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Not really. Here’s why.

It’s not impossible Auryn would suggest such a thing. And I guess it all depends on what Auryn would happen to suggest as an alternative. But let’s imagine they really try to play hardball and divide the $100M in half. In that case, given all that would be known by Aug 2017 re. the Merlin veins, the LDM, etc. it would likely be in Medinah’s favor in such a situation to say No, let the JV expire, and then re-enter the market.

In that imaginary case, Auryn would have spent $5M to $10M over 3 years, walked away with nothing, and Medinah could re-market the mountain with much much better and concrete information at hand. There would be suitors for that gold. Would Medinah do better than $100M for 85%? I don’t know. Depends on where we are by that time. And that would be Medinah’s risk (and ours). But Auryn’s risk would be huge in this scenario and I can not see them doing it unless they absolutely can not come up with funds, of which we have no evidence at this time (unlike with Mr. U. when there was an ongoing never ending stream of evidence).


I’m thinking more along the lines of resource allocation, i.e. they negotiate a different percentage while buying cheap stock (increasing ownership) and putting the money into the project. So they acquire in the market (cheaper than giving MDMN the money) and increase the value for all who don’t sell by advancing the property faster.


ic. well, since there is a healthy skepticism whether MDMN would ever see that $100M anyway (instead it being designated in some way for exploration / construction) but there’s no way to know this with certainty at this time, it’s hard to assign probability to such a changed scenario.

Maybe this next round of information will give us better insight into what the approach is going to be here hopefully including they are actually going to start drilling somewhere and don’t let an entire season go by without anything but trenching and adit assays.


I am asking if one of our forum’s more notable posters would be able to explain why CDCH has no buying/selling activity for today and also several other recent days? If it was simply too much risk, you would think there would be desperation selling.
I do not have access to L 2 , which may answer my question.
Sorry for posting on this rather than the CDCH forum, but there is nobody really paying attention to the other forum.


I think that answers your question. Too many unknowns.


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Keep in mind, the fever you reference is also known to cause delusion.


Fair enough Kevin, but nobody is trying to sell either. Just a bit conflicting.


Thanks to Kevin for adding “unknown” to “apathy” for both investments. Until we get new blood we are talking to ourselves.


There were a lot of trips to the Notary this week. I know that.I


Do we know if the meetings are all wrapped up and the players are headed home?


These were in headier times but in my quest to find out out how much maglas paid first quantum/inmet for those chilean properties, i came across this old T/O presentation by First Quantum to Inmet shareholders… Page 3 is the outline of the deal.


Does anyone know if the powers at be have finished conducting business and are on the there way back?


Absolutely! Everything is negotiable.


I hope Monday brings us more and better things to talk about


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.(Eleanor Roosevelt)


I think not. Lol!!!


I recently finished watching Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl. You can watch it for free if you’re an Amazon Prime customer. Anyway . . .

I was amazed at the character of the people who struggled through the drought, the dust storms, and the depression. Day after day, week after week, year after year they hoped for an end to something that was beyond beyond their control – the weather. Every once in awhile they would have rain or snow and a nice day afterwards without a dust storm. Their hopes would be renewed and strengthened, only to have the drought and dust continue. Yet they continued to stay the course and hope for a better tomorrow. Eventually the drought lifted. They didn’t get deluged with rain and bumper crops, but sure enough, things slowly started to improve.

It reminded me of my journey in MDMN. I’ve had a position in the stock for almost two decades. Time and time again I’ve hoped that this was it. This would be the day. This would be the partner. This would be the release. Only to have “drought” and “dust storms” continue.

Well, I think our drought has ended. It’s not going to be a bumper crop this year. In fact, given the situation, it’s not likely we’ll get much more than $0.10 to $0.25 (moo). But with what we should start to hear from AMC in the coming weeks, it will be like water to a dry and thirsty land and a gradual increase in the price of the stock.


YIKES…Where is everyone??? Perhaps no news, will be good news for us!!! Is this the first time that we went a whole week, without anyone posting any LesSpeak??? And on top of that, while everyone was in Chile for a week of meetings…WOW…