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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016-Q1 - General Discussion


I don’t think Sarasota is the answer. It’s not for me. After 5+ years of living on a small island vacation destination with only two ways to enter/exit, I’m ready for a lot more land and a lot less people.


Mr Mountain,

Should get a production agreement that outlines production split of the profits between Medinah and Auryn. It should also clear the way for Auryn’s much anticipated corporate update which in its own right, should get the stock moving upward permanently.


Why I always wish you to be right? :grin:


.015 on the ask and no takers…This is getting scary…Again…


I put in an order for 75,000 when the ask size was 450,000 and it was immediately taken, but it did not change the ask size, fwiw


Goes to show you Auryn isn’t in the market buying shares


What is frustrating for everyone is that this is a publicly traded company, yet it conducts it’s business as a private company. Auryn is the private company, and if it wasn’t for them, we would know absolutely nothing…Go figure…


LEVEL 2 please.




I wish we were trading at 2.66


Well that’s not right! (We all WISH it was)!!! No idea how that happened but I’ll fix it.

I’m going to leave that up just to allow us all to dream a little. :slight_smile:



I guess I should have been more specific and mentioned Level 2 for MDMN !

Has fear of the Blizzard shaken you up a little ? :fearful:




Gee, I thought maybe you were tired of looking at the MDMN L II so I thought I’d give you a happier scene. Actually, if you look in the symbol window, it says it’s for MDMN. Not sure why it did that but I got excited for about half a millisecond. Perhaps it’s prophetic?


My apologies. The link should have taken you to Volcan’s earnings release. Relevant to our conversation here the other day.


Wouldn’t such a great prophesy make a lot of our dreams come true !

The timing also couldn’t be better.


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Any guesses what could be in the Auryn update, that would be significant enough to finally move the stock north??? If and when we get one, of course…


Hi Rocky,

I think what all of us Medinah shareholders would prefer is a series of market moving press releases on a regular basis especially if the share price slips downwards. Unfortunately for us, the people that GENERATE the news i.e. the geoscientists at AMC are more of a professional group going about their business in a methodical fashion as per industry norms. A lot of times the news isn’t ready to be released at the time we Medinah shareholders would prefer it the most.

I actually think that between Medinah’s website, Auryn’s website, the CHFIR website and the updates from Nuoco there are truckloads of information to process in order to get our arms around the basics of what is going on. That recent “Chile Exploration Report” was very helpful to me because we got an opportunity to swim upstream a bit from AMC. We now know that there is an entity known as “Masglas Americas Corporation” (MAC) that owns 100% of AMC. I’d think of MAC as a giant square with a smaller circle (AMC) held within it. MAC appears to have characteristics of we call “Private Equity”. This rather large pot of money represents “Peruvian capital”. This might be individuals, families, corporations, hedge funds, mining majors, etc. We don’t know how the “ownership pizza” is currently sliced up. Their announced game plan is to buy up mining projects in the Chilean Coastal Range.

The parent company MAC just bought 9 assets from First Quantum/Inmet. All or almost all of these appear to be in the Chilean Coastal Range which is where the Chilean mining sector is focusing nowadays due to the horrendous POWER and WATER ISSUES in the Andes and Atacama Desert where 98% of the mining action in Chile used to be. MAC’s wholly owned subsidiary “AMC” holds option agreements with Medinah, Nuoco and Cerro. Medinah was fortunate to have chosen the Chilean Coastal Range as their target to consolidate a very large package of mining concessions starting about 18 years ago.

The people that have thrown money into the MAC “pot” are going to have immediate and long term goals that might be much different than those of us Medinah shareholders that have been around a whole lot longer than MAC/AMC. Medinah’s BOD has a duty of care to do what’s in the best interest of the MEDINAH CORPORATION itself. AMC/MAC’s BOD has a duty of care to do what’s in the best interest of their “owners/donors”. If their goal is to tie down as many mining concessions as they can as cheaply as possible in the ADL region then they’re going to prefer acting in a more secretive fashion than Medinah management might prefer. To date, AMC/MAC has successfully tied down another 4,000 hectares at an unknown cost. At the ADL option negotiating table there was no doubt an arm wrestling match to decide an in between solution amenable to all concerned in regards to information dissemination. If Medinah is going to be a 15% equity stake holder in AMC then in the long term we’ll be rewarded for AMC’s annexation efforts.

What’s been helpful to me recently is to look at the developing geomodel from an ELEVATION APPROACH. We know all about the new Merlin Veins, the massive expansion of the Gordon breccia, the high grade vein/fault found west of hole #24, etc. that all occur at about 2,000 meters above sea level at the plateau.

The very exciting findings that the Nuoco geoscientists have been reporting on occur about 700 meters lower in ELEVATION than the plateau. There we’ve got the stratabound copper deposit that AMC says is a dead ringer for the Lo Aguirre Mine to our south. We’ve got the ultra-rich gold intersections at the “Level 70” workings at the LDMC winze/internal shaft. Nuoco just found a 1.5 Km high grade vein trending from SW to NE about 700 meters below the plateau. They also found a group of ultra-rich gold veins at the Caren on the northern downslope off of the plateau. These are running at 90-degrees to the NW trending Merlin and Fortuna Vein system. These Nuoco, Caren, Mambo and Columbo findings are all located on the NORTHERN downslope off of the plateau.

The hyper-spectral satellite imaging survey by C.S. Perez has already revealed a 7 Km long swath of about a dozen intrusives on the SOUTHERN downslope off of the plateau which is a significant distance from the NORTHERN downslope. It’s the SOUTHERN downslope that hosts the massive Pegaso Negro Cu/Mo breccia. So there is a ton of stuff going on right at surface in a 360-degree fashion around the mountain but 700 meters below the surface there is also a lot going on.

This doesn’t offer much consolation to those focusing in on only the share price instead of the developments themselves. The Medinah story takes an enormous amount of time and due diligence in order to get one’s arms around. I think that we “little guys” are going to be the last ones to get our arms around this story. I sense that it will end up being the actions of the “big guys” that is what will be needed to provide the 2X4 to the side of the head of the mining community. I would have thought that the voracious appetite for Medinah shares of AMC would have provided a “heads up” to the overall mining community because they are the “smart money” in this particular deal. I was wrong; it’s probably going to take the 2X4 approach.


Thanks for your feedback Brecciaboy. As always, your insights are greatly appreciated. I just wonder, if I am going to survive this investment. If it was JUST a time issue, I guess after 6 years, I could handle it. But part of me wonders and still has doubt, if that day will EVER come. At this point, we all deserve to be rewarded…