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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016-Q1 - General Discussion


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The TIMING of everything going down is the hardest part to evaluate. My dream scenario is that all of these high grade opportunities result in EITHER a quick exercising of the option or an amendment to the original option purchase agreement. We at AMC will give you “X” amount of cash up front in order to “earn in” “Y” percentage of the profits UP UNTIL WE EXERCISE THE OPTION AND FINALLY “OWN” SOMETHING.

Medinah takes the cash up front and buys up, demands delivery of and cancels the shares they bought back at a ridiculously cheap price. Medinah puts a big bid under the market maybe for 20 or 30 million shares and they slowly buy as much as they can as cheaply as they can. I personally base all of my investment activity on the risk versus reward ratio at the time of investing. A 20 million share bid slowly walking up through the various price levels takes a heck of a lot of RISK off the table for me. The message being sent by management is that OUR SHARE PRICE IS A JOKE compared to the NPV of our assets and we’re going to put our money where our mouth is.


Looking forward to the day when you don’t have to process the information like a brainteaser. Or be as smart as Doc. You just read it and know what’s going on.

It would be nice to run out of topics to debate because there was clarity everywhere.


Ok, I am just going to cut to the chase. Is there an expectation that when the meetings in Chile are concluded this week, that some positive announcements are expected?
Or is Auryn still up to their armpits in Juanigators?
And tomorrow is Friday again already :weary:


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If Auryn comes out with a release of a TO of let’s say .15 what does that do with volume? Where would SP stop?

Sorry I’ve never been involved with TO how do they work?


Yes, good news will be following the meetings. How soon after the conclusion of the meetings will the news start coming out? That I don’t know.


I doubt there will be a resolution to the JJ and family share issue. Attempts are being made but the riff between family members is an obstacle. Imo, this weeks meetings in Chile are very important. Should they choose to announce their progress in the coming week/weeks it will be worthy of investor’s attention.


The restart of news should commence Mondayish. Lot of good news is piling up waiting to be released. Like you, have little reason to think there will be any resolution of the JJ share issue into the foreseeable future but not sure that it is really a bad thing for Medinah shareholders anymore.


agree. JJs sell point will probably be the floor and possible ceiling pps for common sh/hldrs . The better he does, the better we do. There’s a lot of talking of the Letts being our “salvation”. In one sense yes, because they are interested in developing the property. BUT that is for their own benefit which is clearly demonstrated by how they have been handling the release of info over the last 6-8 months. I don’t know about anyone else but I have never had the experience of a billionaire being concerned for my personal finances.
The Letts will do better than just fine with the mountain, what remains to be seen is what they do for shareholders. Remember, JJ is way more informed on what has been discovered on the mountain including, don’t forget all the sampling that has been done in the tunnels prior to Letts involvement (which as Doc has stated repeatedly is like a picture window of the mountain)
As upset as I am with JJs shenanigans this current stubbornness of his may be well founded based on the geodata. For all we know the Letts are most probably trying to get “such a deal”. JJ may be a blessing in disguise with his holding out. Claro not so much.
As consistent with MDMN there are too many unknowns…we will be the last to officially find out.


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There are plenty of shares to buy from the open market If Auryn wants to buy they would have already. alot of fairytales but no dream come trues around here


I for one, have never thought JJ not selling his shares to Auryn, would be bad thing for MDMN share holders. I actually believe in the long run our MDMN share price has a better chance of rising higher with JJ and Family hanging onto their shares, and forcing Auryn to go to the open market for all their shares. If that is in fact which ends up happening. We will have to wait and see.


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Someone take that share off the ask from MAXM.


Why do you type like you know, you bring nothing to the table, cease.


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