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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016 Q4- General Discussion

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The informational meeting will be soon and we can make a topic for that perhaps?

last email from LES when I questioned him on his involvement with the shares doubling. (take it for what it’s worth NOT A WHOLE HELL OF ALOT) but he ain’t hiding thats for sure.

Les Price
Sep 7 (2 days ago)

to me
Remember the last time I had any official duties or appointments to the affairs of Medinah USA was sept 7,2008 after that I was only the trustee for the land holding company, Medinah Chile

Again, as I said before, the property will out at the end of the days and I understand that production is underway now

Les Price
Sep 7 (2 days ago)

to me
Without any communication, notice, or anything I was replaced as the trustee for mdmn therefore,
I am not in any loop that tells me what is going on other than the auryn website.
There are no stolen shares I have looked at over 2000 pages of documents and evelkything I have seen is accounted for American registry does not issue any shares without documentation from the directors
Auryn swings a very big stick but they will develop that alto as it should be

ONLY reason I reached out was to give him a piece of my mind not expecting him to even reply.

You seem to “feel the need to respond” to most of my posts. Your problem not mine. And as is usually the case, I’m having a hard time understanding your point. I can’t say if Patrick is “exposed” one way or the other. Based on some very preliminary digging I believe his brother will turn out to be more culpable but it doesn’t really matter one way or another. The authorized shares in CDCH was 200M. There is no volume to support any theories that more than the stated shares are outstanding. CDCH owns 5% of AMC which will be spun off. End of story.

The current BOD of MDMN is “sterling”? I have to admit that I’m utterly amazed when I read you and other stanch supporters of the past BOD/Les who are now confirmed criminals offer any opinions on the merits of management. If I had proven to be so wrong for so long I’d leave that topic alone. Goodin and anyone who has any “mentorship” from Les has got to go. This would include Patrick.


I heard that Les was very upset when Goodin dissolved MMC and bitter that he was tossed out! I will be interested as to when these shares were issued and when we last had an accurate count. Was it before JJ converted his preferreds, was it before the original Auryn deal was announced and when they place the cap of 1.5 B, or was it when Auryn changed the deal to a straight 25% equity without any cash and the cap was removed as some believe. When the deal changed to a simple 25% equity interest without any cash payment I heard those funding expenses were very upset, since they now had to wait to get repaid when MDMN had positive cashflow… In the end Les knew what he was doing without any regard for the common shareholders and simply screwed us all. This man has no morales and I for one believe he should not even get a day in court, he should go directly to jail and he should be stripped of all his worldly possessions. I never trusted the man after I read the court case against him when screwed the two widows:


He’s pathological. If he wasn’t in a position to issue shares why would he be named in the Okanadian lawsuit (who is claiming they are owed 14B shares and is a known friendly relationship of Les). I’m guessing that Les will be the only one who ends up behind bars. Any other associates (Chapin, Tenney, Vittal, Goodin, Kirkland, JJ, Claro) will get a financial punch in the gut but, IMHO, won’t face criminal repercussions.


John, where does Mr Letts fit in all this? Was he not on the BOD to guard the hen house?? Doesn’t look like he did a good job protecting Auryn Masglas


That is an interesting document and one that every shareholder should take the time to read. Les Price is a documented fraudster plain and simple. I’m new to MDMN - only got involved when Auryn came online. My question is why did long-term shareholders allow Les Price to remain with MDMN in any management capacity whatsoever? Why didn’t people speak up about his nefarious behavior before this egregious example of fraud? I’m not throwing stones, just trying to understand shareholder sentiment here. I’ll admit, I didn’t do enough research on Les Price and was a bit blinded by Auryn and Masglas. I’m in the same boat with all of you so I’m asking myself these same questions.

The answer to that question is fairly simple, most shareholders believed regardless of these guys past indiscretions the value of the mountain would prevail and we would all be handsomely reward in the end.

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“I’m guessing that CDCH is in a position to claw back 50-75 million shares or about 25% of the shares outstanding.”

Whose making the effort to do the claw back? Patrick? A group of shareholders? Does Auryn own any CDCH? Have they given any indication they care about CDCH at all?


"2.1 The Trial Judge’s Conclusions on Liability and Damages We will use Mr. Justice Taylor’s own words [at pp. 366-9]: Mr. Price applied the plaintiffs’ money almost wholly to a stock manipulation he was conducting for himself, his wife and his associates, forged their signatures on numerous documents and stole certificates representing shares [page146] he had purchased for them. He did not contest these alle-gations at trial, electing not to give evidence. "


I can only assume you are one of the many MDMN holders who doesn’t own any CDCH b/c Les said it was worthless. You seem to have lot’s of questions but, once again, very little in the way of answers. Unlike MDMN, Chapin and Les are actually listed as holders. Pretty easy to claw back registered shares.


Exactly - that’s why I post them. Hoping someone has the answers.

Again, keep me posted on the claw back efforts and who is championing the effort.

Yup. As I stated before, can someone explain to me again why Les Price, Mr. Goodin, and MDMN are utilizing the same attorney in the Nevada litigation? Why Mr. Goodin, who is on the MDMN BOD has allowed this joint representation to occur? And, why Mr. Goodin can take a role with the investigation of a share issuance problem which occurred during his management of MDMN? I am not saying MDMN or Mr. Goodin or anyone did anything improper; but, it just creates an appearance of impropriety. IMO, MDMN should have its own attorney separate from any other party in the Nevada litigation and Mr. Goodin should resign from MDMN BOD to eliminate any appearance of bias with the investigation of the share issuance problem. Then, IMO, if the investigation clears Mr. Goodin and/or Les Price (still a possibility, no matter how remote), or any other former MDMN officer or BOD member, no one should say the investigation was a sham or inside job just to protect MDMN BOD’s backsides.


Let’s just say MDMN and CDCH are in the exact same stage of pursuing a clawback.


I agree, everyone should go including the T/A. The NV case, which is over a share issuance, started if I remember in January. I can’t believe that all MDMN people did not want to review the T/A docs including the control log.

JMO, they all, with exception of Letts, knew about the share issuances and approved them.

Lastly, I believe these idiots actually signed a doc to issue 100MM pref shares as Okanadian alledges.

Why let Letts off the hook? For sure he was wildly negligent as well. Your allegation regarding the preferred shares is complete nonsense and your remarks about Gary is just shortsighted throw every one under the bus mentality which would leave no actual warm body in Medinah at all.

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Mike. Gary is gone by the shareholder meeting. IMHO. You will, once again, find yourself defending an “empty chair.” You/We the shareholders deserve better.


JMO, Letts was just a placeholder and probably didn’t do anything for Medinah. But agree he should not have accepted a position if he was not going at least have a passing interest.

And yes, I firmly agree the idiots signed the 100MM pref agreement, but until the agreement is made public, no one can one way or the other. I can say if they don’t have an agreement that states 100MM pref, this case would be over before it started.

Would it surprise you to learn that Les was involved in forging the documents involved?

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