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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016 Q4- General Discussion


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Here is my New Year’s wish, besides health, happiness, joy, and prosperity to all, I wish that MDMN starts the new year with a clean slate. In other words all the bad news is out and we will only hear good news moving forward. and that we have seen the bottom to the MDMN stock price. The past is the past and the future should be now much more brighter.

Happy New Year to All, Except Les!


I agree Karl. Happy New Year to all. May it be a happy and prosperous one for all of us Medinah shareholders.


Looking for good news for Medinah in 2017!


And JJ
 trust me.

Happy New Year to all my MDMN comrades.


No argument from me, just waiting for a suit to land in his lap, since he was an officer of the company and most likely complicit in the fraud!


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Progress update for Amarant Mining AB (publ) for Sept – December 2016
Amarant Mining AB (publ) is pleased to announce that we are finally underway. It has been a long and difficult journey but things are looking far better today than they looked a year ago.
The rebirth of the company is well underway with operations in Suriname started during the beginning of Q4.
Since our last newsletter we have achieved the following milestones:

The financial reports for 2015 were audited and approved by the AGM.
The Board has been strengthened with two new professionals, Mr Jonas Lantz and Mr Ryan Abrahams.
Listing process is under way.
The last of the restructuring is proceeding and the new shares are now issued and registered with the Swedish Bolagsverket. You will receive notification of your shareholdings by the end of January.
The Gold Future has been renamed as the Amarant Royalty Note (“ARN”) to better reflect its actual nature as a participation in a royalty stream from the Benzdorp Concessions.
The Board has approved a new budget for 2017 to 2020.
Funding for the first production line and exploration unit has been secured through a loan from a London based investor.
A new share offering to strengthen the Company’s equity position is underway. This is initially directed to existing shareholders of the Company.
The Company successfully participated in two investment conferences, one in London and one in Munich in October and November.
There is still a lot to be done before we are fully operational.

Uppdateringsframsteg för Amarant Mining AB (publ) för Sept - December 2016

Amarant Mining AB (publ) har nöjet att meddela att vi Àntligen har kommit igÄng. Det har varit en lÄng och tuff resa, men det ser mycket bÀttre ut i dag Àn det sÄg ut för ett Är sedan.
Återfödelsen av företaget Ă€r i full gĂ„ng med verksamhet i Surinam som startade i början av Q4.
Sedan vÄrt senaste nyhetsbrev har vi uppnÄtt följande delmÄl:

De finansiella rapporterna för 2015 har granskats och godkÀnts av ÄrsstÀmman.
Styrelsen har förstÀrkts med tvÄ nya personer, Jonas Lantz och Ryan Abrahams.
Noteringsprocessen pÄgÄr.
Omstruktureringen fortskrider och de nya aktierna Àr nu utfÀrdade och registrerade hos det svenska bolagsverket. Du kommer att fÄ meddelande om dina innehav vid slutet av Äret.
Gold Future har döpts som Amarant Royalty Note ( “ARN”) för att bĂ€ttre Ă„terspegla dess verkliga natur som en andel i en “royalty stream” frĂ„n Benzdorp Concessions.
Styrelsen har godkÀnt en ny budget för 2017 till 2020.
Finansieringen för den första produktionslinjen och utforskningsenheten har sÀkrats genom ett lÄn frÄn en Londonbaserad investerare.
En ny aktieemissionen för att stÀrka bolagets stÀllning av eget kapital pÄgÄr. Detta Àr initialt riktad till befintliga aktieÀgare i bolaget.
Bolaget har deltagit i tvĂ„ marknadsföringsevenemang, ett i London och ett i MĂŒnchen, i oktober och november.
Det finns fortfarande en hel del att göra innan vi Àr i full drift.

Copyright © 2017 Amarant Mining, All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:
Amarant Mining


do you, or anyone else know if the “Bogdan” fiasco is in any way reflecting on Les or connected to his schemes.

Also wondering if the news from Amarant has any effect on MDMN or are we out of that completely???

TIA for any responses.



On Bogdan I doubt Les is anyways connected but who knows for sure!

On Amarant, we do have shares, not sure if they are still valid, but I would not count on them having any value. JMO


Happy New Year to all. I am wondering if we will be starting a fresh discussion page for 2017?


As previously reported:

The first test production shipment of three trucks of vein material commenced on Monday, December 26, 2016.

I believe we all owe a sincere thanks and our gratitude to all the following and including Kevin Tupper, President & CEO Medinah Minerals, Inc.

“AURYN management would like to thank the miners who are sacrificing time away for the holiday to stay on the mountain and continue mining and exploration activities. In a show of solidarity, the entire AURYN Executive Team is joining the miners and will spend Christmas Eve on the ADL with them.”

Hopefully positive results of this test shipment will soon be reported. If that report could be moved to the front of the line it should make a great first post on the first quarterly discussion of 2017.


Happy New Year to all, hoping for only great news from now on, might even buy more MDMN, call me crazy,but at these prices i can double my shares for not even a tenth of what i paid for the other half.


Good idea, forgot to warch the calendar


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