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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016-Q1 - General Discussion

I find it interesting that during the meetings this week, NOBODY has claimed to know ANYTHING that has occurred. Perhaps for the FIRST time ever, the silence will work in our favor. That is if we get a substantial update, sometime in the near future. Now…Where’s that volume???


You’re in trouble. This fever that can last a looooong time and there seems to be no cure.


I do not believe that any price that JJ would deem “fair” is realistic, He is just to greedy to accept anything reasonable. He will have to come out on top somehow. To offset the “low” price per share he is being offered, he will have to accumulate more stock somehow. This maybe accomplished through the gouging of shares of CDCH in order to increase his overall return. His private interest in those claims will have to moved out of his control and converted to stock, just like it was in MDMN. Then his control of CDCH Chile will have to take place before Auryn moves forward with those claims. I would like to think that these issues are being discussed in the current round of meetings. JMHO

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Let’s just hope that Senor Letts is just true to his own words when he posted as Volcan and said that, if things are done standard per the book by a professional miner, shareholders will be happy.

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Please Sirs, can I have another ? :fearful:

Thnx, Rod

Level 2, that is !

Not much change. Why the interest in LII?

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I only get 1 bid and ask on my system, right now showing -

27,100 @ 0.16 / 91,000 0.168

Need to know if I put in an order, if it will all be filled, not just part.

Put in an order to buy 881,000 @ .02 and it’s yours. :wink:

I not a member of the JJ fan club right now. But I’m not taking $.08 if Auryn offers it to me.


Why not? It sounds like a pretty ridiculous request to me. Plus, I feel you are wrong about what JJ will do. JJ will negotiate MDMN separately from CDCH. And maybe he will be greedy with both. Maybe not. But I doubt he will take a low ball offer on one and then turn around and try to make up the difference with the other. I just don’t see it working out that way.

18 years, that makes you a NEWBIE!

Will this be a record low volume day for a Friday??? Considering the “possibility” of news next week, from this week’s meetings…

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The wrench that is likely to get into those gears is: can enough profit be generated to be “meaningful” for the scenario doc / you suggest before Aug 2017. The calculations I/Wizard have shown makes some assumptions including 5000 tpd and a pretty high average grade which may not hold for the earliest production opportunities, and even if they do, an entire year of production at that rate, assuming a 30% MDMN share of profit, comes out to be something like 1 cent per share.

So if you assume it takes a while to get going, that it takes a year to manage to get 1 cent per share profit in MDMN’s hand, then it becomes hard to see how meaningful this would be before the end of our JV time.

It would be meaningful to Auryn because they have different goals. But it’s a significant question in my mind whether there would be enough profit to really buy back a meaningful amount of shares in time to make much of a difference.

The SP probably will not stay below 2 cents once more Auryn activity is announced / made clear. But in general, iit seems to me pretty likely everyone should become comfortable with the 556 day (more or less) timeline.


Do you think its possible MDMN never sees the 100 million and AMC renegotiates the contract due to prevailing market conditions?


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Why would the BOD renegotiate? the markets? With all the cr*ap going on around the world we will be in excellent shape by 3rd quarter. I remember there was talk way back when that cost production would be 280.00/oz all in.

I totally agree, however if that’s the case and we’re staring at 550 anyway, I’m not sure why we would allow early mining without something substantial in return (assuming it’s negotiable and not in an existing agreement). Let them take early opp metals out of their 4000 ha