6 cents per pound from costs.

The encouraging figures contradict recent reports from local mining associations, which show that most copper producers in Chile are barely breaking even at current metal prices.

However, the government noted this first report of mining costs is based on data collected up to June this year and, as such, does not reflect measures companies have taken in the last five months to weather weak prices for the industrial metal.

Chile’s copper miners still making money despite price collapseCopper, which is down around a quarter this year, battered by a supply glut and weak data out of top consumer China, fell to their lowest in more a week on Tuesday.

Benchmark copper on the London Metal Exchange traded down 0.1 percent at $4,686 a tonne in official rings. The metal, used in power and construction, earlier touched $4,617, its lowest since December 18.

News that nine large copper smelters in China have agreed to cut sales of spot metal by as much as 200,000 tonnes in the first quarter of 2016 initially provided support.


While we are not seeing the rush to jump in we are seeing a swing toward pressure starting to build on the bid side.


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A little L2 brain candy. ATDF and CANT are 2 MMs which have a relatively small number of MDMN retail orders go through them so their behavior can be observed and not get cluttered up with lots of smaller orders. A couple of orders have been very patient as can be seen below. Today ATDF is making its move to top of the bid stack:


FYI CANT is one of the MM commonly used by Fidelity for MDMN trades.


Well, the resolution of JJ’s shares would be a material event as its a topic that they have referred to in several public updates. If you or anybody else was of the opinion that the grab sample update needed to happen before Auryn could start their buying (to avoid being accused of trading with inside knowledge) I’d argue the status of JJ’s shares trumps that info in importance. That and the total absence of volume lead me to believe that JJ’s shares are still in limbo and that we should hear about a resolution within 48 hours of it actually occurring. We’ll see…,


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I think the bottom line is… does one believe that the Mountain has economic value… enough value to push up the price of 1.5 billion shares… and does Auryn have the money and where with all to bring that value to market… as far as all the legal/regulatory mumbo jumbo… in-between accomplishing those goals… none of us on this board really know… that is why lawyers fight over those very questions in courts… for they are the experts… and they don’t have the absolute answers… so arbitration and court settlements…

So read all the posts… take what you want… leave what you don’t… and make a decision… and IMHO… that is what each of us has to do… and should do…

I enjoy reading Doc… and others… but I certainly don’t hold them accountable for the verification of their information… nor would I ever come back on them for me making my own decision(s)… based on what I read on these boards…

A lot of intelligent people here… offering their thoughts and ideas… expressing their knowledge for as far as it goes… and then the rest is up to each individual… as to what they do with that information and how they use it…

I assume Auryn and MDMN managment… both have access to lawyers opinions and guidance… before they make their moves…

So either Auryn has a regulatory and legally free runway… to buy shares in the open market… or they don’t… but it makes a lot of sense to me that they wait and try to buy/secure JJ’s shares before entering the open market… but that would only be in place for a certain time period…at some point in time… even if they don’t resolve the JJ shares issue… they will move forward with their Business Plan and go to the open market… they will not hold up their plans for the Mountain forever… over the JJ shares issue… IMHO…


No…next chance of that is middle of January when all the parties meet Senor Rat B. again.


Now this exerpt is from a pr of scam trip zip 1 stock, but was a concept I threw out a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, regarding AMC getting the required shares for control

The company recently announced a tender offer to acquire up to 2,000,000,000 of its company common shares at price of $0.01 per share. The offer was to expire on December 31, 2015. The company has been unable to co-ordinate with Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) for electronic submissions. The company has amended the offer to a Dutch Auction Tender Offer to all holders of Worldwide Diversified Holdings, Inc. Common Stock to purchase up to 2,500,000,000 of the shares at a price not less than $0.0001 nor greater than $0.01. The offer has been extended until January 29, 2016. Shareholders that have their shares in brokerage accounts will be required to request physical certificates in order to tender the shares in the offer. The company has filed the tender documents with OTC Markets and they are available to shareholders to download.


MDMN put out a brief news report


Are you talking about the one from two days ago, or is this something new? Where?


I second that. I cannot find anything new either.